Friday, December 30, 2016


   So the best part of the week was being able to skype my family. That was so amazing and refreshing to see them. It was nice to see their face talking in real time and not just pictures. Pictures are great but skype is even better. so glad I found a computer shop with a camera. 

   Anyways here in the Philippines many people go door to door for Christmas to get money.  There's even whole bands of 20 people with trumpets, drums, etc and its so loud but so funny.  Some members gave me unripe mango to eat, that was so sour.  I didn't even like it, but i'm excited for when mango season arrives for the sweet delicious mangos.  
   On Tuesday we had Christmas conference. It was so cool to gather as missionaries and have a fun relaxing day.  There was delicious food and a full pig that was carved. It was cool. I think the piece I got was from the rear of the pig, it tasted so good. I also got to see my last companion which was cool.  I also saw a random American with his girlfriend who was so out of place, he was a member too.  He was so out of place because he just got to the Philippines and it was blowing his mind because we saw him as we were traveling home and it was the heart of the city which is so crazy.  We taught this man named Aldwin. He is such a good person and has so many basic questions. It makes me realize how much people need the gospel. he has so many basic questions that kids learn in primary that we can sometimes take for granted. It was so cool to be able to answer and testify of their truthfulness.  
   On Wednesday we had a similar experience as we taught this tatay. He loved the plan of salvation, it made so much sense to  him and he just ate it up. it was so cool to see understanding come into his eyes. Also as we were going to another investigator there was a riot in the alleyway so we turned around and got out as fast as possible and then found another way through the maze of alleys and eventually found the investigator. I was happy we were able to find the way. Chumba chumba lang. 
    On Thursday we had a pretty normal day teaching and finding.  The Lord really helps us and the filipinos are so nice and let you in, not all of them do, but enough,  its awesome. theyre are so catholic so we have that to work around but the Spirit helps. 
    On Friday this member family got in an accident. They're one of my favorite families. They are really poor and have 9 kids.  We were teaching at a house close to them and heard the news and went to help with the people we were teaching because the people we were teaching were their friends too. It was so sad to see them in a crash and so stressed out. we did all we could and then they left with the bike (motorbike) to the police station. then we went with some of their kids to the Chrismtas party and we had lots of investigators come to the ward christmas party which was awesome.  the kids loved it because there was tons of food and we sent tons of food home with them. 
   On Saturday we visited mimiz family again to see how they were. They were so happy to come home to tons of food because they had none. I really understood the Christmas spirit, and the Lord used us as instruments to help them. He put us in the right place at the right time because they got off from the crash without having to pay extra fines or anything. They said it was because we showed up and helped and the police were impressed.  So cool to be a servant and help because it wasn't us. It was the Lord using the missionaries. like I said I really understood the christmas spirit. I saw a  random guy carrying a bowl with a hogs head in it, it was funny.  
    Christmas day was awesome.  I picked up a package from the zone leaders in the morning and they had pancakes and bacon and so we ate one really fast.  Church was so great and we were able to bless the sacrament.  We visited members and investigators during the day.  The members want the missionaries to visit and they gave us so much food. I was so full and we just had to keep walking to the next house.   A typhoon was coming and was going to maybe partially hit us, so some other elders came to our apartment to stay the night because if it rained hard their apartment might flood.  So we had a happy jolly Christmas and I opened some packages.  It was so cool.   The food at members was all some variation of macoroni salad.  Every single place was macoroni salad but all a little different. 
   On monday morning we had to stay inside because of the storm and then we got the clear and we had a great day.  We worked hard. It was a good week. I miss and love you all. 
Thanks for the support. The Lord is guiding us and he has a plan for all of us even if we don't see it.  We need to do our part to follow that plan by following the gospel of Jesus Christ. Kaya ninyo. Mahal ko kayo

