Tuesday, January 30, 2018


  This week was very busy and we had many great and wonderful things happen and many new things. 

  On Tuesday our investigator was interviewed for baptism and passed!  It was great. I have seen a change in him and how he has gotten better and how much the gospel has blessed his family.  He is the last one in his house to be baptized.

   On Wednesday we had to travel to aurora chapel in Manila.   We left in the morning and got a 3 hour jeep ride to the chapel.  The meeting was great which was for trainers and trainees.  I learned a lot that I can apply.  It was very spiritual and uplifting.  We had a 5 hour jeep ride back to our area.  There was tons of traffic, it was rough haha.   We got a tender mercies as we were able to catch jeeps fast and keep going even though there was traffic. 

    Thursday we had many things happen.  It started out great because two of our investigators got married so they can be baptized!   It was so exciting and we are so happy for them because they are one step closer.   The couple missionaries came with us and the branch president and his wife. I was asked to give the opening prayer at the wedding.  The wedding was at the municipal hall and they were marrying 5 couples.  They asked me on the spot but it went alright, it was cool. The people were stunned when I did the prayer in Tagalog.    Last week a husband of a member passed away and so on Thursday there was a funeral service where there were speakers.  The branch president asked me to speak.  I was a little nervous.  I have never spoken at a funeral before but I felt the spirit and the words just flowed and my mind was clear and calm and I think it went well.   The Plan of Salvation is focused on the Atonement and is a plan that gives us hope. 

    On Friday we had a cool experience.  We were walking up a hill and saw this guy and we said "hi" and he waved but we kept walking.  We just didn't feel content so we went back.  The guy that waved was gone but we "knocked" (there's no knocking really just saying tao po.) and another guy came to the gate.  This guy was awesome and so nice and said we could come back.  It was a simple thing but shows how the Spirit can guide us and that Heavenly Father knows who will accept the message.  

   On Saturday we had the baptism!!!!!  It was awesome, everything went smooth. I am so thankful we had the baptism and for the young mans faith and desire. It was incredible.  This was my companions first baptism that he performed on his mission.  It was a great day.  The Spirit was strong and I was very happy. 

   On Sunday the young man that was baptized was confirmed, everything went great.  After the meetings there was the burial of the person I mentioned earlier.  He was a soldier so the military did it and there was a 21 gun salute, it was a good service.  Later that day we were able to contact referrals, teach great lessons and make some progress with other investigators.  It was very fulfilling !   We are seeing many small miracles everyday and wonderful things happening.  The church is true.  Have a great week. 
 Elder Snyder

I'm Still Taller

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


  This week was great!  Many miracles and tender mercies happened.   It was also very tiring. 

   Last Tuesday after district meeting we went to this guy's house named Tony.  He is actually the investigator of our district mates but he works in our area and is in our area a ton, so we did some tag team and we taught him.  He is so cool.  He will get baptized. (but in the other area haha).  We taught some great lessons.  My favorite was when we read 3 Nephi 11 with some investigators.  It was so powerful.  I felt the Spirit and I know they did too as we read the account of the Savior's ministry in the Americas. I love the Book of Mormon.  

   On Wednesday we had a very tiring day.  We got punted and also found a ton, it was worth it though.  We were able to get some return appointments and found a guy we had talked to about a month ago.  We had been looking for him for a while and finally found him, it was a tender mercy.  We also had an investigator make huge steps forward.  She read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it!!!   The best part is that she said she feels good about it and that its true.  Her testimony is coming along, it's so awesome! 

   On Thursday we had another great experience of reading the Book of Mormon with investigators. That book is awesome and comes from God. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon.  We taught some recent converts and we can see a new light in their eyes and home.  They are just happier as a family and more united.  It's so cool to see how the Gospel changes lives.   This evening we were punted but had a tender mercy.  We were super punted then suddenly thought to go visit a family.  I had only heard their name before but knew the general area where they lived.  We found less actives and this guy we had talked to yesterday who lives with a less active. What are the chances?  It was incredible.  Like our mission president always says "it's redirection and not rejection".  I can testify that that statement is true and it applies to all of us in our lives.  When something doesn't work out then that means the Lord has something better in store for us.  Just gotta trust and keep going. 

   On Friday we had zone conference. It was amazing!  The spirit was really strong and I learned a ton. I can't forget to mention the delicious food we had too.   We had interviews with president Koster.  It was awesome as usual.  He is so inspiring.  

   On Saturday we had a great day.  All of our appointments worked out.  In the morning we had set an appointment with this guy we had talked to and he was actually there waiting with his mom and sister who listened too.  We reviewed the Plan of Salvation with a member coming back to activity and she loved it. I realized that sometimes I take my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation for granted.  It made me realize how important it is and valuable and how much people want to have the security from knowing God's plan.   We taught many other lessons today. 

   Sunday was good too.   We discussed the atonement and helped some people.  The senior couple fed us burgers which was very good.  Some investigators made progress and we had great lessons.  

