Saturday, March 17, 2018


This week was great, we saw progression and miracles happen. The Lord always provides. 

   Last Tuesday we had a great district meeting, this zone is so awesome.  The missionaries are on fire and working so hard and we are seeing many wonderful things happen here.  I had exchanges also.   The elder I went with was awesome and a great missionary. I was able to learn a lot from him.  We also were able to find part members which was amazing.   We had an interview and it all went good!

   On Wednesday we had to be at a meeting early in the morning, the travel was tiring but it was so worth it. The meeting was awesome.  I love learning from President and Sister Koster, they’re amazing.   We got punted all day and were having a hard day, but then our last appointment made it all better because our investigator accepted a baptismal date.  It made all the hardness and stress go away as it was replaced with excitement and happiness. 

   On Thursday we got punted again in the afternoon but at night we were able to find another part member who is pretty fire.  It just shows that there is good always waiting if we push through the hard.    We taught this new family that we are excited about.  They have a ton of questions, I mean a ton!   Their  questions are about everything, and they listen so well.   It’s  so fun to teach them and help them understand. 

   On Friday we were able to visit many great people.  One was a less active we met on the street.  We went back to him and taught his kabahays and him.  It was such a spiritual lesson.  It was so cool finding him.  He just came up to us and said he was a member.  When he found us we just got finished being punted.   The Lord has a plan for all of His children, no one is forgotten.  

    Saturday was awesome, full of many tender mercies.  First off we attended a baptism of some zone mates, it was wonderful.  The newly baptized people gave great testimonies which strengthened my testimony.    W went to a new investigator’s house, she has siblings that are members and relatives that have pretty high up callings.  She wants to be a member, it was a tender mercy we found her.   Later we were teaching another investigator that has many questions.  When he saw the Book of Mormon, his interest was really piqued.  The Book of Mormon is power, it’s so amazing.  I know it is true and its from God.  Then we were able to teach a progressing investigator and he is now living the word of wisdom!!  We were pumped!    We felt to talk to an investigator we haven't been back to in a few weeks.  It always seemed like she was hiding but turns out she just got sick and so did her kids.  She is willing to listen again, that was a tender mercy.  We were so happy.    It was kinda late but we had one more person we said we would go visit.   We had time, but we didn't want to bother them but felt we needed to go and it’s a good thing we did.  They welcomed us right in, they are fire.  They are looking for the truth.  They have a great story that shows the Lord prepares people.  So exciting and a great close to the day. We were so thankful and humbled because we saw many tender mercies and the Lord's hand in the work.  

   Sunday was great too.  We had many people come to church which  pumped us up because we had some less actives come back. We were so happy.  It’s good to see anybody come back.  Miracles are happening.  We went on splits in the afternoon, which turned out good.  We were able to visit a lot of people, it was a great week.  It helped me learn a lot and deepened my trust in the Lord.  I know that the Lord can do miracles for each and every one of us. I hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Snyder

My Companion from London,England

Sunday, March 11, 2018


   This week was good. Learning the area and working hard. 

   Last Tuesday we had zone interviews. Our mission president came and did his regular interview with the zone and gave some training.   It was awesome. I learned so much. It just made me pumped to get out there and work. There are so many people being prepared  as a witness to that, we found a part member later that night who wants to be baptized. It was so amazing. We are so happy we found him. 

  Last Wednesday we had many miracles. 2 of them happened within 5 minutes of each other.  The first one was when we were contacting a referral,  when we got there the guy we were looking for wasn’t there but we were able to talk to his parents and turns out that this guys mom is the only non member of 10 siblings and is related to a stake president and she was asking how to be a member.   It was amazing.  We were blown away. The Lord provides.  Then after we met them we were walking and talked to another guy.  He was a member and has kids that aren’t members and we were able to set an appointment, it was so cool.  Even though  we were punted at the referral we were able to find other people.  We took it as, not rejection,  but redirection. 

   Thursday  we taught some good lessons and really saw some progression in others.  

   On Friday we had a meeting at the mission home, I learned so much.  The  delicious food was really good too.    We also were able to teach a member referral when we got home. Members are so necessary for the work.  The work needs members to roll forward at the pace we need.  I encourage everyone to just try to help one person be prepared to meet the missionaries.  We will see miracles by the members efforts.

   On Saturday we had a tiring day. We got  punted hard but still had some good lessons in the evening that replenished us. It’s so cool to see someone learning and coming unto Christ, helps get rid of the tired feeling.   

   Sunday was great.  We were fasting and felt the power of fasting.  We had many people come to church.  We were also able to teach other people that members referred.  It was a great lesson and  this referral's progression has skyrocketed because he has members helping him.   We taught other great lessons too.  The members are awesome here.  They are so supportive of missionary work, helping us and we can see the miracles happening.  I hope you all have a great week and I know the Lord will always provide and we can all see miracles in our lives. 

