Sunday, June 24, 2018


We had a good week.  Planted lots of seeds and saw miracles. 

    On Tuesday we did some member work, it was great.  We were able to teach some good people and visited members, as they pointed us towards a lot of good people.   The members are great and super supportive here. 

    On Wednesday we taught some part members and recent converts.  Hopefully it works out, they have real potential.  Towards the end of the lesson the rain started coming down hard. By the time we left there was a very deep flood, but a nice lady let us borrow some rain boots to cross. Filipinos are the best.  We got a return appointment with the lady that lent us rain boots.   We then taught the couple that’s preparing for baptism, they are so fire.  I’m so happy and grateful we found them and have been able to teach them.   The Spirit was so strong.   Despite challenges arising they are pushing on. 

   On Thursday we had zone conference, it was awesome . I learned a lot and felt the Spirit and it was great to be able to see other missionaries.   By the time we got home we didn't have a lot of time to work but it was a great few hours.  We had great success.  We met a guy that approached us and said he wants to be baptized (miracle) and we were able to contact former investigators.  We also visited a nanay that is 101 years old and still comes to church.  Where there is a will there’s a way. 

   On Friday we hit some appointments and taught many lessons.  We reviewed baptismal interview questions with our investigator. 

   On Saturday we taught a new investigator and then we taught a relatively new investigator, seeing some progress with them.  Hopefully they keep progressing.  We even had our investigator that’s going to be baptized this week work with us, it was awesome.  Then we went to his baptismal interview.  He and his wife passed with flying colors.  They shared their testimonies, it was so powerful.  It really inspired me.  Hearing their testimonies and how happy they are makes me so happy and makes everything worth it.  There’s no substitute for it.  Missions are awesome.  

   On  Sunday we had a good day. We taught new investigators, taught recent converts and taught current investigators.  The members are supportive  and are really helping with our investigators.  Of course HAPPY FATHERS DAY.  Shout out to my dad for being awesome.  I hope all the father’s had a wonderful day. 

Have a great week. 

Elder Snyder

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


  This week was great. We had some service projects and saw miracles.  I’m really excited for the people we are teaching. 

   Last Monday we brought our investigators to a member and had an FHE.  We watched President Nelson and it was so fire.  After the FHE lesson the investigator said they were now committed to the baptismal date for sure.  It was amazing. The members are awesome here. 

   On Tuesday we had district meeting and had a service project in the afternoon.  We helped a member move to a different house.   Members bring so much power and really help the work.   We went out and a member was giving us referrals and we met one.  Really excited for what is happening.  Many great things are going on

   On Wednesday we had a meeting at the mission home.  They had waffles for us, so delicious.  President and Sister Koster are awesome.!  I learned a lot that I want to apply in our area.   It was an all-day meeting,  so when we got home we visited a few people and worked as much as we could.  It was a great day.  We can apply a lot of what we learned today to help the area. 

   On Thursday we had a zone service project.  There was a fire in our area and a member was affected.  All the houses in the whole area were completely destroyed.  It was humbling and I felt bad for the people.    It was great to go and help them with building and cleaning up.  The family is awesome.  They are so humble and nice.  I love the people here.  They are so happy no matter what happens.  In the afternoon we went to a new investigator, he is awesome.  I think  he has real potential .  We visited other great investigators too.  We talked to some new people and are really excited the direction the area is going. 

   On Friday we had many great appointments.  We saw progression in so many people we are teaching.  The power of the Book of Mormon is real. It just holds everything together.  Our bishop here in this area is awesome,  he is so involved and is so willing to work with the missionaries. 

  On Saturday we visited the awesome family we are working with.  We had a great lesson about temples, They loved it.  They put the picture of the temple up on their door,  I’m so excited for this family.  They are prepared by the Lord and we found them after being punted.  It’s not rejection, its redirection.  

  On Sunday we had miracles happen.  There was a storm and very heavy rain.  A miracle happened that the rain let up just enough for investigators to come to church.  It was awesome to see the faith of this family  come to church.  They just had a small window but they took it and came and they had a great experience and then later that night we had another FHE with the members and they shared their testimonies about temples and the Spirit was so strong. I am so grateful for temples. We also had miracles with members bringing non member family members to church and they had a great experience. So many miracles happened. The Lord provides. I hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Snyder

Sunday, June 10, 2018


 This week was great. We saw miracles. Had a baptism and were able to serve lots of people. 

  Last Tuesday we had district meeting, then after  we went to this great investigator’s home. We had a powerful lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ, It was great. This man is so awesome.  He keeps commitments and just does whats right.  Later that night we were on our way home and this guy smiled at us so we talked to him and turns out that he has a ton of siblings and one of them is Mormon and he’s interested to listen and learn about the church.  Such a small thing but a great tender mercy. 