Elder Snyder
Let the feast begin

Christmas Pig

Eating lots of Rice

Christmas Time

Break from walking

Great to see & talk with family

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


    So it was a shorter week between p days because of the awesome temple trip.  I am so grateful that we have a temple here in our mission, its such a blessing. Its a blessing for the missionaries but even more for recent converts so they can go do baptisms which helps them stay active.  It's awesome.      Thursday I had exchanges with elder Espana, he's our district leader. It was a great day. We taught a ton and my Tagalog felt better. its definetly the gift of tonuges.  I feel myself learning the language even if it is slower than i would like.  It's very hard but it is coming, I notice a difference.  We also had two really cool tender mercies.  We were finding and we must have been guided by the spirit because theres no other way.  We decided to stop at a gate.  Sometimes its hard to tell whats a door to a home, but we stopped anyway. and then like 30 seconds later this lady got back to where we were standing.  It was her house and she said she had been taught everything a while back and almost baptized but then she moved and hadn't seen the missionaries.  It was so cool and she wants to continue listening because she was almost baptized.   It was so cool and then later in the day we were walking and we heard someone yell "Elders" and so we stopped and turned around not knowing who said it and this lady walked up to us and said she had been baptized when she was a kid but went to catholic because her dad was catholic.  She wanted to know where the chapel was and so we were able to help her, she going to start visiting or getting a member to go help her because she doesn't remember anything about the church.  she's basically an investigator. it was really cool. right place right time because of the spirit. I've noticed things like that happening way too often for it to be coincidence.  it actually happened again on Saturday, but I'll get there. 
    Friday we were teaching this tatay and he basically bore his testimony to us which was so cool. he's a cool tatay and loves to talk to us  because he has no one else. he just sits around all day.  He literally just sits all day, his house is so small that I have to bend over and crouch.  Friday we had to wash clothes because we ran out.  We had to wash them by hand after we got home and we also got a referral from a member.  It's her pamumpkin or niece and she wants to be baptized and wants us to come everyday.  My companion and I looked at each other amazed because she was so eager.  It was awesome. 
    Saturday we walked a ton.  Appointments fell through and  we were so tired.   I felt the gift of tongues because my Tagalog felt rough but my companion said it was better so I don't know what they heard. 
     Sunday we taught a members daughter.  We showed up and her baby had just died so we taught a spiritual lesson about the celestial kingdom and small children.  I felt so sad but happy we could share the plan of happiness with her.
   We walked out of an alley a little lost and there was a member right there.  We just happened to run into each other and he was able to show us the way.  It was awesome.  Sunday was good too and hard. We went around in the morning to get investigators to church and most weren't home.   There are so many people going home to their province for Christmas.  We taught an investigator at a members home and this tatay thats a member knows a lot of hymns on his 3 stringed homemade guitar so we sung some hymns which was so cool while he played.  We had an investigator that had read the whole book of mormon in Tagalog but she didn't understand because the Tagalog is so deep.   It was so cool that she read the whole thing, it blew my mind. theres so many people here that go to church at this huge catholic church. We happened to be walking by when mass ended and there was so many people, it was crazy.  Something that's kind of funny that happens is that when we teach about prophets a lot of people ask if we are prophets haha and so we explain that we're just missionaries and a prophet is different. the people here are awesome. It's hard work but a good work. love and miss you all. 

the picture is the difference between a filipino eating Mcdonalds and an American.  He had rice and chicken and I had a big mac.  we only eat Micky D's  every once in a while if we can afford it.  It's so good