  Earlier today we had an activity. We went to a cultural site here and the senior couple fed us, it was delicious.  Great day.  We had a great week and looking forward to another great one.  Take care everyone

Elder Snyder

Monday, January 22, 2018


   This week was a great week and full of changes. I got a new companion and he is awesome. His name is Elder Nacion and he is the man,  I'm really excited for this transfer. 

   Last  Wednesday I went to the mission home.  They have workshops and stuff for trainers and trainees, that started at about 10 am but our mission president doesn't tell us who we will train until about 6 pm.  It was very suspenseful, but my companion is awesome. We then traveled home which took many hours because we are in a very very far area. 

   On Thursday we had district meeting.  It was great to see the many new people in the zone and in the district.  We had a good day and saw miracles. We worked hard and my companion is great,  he is already a great missionary. 

   On  Friday we were able to go back to some investigators and teach some really good lessons.  I think they have some good potential.   We talked to this really cool retired military man,  he has a cool life story and I feel he is prepared for the gospel.  We also had rejections which surprised my trainee a little.  We got punted but also found a new family that we hope has potential. 

    On Saturday it was a pretty normal day.  We visited people and taught some lessons. There were some really nice members that cooked food for us because it was my birthday and the branch president also fed us delicious food.  It was a good birthday in the missionary field. 

    On Sunday we had a great day at church and after church we were able to contact referrals and teach some great lessons.  My companion and I get along great and teaching is awesome.  I'm really excited to train and it's gonna be  great. 

Elder Snyder

Friday, January 12, 2018


   This week was so amazing. We were very busy but it was all worth it because we had baptisms this week! 7 people entered the waters of baptisms. It was so happy and exciting. So grateful for the blessings and miracles that we are seeing and experiencing in this area. 

   Last Tuesday the zone leader came to interview all of the baptismal candidates. They all passed with flying colors.  Hearing their testimonies and hearing them answer the questions was such a good spiritual experience for me. I was really impressed with one investigator. She said before she didn't want to listen to the missionaries but over time her heart was softened and now she is baptized. The Church is true. 

   Last Wednesday is when we found out that President Monson died. He was a great man and prophet. I am so thankful for all of his counsel and teachings over the years as I have grown up. I will miss him. But I know that the man that replaces him will be called of God and will be the leader of the church. I know that the prophet is called of God and through the prophet, Jesus Christ guides this church because it truly is His church and He directs it through revelation.  

   Last Thursday we visited and helped our baptismal candidates to be ready.  I'm so excited for them.   We taught this restoration lesson where the spirit was so strong. It was awesome to testify and feel the spirit confirm that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and the Book of Mormon is the key. I really believe that. I love the Book of Mormon and it has helped me a lot. So important that we are reading it everyday. 

    Friday elder Vermillion (senior missionary) interviewed one of our baptismal candidates. I was the translator.  That was a really cool interview. The Tagalog flowed so well. Sometimes it can be hard to go from English to Tagalog because sentence structure is different but the words came right to my mind and it was so easy to speak. I felt like I was speaking beyond my own ability. It was really cool and the spirit was strong.  We then taught some investigators that we are very impressed with. They have made huge changes in their life. It shows how the Gospel is the answer to every problem and Jesus Christ is there to help us.  

   On Saturday we had the baptisms.  It was amazing, 7 people were baptized and all of them part members.  So many families are getting completed which was amazing.   We baptized in a small swimming pool.  One kid said "ang sarap"(delicious) after he got baptized.  Hearing their testimonies was amazing.  Some cried and it's cool to see a new light come into their eyes.  

   On Sunday we had the confirmations.  It was another great spiritual moment.  Also president Koster called at night and said I will stay in the area and will train.  I'm excited and nervous.  

   On Monday I got a package and letters from my home ward.  Thank you to everyone that sent something. 

 This week was great and full of miracles. I hope you all have a great week too.

Elder Snyder  

Sunday, January 7, 2018


  This week was very busy.  We had exchanges and we have some baptisms coming up so we were focusing on them. 

   Tuesday I had exchanges with elder Roberts, he is a great missionary and it was great going on exchanges with  him.   I am so excited for our investigators.  We taught them and some even took notes, it was crazy. 

   Wednesday we worked and visited lots of people. Elder Vermillion (one of the senior missionaries) worked with us and it helped so much to get a ride with him. So thankful for all they do.  

   Thursday I received a package!!!!!  It was awesome, so delicious and just what I needed.  I have missed rice crispy treats. We also had exchanges with Elder Peni, it was another great day of exchanges.  Actually my area right now was his first area so it was cool for him to come back.  We had a great day. We taught some fire lessons. We found new people and the branch president fed us so that was a huge plus. 