Elder Snyder


   This week was awesome, lots happened. Many new changes and many miracles. I have been transferred and now in Bago Bantay ward. It is an amazing ward and the members are awesome. I'm super excited for this area. 

  Last Wednesday I arrived in my new area. My new companion is Elder Okuonghae. He's from London, England and he's the man. It’s going to be a great transfer.  It was a little weird being back in the city again but it will be great. It just means McDonald's is closer now.   When I got there we went to some appointments and then had an interview immediately , it was great. The person was ready and so smart.  We had an interview in our own area. A kid is getting baptized again in this area because  his records have been misplaced.

  On Thursday we had district meeting, it was so awesome. There are some great missionaries here,  very cool to meet them.  After district meeting we had some good appointments which was even better because the Bishop worked with us. This ward is so awesome and supportive.  

  On Friday we had a “fire” first lesson with a new investigator.  The Spirit was so strong and it flowed so well, this investigator has lots of potential.   Later in the day we had a miracle happen.  We saw this guy and said hi,  he replied,  hi back, so we turned around and talked to him.  He was so happy and nice and had questions and had always wanted to talk to the missionaries.  He invited us in and we were able to teach their whole family and they want us to come back.   It was amazing!!

   On Saturday we had another member work and we went to the house of this person we had talked to.  Turns out they are less actives and they’re part members.    It was another miracle and tender mercy.  Just shows how the Lord directs the work and looks after His children.  We then prepared in the afternoon for the baptism,  it was a great service and  had many investigators there.   So much potential in this area. 

   Sunday was great.  The ward was very welcoming and nice.  We had good coordination with them and were able to teach some good lessons.  I am very excited for what this week and this transfer have in store.  I hope you all have a great week. Stay positive.  Look for the tender mercies and keep pushing onward. 

  Elder Snyder

Sunday, February 25, 2018


   Hello everyone. I had an email typed out and then the email crashed and it didn't save. I will just give the highlights instead.

   This past week we had a baptism!!! It was so awesome. The nanay's testimony was so great.  She was so happy to be baptized and forgiven of her sins and to be able to start anew. It's never too late for anyone. The Lord wants us to repent and come unto Him and He will forgive us.  I'm so thankful for the baptism. It was a miracle and a wonderful experience.

  Also, I am being transferred back to the city. I am excited and nervous. It will be great. Wish me luck.  Gonna miss my current area
and the fresh air and mountains but it will be good in the new area and I know the Lord is preparing people for the Gospel and to accept
it and be baptized. Have a great week.

Elder Snyder

Common Around Here

Sunday, February 18, 2018


  This week we had some great things happen. 

    On Tuesday I had exchanges with an elder and we had such a great day.   We talked to so many people and were able to share the restoration.  We even talked to a pastor at one point.  We were able to find a less active family and part members, very effective day. 

    On Wednesday we exchanged back and there were a bunch of elders sick in the district so we went and helped them.   We came home and got so punted.  We just walked and walked and walked and no one was home, or they were busy or didn't want to listen, but the Lord still came through.   We went to one last house and got punted, we were tired and ready to go home.  We paused and rested a second when all of a sudden a whole family turned the corner (its dark and late) and so we talked with them and they were actually former investigators and invited us to come back.  It was a small thing but it made the whole day worth it.  Maybe the Lord redirected us the whole day so that we would be there on that corner at just the right time. 

   On Thursday we taught these investigators that are having a hard time progressing.  The Spirit was so strong we could see they were feeling it. We hope it had a great effect on them.  

   On Friday we went to a very progressing investigator that is preparing for baptism.  She voiced some concerns and we just felt the Spirit as we testified and answered her questions.  She committed to be baptized again and is so ready.  It was a miracle and shows the need for the Spirit in this work.  

   On Saturday we had a service project at a recent converts house.  We helped mix cement (manually) and lay hollow blocks to finish a wall.  The afternoon, we got kinda punted and actually took a wrong turn which delayed us but a tender mercy happened because we saw a less active we haven't seen in a while and were able to talk to him. It's the small tender mercies that make hard things not so hard.  We also taught this great new family that we are excited about and the Spirit was so strong in the lesson. 

   On Sunday we had a great day at church. Many people came along with investigators.   In the afternoon we had a missionary devotional at the district center and our mission president came and it was awesome.  It was great for our investigators and recent converts to hear.   This week I really learned about the power of the Spirit and how much its necessary for progression.  I know this church is true and is led by a living prophet. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that we should read it everyday. 