  On Wednesday  we had district service.  The whole district came and we helped some investigators move from the first floor to the second floor.   We carried some very heavy stuff in very narrow places. haha Where there's a will there's a way.  It’s more fun in the Philippines.  It was great service and then they bought us KFC, so that rocked haha. I had exchanges after our service with elder Stokes.  He’s from Orem too.  He went to Mountain View H.S.  He’s  a great guy, cool to talk with someone from Orem.  We had a fire lesson with a really progressing family about recieving revelation through the Holy Ghost.   We taught a great lesson to a recent convert.  It’s such a good feeling to see recent converts progressing in the gospel!  They’re preparing to go to the temple!!!

   On Thursday we had some answers to some prayers.  We were able to find some new people.   We had a member referral that we were able to contact (more like finally able to find his house haha) and he's awesome.  In the evening we found a great new investigator that is now living with some members. We saw progression of other investigators.  It was a great day.  It was a testimony  building day because that morning I had studied about Nephi and him building a ship. He said that if the Lord could do miracles in the past then He was able to help Nephi build a ship.  So I thought if the Lord can help Nephi build a ship and do miracles, then he can help us find new investigators and it was true. The Lord answers prayers and helps us. 

   On Friday we were able to teach the fire family again about the book of Mormon and teach other recent converts about the temple. 

  Saturday we had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing.  Marvin is his name.  Marvin is so awesome.  He is so fire and his testimony is great.  It's been so great teaching him and knowing him.  I am so happy he was baptized.  It was a great program.  Many members came and supported him.  I'm very excited for him.  The water was kinda shallow but it worked out. His fellow shipper baptized him.  Then after the baptism we taught some less actives and found a new part member family.  It was a wonderful day.

  On Sunday we got kinda punted in the afternoon when we started going around.  We were able to give a blessing to one member and went to a ton of people but they were all asleep.  It was very very hot and we were exhausted and then we had a great lesson with the family we are teaching and it made it all worth it.  We brought members to the lesson and it was perfect.  Their experience and testimonies were so awesome.  I'm so excited for this family. Miracles are really happening. 

  This week was great. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Remember that the Lord can and will help us in our lives.  If he can help Nephi build a boat then he can  help us in whatever we need. 

Elder Snyder

Sunday, June 3, 2018


   This week had a highlight of my whole mission. A recent convert family from last year that I had the opportunity to teach and baptize came to the Manila temple and were sealed for all time and eternity. It was one of the best experiences of my life.  So full of happiness.   So cool to see this family again and even better to see them in the temple. They are amazing ,words cannot describe it.  I'm so thankful for the restoration and that families can be together forever.  The Tribucio Family is their name. They are such good examples of righteous gospel living and the blessings that come from living the gospel. 

   Last Wednesday we had exchanges.   We were able to teach a new family we found. This family was found when we were punted and we randomly talked to this tatay.  He was super nice and while we were talking  his wife saw he invited us in and they are super interested.  They asked great questions. I feel like they have been prepared by the Lord. They even testified of us showing up, because  the dad had just got out of the hospital and then we came by.  They said it was like an answer to their prayers.  It's a wonderful feeling to be a part of that and see this family's progression.

   On Thursday we had district meeting and taught another fire investigator afterwards. He is great at keeping commitments and coming to church.  We also found this guy that is pretty cool.   He's  not a member but he reads the Book of Mormon and wants to know more. Many miracles are happening here. 

   On Friday was the temple sealing of the Tribucio Family.  We met them at the temple in the morning with our Mission President. It was great to see them again.  I love that family so much.   We had some lunch and then went into the temple.  I was the escort of the father.  It was such a happy day.  I am so grateful they were able to come to the temple. The Spirit was so strong. It was so amazing to be there at the sealing. I know this church is true and that families can be together forever.  I could see it in the eyes of this family. I felt so happy.  I really can't put it into words. 

   On Saturday we had a baptism so that was another high light of the week.  This investigator that is now baptized is so cool.  He has really turned around his life, like almost a complete 180.  He is a new person,  so happy . I was so happy to see him get baptized.  He has a great testimony.  After the baptism we taught the great family again.  So many great things. 

    On Sunday that amazing family we are teaching came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were so pumped.  They said they almost didn't come but felt they needed to and they had a great experience.  They received answers to prayers and it really helped them.  Another investigator was able to be interviewed for his upcoming baptism.  Great things are happening here. The Lord is aware of each of us and wants to bless us. Stay true to covenants and keep the commandments. Have a great week

Elder Snyder

The Family That Got Sealed

Thursday, May 24, 2018


  Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a great week. We had a good one here. We were very busy.  

   Last Wednesday was transfers and I got a new companion.  He is a great elder.  He is so hard working and good at teaching.  I'm excited for what will happen this transfer.  We  had some great appointments and felt the Spirit. 

   On Thursday we had district meeting in the morning, it was great. Then in the afternoon we worked very hard, it always feels so good to be out there working.   We had a member that was clutch and gave a referral and is preparing others.  The members are awesome here.  

  On Friday we had zone interviews for our zone, another great experience.  It’s  always good to be able to talk to President Koster. He is awesome and he got us McDonald’s.   After that we were able to review the baptismal interview questions for our baptismal candidate.  He is so ready.  The gospel has completely  changed his life,  I am so excited for his baptism. 

