Tuesday, November 21, 2017


  Hello. I hope everyone had a good week. 
 Last Tuesday I had exchanges, it was great.  I went to this elders area.  It was great. I learned a lot and this elder was awesome. He really loves finding and we talked to everyone.

  Last Wednesday  we found a great part member.  We feel he will be baptized, just needs that last little push.  We teach a lot to less actives and recent coverts.  We are trying to strengthen them so the branch can continue to develop.  But the work is good and its all about helping others come unto Christ

   Last Thursday we had an appointment and were punted immediately, it was rough.  We started finding and were able to talk to and find a lot of great people.  We also went to this place called mataas na lupa. (high ground)  Wow the name is right.  It was so high up and tiring but there's great people there and its close to the church.   We were able to secure a referral and taught a great lesson to that part member I mentioned.  The spirit was so strong and the lesson just flowed so well.   It was an awesome experience. 

  Last Friday my companion got sick. we were home bound, I just read and studied. I actually had a good day because I learned a lot. The Spirit taught me many things. I did a self examination and studied and prayed. I know Heavenly Father wants to help each of us but we need to come to Him willing to listen. The Spirit can help us learn and grow little by little. That's what is important, as long as we are doing our best and trying to change little by little. 

   Last Saturday my companion was still sick but I was able to get permission from my mission president to work with some priests, we had a good day.  We taught some great lessons.  

   Sunday was awesome.  I felt the Spirit so strong. The sacrament is awesome, I look forward to it every week. Such a great time to reflect and repent and feel the Spirit.  We had a good day of work. We contacted referrals and got some new investigators.  Also the couple missionaries fed us hamburgers and chips. That was heaven.  

   We had a great week, I hope you all have a great week too.

Elder Snyder

Monday, November 6, 2017


  WEEK 62

I'm really short on time this week.  I would just like to share a cool story.

   Last Tuesday we had zone conference. and I was told a cool story.   The missionary that is assigned in Taguig 1st (my first area) told me that a family my companion and I found got baptized as a family.  Such a simple story but so touching and made me so happy.  The church is true and the Lord is in charge and guides the work and is preparing many. 

   I want to give a birthday shout out to Ali for turning 17.  I Hope it was a great day. 

   We had a good week. worked hard and taught repentance.   looking forward to another great week.  I invite everyone everywhere to open their mouths and share the gospel.   It's the best things we've got so we need to share it. there are many that need the gospel and all it takes is us sharing and inviting. 


   Last week was great!!!!!! we had a baptism!! so exciting and so happy. 

   So last Tuesday our baptismal candidate got interviewed.  Travel and exchanges are hard because areas are far apart. I went on exchanges with the zone leaders so they could interview our candidate. It was awesome, I learned so much. 

    On Wednesday we had trainee/trainer meeting.   I learned a ton.  President Koster did our zone interviews.  Interviews are always awesome with president.  He told me about my last area and about the current area.  The last area is becoming a branch and recent convert just got the Melchezidek priesthood.  It's so exciting to see the work progressing in that area and my current area. 

   Thursday we worked hard and taught a lot. We really are focusing on strengthening here. They're all great members and do so much for the church, it's awesome.

   On Friday we taught some great lessons.  We taught this one couple that is saving to be  married so they can be baptized and then go to the temple. They really want to go to the temple.  This made me realize how important the temple is and sometimes it can be taken for granted.  Because of where I've been transferred I haven't been to the temple in about a year because it's so far away. I miss it and encourage all to go as much as possible.  The Lord needs us in His temple to carry out that part of the work.

  On Saturday we had the baptism!!!  It was a great service.  Many members showed up and the program was smooth.  We then baptized in a river which was a new experience.  It was cool. It was a great experience.  Having baptisms is so happy and makes everything worth it.  The person that was baptized gave a great testimony and it was topped off with great cookies  from the couple missionaries, great day.   Later that night we had a great FHE with a family. 

  On Sunday the confirmation was great.  We focused on finding less actives.  We were blessed and found some and even found a member that is not on the records of the branch which is a great find. It  shows how the Lord works by small and simple means.  