Elder Snyder


  This week was very very busy and had       many amazing things happen. 

   On Tuesday I had exchanges with a newer elder, it was awesome.  We had some great lessons and saw miracles and tender mercies as we found new people.   One thing that happened is we were walking somewhere and then I realized that there was a shortcut and that shortcut took us by a member who said she was waiting for us because she was sick and wanted a blessing.   It was so awesome.  Just by small things the Lord can use us. 

   On Wednesday we taught some great lessons.  The best lesson was one we taught about 1 Nephi 8.  It just had a great impact on me as we taught it.  It applies to our lives so well.  I would encourage everyone to read it and ponder it and then ponder how it applies to your lives and what things we can do to hold to the rod tighter. 

   On Thursday I had exchanges with another missionary who is newer.  We were able to do some service.  We really felt the spirit as we taught  the Plan of Salvation.  Our life is so important to God's plan and what we do here.   We went with a member to contact his referral.  That experience strengthened my testimony that members are really needed in missionary work.  Without the member we would never have met this man and his family.  This man did not want to listen at first but because the member came with us the man's heart was softened and he agreed to listen. It's a whole new family which could be really great for the branch.  

   On Friday we were punted and got redirected to this family of former investigators that used to live across from the branch president but with transfers of missionaries and stuff they hadn't been visited.  They were nice and I think they have potential.  It was great to meet them.   We had a tender mercy happen at 8:45 pm.  We were hurrying home and it was going to be close when a miracle tricycle came and we were able to get on and get home on time. 

   On  Saturday we taught a few times but also went by a ton of people to get them to church on Sunday.  Saturday night we had an FHE at the referral we met on Thursday,  it was so amazing.  The branch president came and they invited their neighbors.  There was tons of people.  Through that we found new investigators and  member miracles.  Members are so powerful in missionary work.  

   On Sunday all those people we found from the referral came to church and we had very high attendance.  It was so cool to see the Lord work miracles in the area and how the work progresses.  It was awesome too because last week we had no investigators at church and very low attendance and then yesterday it was the opposite.  The Lord is leading the Church and the work,  I know this Church is true. I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Snyder

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


  This week was very busy and we had many great and wonderful things happen and many new things. 

  On Tuesday our investigator was interviewed for baptism and passed!  It was great. I have seen a change in him and how he has gotten better and how much the gospel has blessed his family.  He is the last one in his house to be baptized.

   On Wednesday we had to travel to aurora chapel in Manila.   We left in the morning and got a 3 hour jeep ride to the chapel.  The meeting was great which was for trainers and trainees.  I learned a lot that I can apply.  It was very spiritual and uplifting.  We had a 5 hour jeep ride back to our area.  There was tons of traffic, it was rough haha.   We got a tender mercies as we were able to catch jeeps fast and keep going even though there was traffic. 

    Thursday we had many things happen.  It started out great because two of our investigators got married so they can be baptized!   It was so exciting and we are so happy for them because they are one step closer.   The couple missionaries came with us and the branch president and his wife. I was asked to give the opening prayer at the wedding.  The wedding was at the municipal hall and they were marrying 5 couples.  They asked me on the spot but it went alright, it was cool. The people were stunned when I did the prayer in Tagalog.    Last week a husband of a member passed away and so on Thursday there was a funeral service where there were speakers.  The branch president asked me to speak.  I was a little nervous.  I have never spoken at a funeral before but I felt the spirit and the words just flowed and my mind was clear and calm and I think it went well.   The Plan of Salvation is focused on the Atonement and is a plan that gives us hope. 

    On Friday we had a cool experience.  We were walking up a hill and saw this guy and we said "hi" and he waved but we kept walking.  We just didn't feel content so we went back.  The guy that waved was gone but we "knocked" (there's no knocking really just saying tao po.) and another guy came to the gate.  This guy was awesome and so nice and said we could come back.  It was a simple thing but shows how the Spirit can guide us and that Heavenly Father knows who will accept the message.  

   On Saturday we had the baptism!!!!!  It was awesome, everything went smooth. I am so thankful we had the baptism and for the young mans faith and desire. It was incredible.  This was my companions first baptism that he performed on his mission.  It was a great day.  The Spirit was strong and I was very happy. 

   On Sunday the young man that was baptized was confirmed, everything went great.  After the meetings there was the burial of the person I mentioned earlier.  He was a soldier so the military did it and there was a 21 gun salute, it was a good service.  Later that day we were able to contact referrals, teach great lessons and make some progress with other investigators.  It was very fulfilling !   We are seeing many small miracles everyday and wonderful things happening.  The church is true.  Have a great week. 
 Elder Snyder

I'm Still Taller