Elder Snyder

Saturday, December 17, 2016


    Last Monday we went to a members house where we teach an investigator and he was about 5 minutes away and so we played simon says with like 15 kids. It was so fun. We played it in Tagalog. The kids here are so funny and so nice.  
     Tuesday we had trainer trainee meeting. I'm almost not a trainee anymore.  That means one more hour of work.  I'm so excited because the time goes faster when we are working.  When we traveled home we took the train and its so packed, you don't even need to use muscles to stand up because its so packed. Its crazy. 
    Wednesday we found out that we had 3 investigators attend church but they attended the wrong ward. haha at least they came and now they know. we told them 11 but they must have misheard us and went at 1.  There's this tatay that has a homemade ukulele and he taught me a hymn on it.  I love him. He was wearing a shirt with a bad word on it but he doesn't even speak Tagalog that well, let alone English. He's from a different part of the Philippines and he speaks Bisaya but my companion is Bisaya so it works out to communicate and I just dive in with the Tagalog. haha its funny.  The tower of babel was definitely here in the Philippines.  
    Friday we found a new investigator who is a barangay official.  He was so nice and knows everyone so I bet he can give lots of referrals and he owns this giant lizard, like 3.5-4 feet long.  It's so big and cool and a little old. 
 On Saturday I felt the gift of tongues. In one lesson that was a referral from our bishop I felt like my teaching was way better and I understood almost everything.  It was amazing and I loved teaching with our bishop because he is so energetic and I love his teaching.  He just gets so into it. 
     Sunday we had stake conference and it was awesome.  Our mission president spoke and the temple president from Manila temple. He emphasized families and the importance of temples.  The temple is so amazing.  It was a great talk.  Families really are forever and it is only through the sacred ordinances within the temple. 
    Monday I got packages which was awesome.  It was so cool.  I was surprised how fast they got here.  We had a good FHE that night and played a really fun game called the chicken game and this one nanay was so funny. haha Filipino's are the best.   We have a really funny tatay that we teach, whenever he arrives his wife yells "hey you're friends are here" and then comes out with no shirt     "ohhhhh hey my friends" and then goes to Tagalog. It's so funny. 
   Tuesday was amazing, we had mission tour with elder Bowen. He's the area president here for the Philippines.   I felt the spirit so strong and a motivation like I've never felt to get out and work.   It changed my perspective and my mission, that's for sure.  I realized the importance of covenants and doing all we can do help the kingdom of God and that we are all children of God and he loves us so much.  One of the best quotes he had was when he was talking about the scripture where it says many are called but few are chosen and he said replace chosen with obedient and to me it made the scripture so powerful as a missionary because obedience is everything and I've already seen the blessings that come from it.   He remembered me from being on TV haha.    Earlier today we got to go to the temple. banal na baka. It was amazing.  My first time in the Manila temple. It's so pretty and I felt the spirit so strong and felt so peaceful.  I encourage everyone to get a temple recommend and go as much as possible.  It's so important to help those that have passed and it can help us in our lives.  It's amazing,  I can't even describe it.  I love you all so much and hope you're doing good. Thank you for all your support.  The time is going to go by fast. mahal ko kayo lahat. ingat kayo lahat  ( love you all, take care always)