   It was a great week. I learned a lot.  I hope you all have a great week

Elder Snyder

Thursday, October 26, 2017


  I've been transferred. I was in my last area so long its weird to be the one transferred I like the new area and it will be awesome. 

   Last Wednesday was my last day in Mamburao, it was sad.  I've been through and done a lot there. I'm really going to miss it but its time to move on.   We taught people and dropped by others.  The members and recent converts are awesome.  

  On Thursday we did a lot of travel, we woke up at 4 am and was picked up at 5 am.  The Hatches (SR. couple) took us to the pier, they are awesome.  The world needs more senior missionaries.  They are amazing and so helpful and help the work so much.  I traveled all day and finally got to my area.  It's basically the farthest you can go in the mission on the mainland (my last area was on a separate island).  It's so beautiful though.  It's in the mountains so the temperature is cooler.  It's still province.  The couples live right next to us (lucky to be assigned with couple missionary again) and they feed and give us cookies.  It's amazing. 
   On Friday we worked all day.  We met members and getting to know the area.  There was also a mutual activity.  It's a small branch but they have strong youth here.  I'm really excited for it here.  I saw my sisters favorite tree.   It  was a tree literally full of giant spiders as big as a hand, really creepy.  We taught some great people today. 

   On Saturday I was a little lost, haha.  Still learning the area but its coming along.  My companion is awesome.  I got an exciting phone call from my mission president.  He wanted to inform me that my last area (Mamburao) was just approved to be a branch!!!!  I'm so pumped.   It's such amazing news.  I might gain some weight here.  Even though we have to walk up steep hills all the time, the senior couple gives us lots of cookies.  They are super delicious. 

   On Sunday I interviewed an investigator for baptism for some other missionaries in the district, it was cool. It went well, they are ready.  I want to share a cool story that a recent convert told us Sunday night.   He said a little bit ago there was a temple trip for the branch.  They wanted to go but the day before they didn't have enough money to pay for food and stuff while they were traveling.  He put his trust in the Lord and the Lord provided. Literally the day before, it was raining and he's a driver.  When its raining there's not a lot of passengers.  He literally never ran out of passengers.  Someone would get off and immediately someone would get on.  That lasted all day, so crazy.  All the other drivers had no passengers but he had endless.   The Lord provided a way and he made so much money they could afford to go.  Shows how the Lord loves us and it doesn't mean that he will just drop solutions in our laps but will help us along the way.  The man still had to work but the Lord consecrated his performance for his gain. 

I had a great week and I hope you all have  one too.

Elder Snyder

This is for you Ali, Liv and Peyton


  This was a good week with many good things.  First off I want to say Happy Birthday to Peyton and congrats for reaching double digits. 

   Last Tuesday we had a really cool investigator, he said he just wants to know more and more and then we introduced the Book of Mormon and he loved it. The Book of Mormon is a great gift from God

  On Wednesday we found many new people and taught some good people. 

  On Thursday we found these born again's and it was a good lesson,  then at the end, they said to come back and they'll call their pastor so that should be interesting.  One of our investigators is just plain on fire.  Once he learned the Word of Wisdom he started living it immediately and stopped using the other stuff.  

   On Friday we had interviews with President Koster.  He is awesome and the interview was amazing. He said exactly what I needed to hear. I learned a lot.  Later that afternoon we taught a great lesson.  This guy is very smart and had many questions about the creation and the fall.  It seemed hard to answer, but I had faith and felt the Spirit.  The words just seemed to flow. I just knew what to say and how to explain it.  The Tagalog flowed too.  It was a great experience.  

   On Saturday we got soaked. it rained so hard and was super windy. the storm broke my umbrella.  We found some good investigators.  The Gospel really changes people for the better.  It is so cool to see peoples lives change and get better. 

   On Sunday we were so soaked but it was worth it.  We had many people come to church.  We talked to this guy that had been helped by a church foundation and he is totally prepared by the Lord.  During recovery of his sons surgery he only had the Book of Mormon to read.  They will be baptized.  