   On Saturday it was national service day,  so we joined with the ward and served and cleaned up an elementary school's outside grounds.  There were a ton of members, it was so great to see everyone.  We then were able to teach some investigators that we had found.  We really focused on the Book of Mormon.   My companion speaks their native language so the lesson  was super powerful. 

  On Sunday we saw miracles with people coming to church, so amazing.  This area has a lot of excitement happening.    We were kinda punted when we started working.  As the day was closing yet again we talked to this great guy.  We were talking outside and then his wife came out asked who we were and said to come in.   We taught the dad, mom and daughter in their home and it was a fire lesson.  They seem so prepared by the Lord, such a great lesson. They just got out of the hospital and are ready for the Gospel. 

  Monday was a regular day because we have a temple p day this week.   We had some good appointments and our investigator passed his interview which is exciting. 

   Earlier we went to the temple.  It was so amazing.  I am so thankful for temples.  They are amazing and truly bring us closer to heaven.  I met people coming from all over just to come to the temple and I would invite everyone to go to the temple as much as possible.  It’s a wonderful way to feel the Spirit and receive answers.   This week was great.  I hope you all have a good week. 

Elder Snyder

Saturday, May 19, 2018


  This last week was amazing.  We saw many miracles.  The Lord helped us grow and I learned a lot.   Also, it was awesome because I got to call home.     Shout out to my mom for being awesome and a happy mother’s day to all. 

  Last Tuesday we had service project as a district,  it was great.  We helped paint and move rocks. Once the service project was over, we went and taught some great investigators.  It was a great lesson.   Then after that we were punted pretty good.  We are really trying to find new people to teach and we are talking to as many people as we can, having no luck.   About 8:30 P.M. we were very tired walking some more and ran into 3 guys sitting down and they were so cool.  We just chatted and testified and they wanted us to come back and teach their families.  Another great tender mercy.   It was a great way to end the day.

   On Wednesday we taught some fire lessons.  We are really seeing the progress of some people. We are so excited because people are starting to read the Book of Mormon and their progress is skyrocketing.  

   On  Thursday we had MTC exchanges. A missionary being trained comes out and does exchanges with in field missionaries,  it was great.  I was with someone from new Zealand.  Then we had our bishop work with us and we visited a member and she came in clutch and gave a ton of referrals.  It was great!  Then we taught this investigator that is so prepared. She just asks all the right questions and is so eager to learn. The gospel has all the answers. 

   On Friday we saw miracles.  It started out with us being punted hard.  It was very hot, all the appointments fell through.  We kept in mind that we weren’t rejected but just being redirected.  It was very true.  After being rejected we found a flood of new people.  First was a dad,  he is cool and then the next were two families.  So because of being rejected we found some really great people and a new part member.  It was amazing.  

   On Saturday we had a great day.  Our day was basically planned before we began.  We taught 7 lessons to some awesome people.  We just went from appointment to appointment and it all worked out,  it was great. The Lord provides. 

   On Sunday we had many investigators come to church, it was great.  The Lord provided a way for people to come.  Also happy mother’s day.  As we looked back at the week we saw there were many many miracles.  We just kept going and doing our best and it all worked out.  

 This week is transfer week.  I will be staying and my companion is leaving.  I’m excited for what this next transfer holds. I hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Snyder

Sunday, May 13, 2018


  Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a great week!!  Our last week was good. 

   Last Tuesday we had zone conference, it was great. I was able to feel the Spirit and learn a lot of new things.  Also Sister Koster made us rice krispy treats which were delicious.   When we got home we had a cool experience.  We got a text that a nanay was in the hospital in our area.  This nanay had a daughter in America who is a member and she wanted us to give a blessing.  We gave the blessing which was a super great experience and they want us to visit. The Lord prepares people in many different ways. 

  On Wednesday we were able to teach some progressing investigators.  One thing I learned from our investigator is to just never give up.  When life gives you lemons make lemonade and keep trying to live the Gospel. It's hard now but it will get better. 

  On Thursday we had a meeting at the mission home. It was all day, but it was good. I learned a lot and really felt inspired.  There was also a delicious breakfast of waffles.   One of us was transferred.  So now there is just two of us. 

  On Friday we had some cool lessons.  We have a cool guy we're teaching that is so sincere.  I love teaching him.  Then, randomly as we were leaving his house a guy came up to us and really wants to listen.  He was busy at the time but he showed us his house and we gave him a pamphlet.  It all just happened so fast.  

  On Saturday we were able to teach a lot. It was so great.  So cool to see people come to understand the gospel.  We were also able to teach the nanay and her family that we blessed in the hospital, such a great lesson.  We were able to teach some lessons where we testified of the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was so strong. 

  Sunday was great.  Sacrament was awesome and the members bore some awesome testimonies.  We had some great lessons.  The last lesson was power.  We taught the Restoration and it was cool.  We really felt the investigators commitment, very exciting.  The Lord is working by small and simple things in our area but He is definitely working a marvelous work.  It was a good busy week. I hope you all have a great next week. Ingat!

Elder Snyder