Elder Snyder

Yes, that is my companion, not a local deacon

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


   Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I had another good week. We are working hard everyday so I will just give a general recap of the week. We have new families and new investigators and are really working with the ward. The ward here is awesome and I love the members.  Sometimes the work is hard but it is rewarding. 
    Tuesday, we were at the ward mission leaders house and some singers came to the door.  Around Christmas time the other churches here go to peoples houses and sing for donations. The ward mission leaders family thinks its so annoying and because we were there they wanted me to poke my head out and talk to them. I stood up and said hi and started talking and they were surprised to see an American Mormon white boy, haha so they left. It was actually really funny.  We lost water to our apartment. so we didn't have any water to cook, shower, go to the bathroom. we had to shower at the zone leaders apartment.
     Wednesday, we were able to sort out the water thing and get it back on in the afternoon.  I didn't realize how much we depended on it until we didn't have it.  I had Filipino ramen noodles.  It was alright, not amazing but alright.  When we planned for Thursday on Wednesday I thought it was going to be rough but we had a member give us a surprise referral to a household of 8!  Earlier we had found 2 new investigators. it was such a good day. they're all so interested.  
    We were walking down the street with this member and his family is a little richer here so this guy came up to him with a dead dog in a bag and pulled it out and was trying to convince him that he hit it and killed it and should pay him.  It was weird and he was just holding the dead puppy. 
     Friday we had a good day teaching. We taught an investigator in a members tahanan.   This old tatay has this old guitar and he taught me a hymn on it,  its homemade and small,  it was funny. 
     Saturday we had MTC exchanges.  So I got to go with two foreign missionaries. The Lord truly blessed me. My Tagalog somehow got way better and I started understanding. It was the gift of tongues. I was so amazed.  We found and taught this family and i had to teach most of it because one of the missionaries was serving his mission and was going to speak ilongo and the other one was just new so his Tagalog was simple. It was a great experience.
      Sunday, we had two freebies. We got  on a jeep for church and a guy asked us where the LDS church was and then just came with us to church. It was cool and a member brought a referral and so we taught her at the church after church was over.  We also went on splits and I went with this rm that got back a couple weeks ago. He taught me a lot. It was really cool. This morning we got to serve our bishop. He's fixing his house. Filipinos are just like monkeys when it comes to construction. They just climb right up the wall and its crazy. We helped make concrete the Filipino way. It was way cool and we helped our bishop fix his house and then he gave us a referral.  when we were making the concrete there was this very small rock that floated in water so anyone that's seen monty python, can now know that ducks may float but that man was right when he said very small rocks. in the philippines very small rocks float haha
   I'm doing good. Its hard but I'm working hard and doing my best and it feels good even if I'm tired. Love you all and miss you

Elder Snyder

Welcome to my Place

Thursday, December 1, 2016


   On monday my flip flop broke so I taped it up. It does the job and is still alive. I'll use it as long as possible. haha it looks so pangit but it gets the job done.  I only need them for the apartment and showers so its ok.  
    The members are going to make me fat here. I get full and then they say kanin pa elder, and they heap some more on. It's hard because they can get offended here so you have to eat but also its tricky sometimes when to call it quits. 
    We are teaching an awesome family of 8. They are so interested and I'm so thankful that the Lord provided them. They are perfect. They all wanted their own book of mormon which was awesome. Hopefully they will keep progessing. I have faith that kaya nila.
     On wednesday leonard passed his baptism interview. He is so ready and has a strong testimony.  Also happy Thanksgiving. I didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving. Its ok. I'll go buy some sisig (pig head) to celebrate. Sizzling sisig is so good.  Friday was the 100th day I have been on my mission, time goes fast when you're busy.  I love the members here, they are so awesome. Filipinos are so funny and makulit. (playful)  
    We were also able to give a blessing which was amazing, so spiritual. This tatay fell down and got surgery and has limited motion in his hand and its hard for him. He's been in a sling for months and hadnt recieved a blessing so we gave him one. It was cool.  Glad we can be here to serve. 
    Saturday was the hightlight. dalawa pang binyag!! We had two investigators get baptized and one member.  The member was the relative of one of the investigator and asked me to baptize.  They all asked me to baptize. It was such an amazing experience again, I'm so thankful. Its so nice seeing people get dressed in white and see the happiness in their eyes. I'm trying to always see people with an eternal potential and it can help with teaching.  The member that was baptized gave the cutest testimony after. I understood all of it which was awesome.  Sunday they were confirmed which was super spiritual. It was amazing. Also we were surprised with the assingment to talk.  We were asked to talk on missionary work. I was a little nervous but then as I put my trust in the Lord I wasn't anymore. It was awesome.   We then were told  to teach the gospel principles class which was another surprise, haha.  We did a lot of talking the first two hours of church.  The spirit helped us teach a pretty good lesson on faith. It was cool. I'm getting better at planning and learning the area even better. We're doing good and working hard. I love you all so much.  I would recommend 3 nephi 11. The book of mormon is truly about Jesus Christ and he is our savior. Sometimes we can take that for granted but its important to always have that in our minds. Until next week. 