   Yesterday I was called by the zone leaders. I'm transferring after 7 months in this area and I  will be going to another far away place called Morong. It will be great.  I will miss this area. I've seen so many great things here and met so many great people but the Lord is in charge.  The work is moving forward. 

   I hope you all have a great week.  Read the Book of Mormon and put your trust in the Lord. He will deliver and help you.

Elder Snyder

A Glimpse of How Hard It Rains Here

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


    Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great week.  This week was great and full of good things that happened. Also we just watched general conference and it was awesome.
    So last Monday we went to this lake called Panikian lake and walked around it. It was pretty cool. They had some cool floating bridges made of bamboo. At night we worked in our kabahays area and we taught this member with incredible faith. Her faith is such an example to me. What she is facing is really hard but she is always smiling and reading and doing what she is supposed to do. She is a great example.
   Last Tuesday I had exchanges with the district leader. We had a good day. One good thing that happened is one of our most progressing investigators said he felt this incredible joy last time he went to church and it was a joy he had never felt before. He said he felt that joy all the way until he went to bed. It was cool as he shared that experience. The Gospel of Jesus Christ really does bring joy and is the true answer to all of our problems.  Then on the way home this pastor got on the van and gave a 20 minute sermon to everyone on the van. It was interesting but I love the Philippines because they all mostly have a strong belief in Jesus Christ.
   On Wednesday we went to these investigators at just the right time. We almost didn’t go at the time we went but we did go and it was perfect. The lesson was great and we have really high hopes for them as investigators. Then we taught this guy that’s an engineer and he is super smart. This guy asks the deepest questions and we can tell he asks them out of true interest. It’s so awesome teaching him, Haha.   This guy has the creepiest house at night and he’s only available at night to be taught.
   On Thursday we had some pretty good lessons. I truly believe the Spirit will guide us in all we do and the Lord will provide us with small tender mercies to help us get along, we have experienced that. We had a great finding day. First we found this new guy that seemed pretty closed off but by the end of the lesson he started asking really good questions. It’s a good sign when they ask questions and want to learn more. Then we were just walking and looked down a road and said," lets go this way" and the first person we talked to was the sibling of a bishop in Manila and was almost baptized. That is a money find and she's super nice and wants us to come back. Then we were walking again and saw another road and I felt we needed to go down it. It was a dead end but I said, "lets keep going to the end" and we found this guy that had met missionaries about 8 months ago and was reading the Book of Mormon. It was incredible. The Lord prepares people. I’m so happy to be a part of this work.
   On Friday we taught this guy that is so smart. He is 7th day adventist. He is really searching and trying to understand our beliefs about the sabbath. He said once he understands and knows he will get in the water. This guy is awesome. 
   Saturday was the first time general conference was watched in Mamburao!!!  It was awesome. We had it all set up with the translation and it worked out smoothly. We had many people attend. I was proud of the members and we even had some investigators come. I learned so much and would love to share it all but one that I really loved was what President Nelson said about the Book of Mormon. I would encourage everyone to read the talk again and follow his counsel.  I’m so thankful we have living prophets and apostles and that they have authority to receive revelation and guide us. Conference is so important.
   Sunday we watched conference again. Conference is the best and it’s gotten way better as a missionary. The Tagalog was clear. Easy to understand. It was awesome. Shows  I’ve learned a thing or two.  We had a good number attend.
I would just like to emphasize the importance of the Book of Mormon and that we read it everyday and ponder and pray about it. It will help us feel peace and God’s love and help us to know what we should do in our everyday lives. I have experienced all of those things. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know that it is the word of God and will help anyone no matter what your situation is.
Also remember that God has a plan for you and He loves you. I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Snyder