   Friday we helped the branch with an activity and afterwards we went to some investigators that will be baptized soon.  The lessons get better and better with this investigator.  It used to be crazy but now its way more spiritual and awesome.  
    Saturday we taught a part member that will be baptized.  The husband is so cool and inspiring and so excited for his wife to be baptized so they are one step closer to the temple.  Families are forever, one of the best doctrines ever.   We have this one investigator that made huge strides in quitting an addiction.  Prayers are answered and with God nothing is impossible. Moroni 7:33

    Sunday we had a curfew of 6 pm for new years, it gets crazy here.  Church was great and the work was good until 6 p.m.  I was reflecting on 2017 and it was such a good year. One of the best year's.  I have learned so much and seen so many miracles. So great to be able to serve Him.  Ready for 2018 to be great! 

   Earlier we had a great service project.  We painted a house and it was a great way to kick off the new year.  Love you all. Let's make this year great by serving and reading the Book of Mormon.

Elder Snyder

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!  I hope you all have a great Christmas and come closer to Christ. Let us all Light the World to help others feel the light of Christ. We had a good week this week and are excited for what this next week brings

    On Monday we went with the branch to deliver bigas to some members. It was amazing to see their faces light up as they received the gift. It was truly the spirit of Christmas.  

    Tuesday I had exchanges.  We had a good day. We taught some great lessons.  My favorite lesson was one we taught to investigators that were hearing anti Mormon stuff.  We focused on the book of  Mormon and I really felt the spirit as I testified. That book is true and it's the keystone.  It's so important to this church and can answer all of our questions.  

   On Wednesday the best  lesson was taught to this great part member family.  We always leave feeling happy and inspired from them. 

   On Thursday we taught some great lessons in the morning. we are really excited for some of our investigators that will be baptized soon and how we can see the Lord's hand in their lives and how they are changing their lives and feeling God's love.  We saw huge leaps forward with some other investigators. the gospel is truly the answer to all of our problems. 

    Friday we taught a great lesson on the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes I think we can overlook just how important that event was and what it means for us. I encourage you to read Alma 7:11-13. He has experienced everything. He loves us and will succor us and help us according to our needs. I can't explain all but remember that Jesus has paid the price and all He asks in return is our obedience to His Gospel.

    Saturday we taught some very good lessons. I was inspired by a man that has very little but he saw someone with less than him and gave to them.  This reminded me to just do what we can.  

   Sunday we had an earlier curfew because of Christmas Eve. We taught and visited some great people. The best part was we visited this old nanay who is a member and she was sad because her husband wasn't there.  She said he was usually the one to get the tree and decorate and now shes just too weak and sick.  So we got her a tree and decorated it.  It was such an amazing experience.   It  helped nanay and made me realize that  is what Christmas is all about. It's about lifting others and doing as Christ would. later that night we were fed really good by the branch president, it was so cool.  

Christmas Day: This is a day to remember Christ and draw closer to Him. Let's all remember that and help brighten someones day. I hope you all have a Merry Chirstmas

Elder Snyder

Thursday, December 21, 2017


This week was very crazy. We had disappointments and miracles happen and it was also a very fun week,  a lot happened. 

   Tuesday we had the Christmas conference as a mission. It was so fun. I won't go into details but it was awesome. I got a t-shirt and some socks and other things. The Koster's are the best.  

  Wednesday we visited a member to help them work out some things and we were given Hershey's candy and Welch's fruit snacks because they have a family member that sent it from America, a great thing from home.   We were able to give a baptismal date to some great investigators.  

  Thursday we helped some investigators with the forms for marriage.  These investigators are inspiring.  They are doing all they can and really acting in faith so they can be baptized and achieve their ultimate goal of being sealed.  They are awesome and it was so great to be able to help them.  We also have some relatively new investigators that had many questions about the Book of Mormon and I really felt the spirit as we testified to them. That book is so true and I am so thankful for it.  It is a gift from God.  Then we were able to teach this great part member that is so humble and the family is awesome. We are really excited for them.

   Friday we taught some great lessons and had some things happen with investigators that was sad. I won't go into details but its OK because we see the Lord blessing us in so many ways and really helping the area. Everyone has their own time.  

   Saturday  we had the branch Christmas party.  We really tried to get people there so they could meet members and be more comfortable coming to church on Sunday.The plan worked, we had a ton of people come, members and non members.   

   Sunday we had a ton of investigators come which was so awesome!  We had people come that we were not expecting.  So many miracles.   We also had very high attendance overall for sacrament meeting, it was great.  Another great part of Sunday was that we taught this part member family and the dad who is a member told us stories about tithing. I know that this family could easily use the funds the pay for tithing but they pay faithfully and he told us magnificent stories of the Lord's promises being fulfilled over and over again. He doesn't just pay tithing he pays offerings too and I can see them being blessed.  I encourage anyone to always pay tithing and to pay a generous fast offering.  It's not about money its about faith and the Lord will open the windows of heaven upon you.  

 Also a great moment happened.  There was this family that is expecting a baby and the branch gave them a Christmas gift of diapers and stuff and the look on the dad's face was priceless. I will never forget it.  This is such a good time to give and it's great seeing someones face light up.  I hope you all have a great week. love you all

Elder Snyder

Let's Get This Bacon Party Started