Friday, September 29, 2017


  Hello everyone I hope you all had a good week, we worked hard here.  I don't have a lot of time so I will just summarize as fast as possible.
   On Tuesday we taught some really spiritual lessons.  There’s nothing better than having a spiritual lesson.  We just get out and want to scream “Yes” and pump our fists, its so cool haha.  It rained pretty hard today.  The rain was so hard that we couldn't hear anybody even when they let us in their house.  It was crazy.
   On Wednesday we just worked and the usual happened.  We found this good couple but their relative is a pastor so that could be problematic haha.  They’ll be fine.
   On  Thursday we found some pretty good new investigators.  Mamburao is like where Joseph Smith lived.  There are so many religions that people are confused which one is right,  It’s insane.  There are so many different varieties.   We have some good investigators that I'm proud of because we made a plan with him to avoid smoking and he's doing it.  He’s the man!
  On  Friday we taught some great lessons.  One was to some people that said they were not looking to switch religions but by the end, the spirit was so strong.   I could see it in their eyes that something was stirring.  We felt prompted to invite them to baptism (be bold).  They didn't accept but said they would think about it which was a huge change from the beginning of the lesson.  On our way home we got drenched, everything was wet.   It was like we had just stepped out of the shower.  Floods everywhere.
 Saturday we got punted hardcore.  There were floods and we couldn't even get to some of the places we needed to go.   We taught a few times and  just kept working hard.  Missionary work is happy but also humbling. Very humbling.
  Sunday was good, after church this guy just showed up.  He knew so much.  He had followed some members after church and asked them what their religion was and when he found out Mormons he came back to us immediately.   He was saying things like doctrine and covenants, Oliver Cowdry and asking for an Ensign.  He’s not a member but he knows his stuff.  We got an appointment to meet with him and gave a book of Mormon. Hopefully it works out.   We were asked to give a blessing at a hospital.  The spirit was strong as we walked in.   The branch president anointed and I blessed.  It was very spiritual experience.  Thankful for that experience.
  I  also encourage you all to watch general conference.  It is such a special opportunity to hear from apostles and prophets.  Please watch all the sessions.  love you all,  have a good week. 

Elder Snyder


Tuesday, September 19, 2017


   This week was amazing. We had an Apostle of the Lord visit us. It was legendary. I am so thankful for the opportunity.  I learned so much and had questions answered.   The whole week was great starting with Monday.
     Last Monday I really learned that 1 Nephi 3:7 is important. Nephi didn't half heartedly commit. He said he would do what the Lord commanded, not if it’s convenient but that he would do it regardless of what happened.
    On Tuesday I learned about and experienced the power of testimony.  We had an investigator that’s pretty smart and was starting to debate with us.  We didn't want that in our lesson.  I just bore down in testimony to him of what we were saying.  He literally changed.   He went from being on the offense to actually listening and being receptive.  He changed and so did the lesson, it was incredible.  Testimonies are powerful!
    On  Wednesday we got picked up to go to Manila for the mission conference.  This was a cool conference because the whole mission would be there, even the missionaries from Mindoro (us).   We traveled all day.  The couple missionaries were awesome and bought us McDonalds’s it was so nice to eat a Big Mac.
    On Thursday we worked in some other missionaries areas.  We worked all day.   It was actually right next to my second area.  I even saw the bishop from my last area.  It was cool to see him and talk to him for a second.   We taught some good lessons.  It was kind of  weird being back in the city and working.   I forgot how polluted and crowded it is in the city but its great because there's literally millions to talk to haha. 
    Friday was the visit of Elder Andersen.  We all got to the chapel really early to practice and arrange for the picture.  It was so cool when he came in. He had a spiritual presence, so cool to hear him speak in person.  We all took a picture with him and then got to meet and shake his hand.   It was my first time shaking an apostles hand.  We were with another mission (Quezon city north mission) and both missions sang a special musical number.  I felt the spirit so strong,  I can’t describe it in words.   When 350 missionaries sang "we are as the army of Helaman" the spirit was so strong.  I felt it in every part of my body.   When Elder Andersen spoke it was pure spit fire.   He answered so many of my questions and really helped me.  His testimony was incredible of the Savior.  He is truly a special witness of Christ and I know he is a true apostle just like the early apostles. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet and this is the true and living church of Jesus Christ here on earth.   We traveled back to Mindoro after the conference which was a long rough road.
   Saturday I was sick but we worked hard and did our best.  We  had a pretty normal day.
   Sunday was normal.  I'm just excited and motivated to work after hearing what Elder Andersen said.  I am so thankful to be here and for the success that God has granted us. Missionary work is awesome. I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Snyder