Elder Snyder

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


   Another week done and the first week of the new transfer. It was hard at first getting a new companion. My old companion and I got along so well and we worked so well together. But its ok because my new companion is cool and we'll do some good missionary work.  It was very hard to lead the area at first, Its so big. I'm still trying to get good at all the aspects of missionary work and trying to apply everything to planning to make a productive plan to help the people. It was hard but we made it through and had some good days. Planning is better now that my companion has met some more people so we can use two minds to make a good plan and use his experience. The first day I was leading I accidently made us get off the jeep early so we had to walk a long way. Rookie mistake haha I wont make it again. I was feeling stressed but I had good scripture study and prayer and started feeling better. The Lord is there to comfort and it wont be easy. ON Friday my throat was hurting  in the morning but I thought it would pass. But later in the day I completly lost my voice and couldnt even talk. haha elder Almasin had to give the whole lesson because I couldnt even speak english, let alone Tagalog. I had a cool experience that night too. We were about to go home but then I thought we should visit the Hernandez family. They're a family we found last week. It was like 8:30ish and so I was like nah we will just go another time but then I was chastised in my mind because I thought, " its not my work, Its His work." so we walked to them and had an amazing lesson about the Book of Mormon. It wasnt like anything miraculous happened but I felt so much more satisified. It taught me that I need to give my all to the work and listen to the Spirit always.  
     On Saturday Rochelle passed her baptismal interview. When we got the church she was so excited to show me where the baptismal font was. It was awesome to see the desire in her to be baptized.  I love this ward so much.  Also mom coming in clutch giving me cough drops right before I left. They were a lifesaver. We had spaghetti at a members house. Its so delicious here. the spaghetti here is sweeter and so good. I almost like it more than spaghetti at home. 
    Sunday was the best day this week by far. We had a baptism! Our first baptism. I was so thankful and so happy. His name is Jomar. It was an awesome experience for me to baptize him. I felt the spirit so strong and refreshed. Jomar has such a strong testimony and he thanked me and it made me feel so good. Sometimes its hard to work and work and just keep working and hear nothing but it was so nice to have him say thank you and helped me realize we are really making a difference. Tagalog is hard. I'm trying my best and feel like I'm doing better and then it kicks me in the butt again. Its an up an down process. One of the hardest things I've ever done. The filipino accent is so funny too.  Obedience is real.  The blessings that come from obedience are so awesome.  This morning we had to fix a lightswitch. We took it apart and turns out it wasnt working because there was a swarm of ants blocking the switch.  We fixed it though.  I'm ready for a good week. I encourage everyone to read Alma 32. Love and miss you. 

Elder Snyder
First Baptism

New companion, Elder Almasin

Look, I'm the tallest

So thats why it doesn't work

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


  So last Monday we taught a new investigator named Carlos Calvo, who is a member referral. member referrals are awesome and help so much. I encourage everyone to help the missionaries as much as possible. It was a good lesson. Our number of progressing investigators is growing. I'm so thankful to the Lord for helping us.  
    I had to get some pants sewed and the member didn't want to have us pay but when we shook hands we gave her some money. It was funny. Like a sneaky deal and she was like ano ba iyan? It was funny. 
    Tuesday we taught Leonard. He told us of his cool experience with prayer about the Book of Mormon. He said he had been praying for a couple weeks but really only prayed the right way when he was with us. He said when he was at home he prayed like the Catholics do. This particular night he tried it the right way with true intent and he got chills and felt so happy and good. It was so cool to hear him tell us about it. He is really becoming converted and getting so ready for his baptism.  
    Wednesday we had such great weather that felt so nice. The sun was out, there was a slight breeze and it wasn't too hot.  We had a good full day of teaching progressing investigators and new people. There's so many people here. Our  area is huge. Then as we were returning there was this British guy that's living here that wanted to talk to us and we had talked before so we were like why not. He was cool. But as we got in he started trying to bible bash. I wanted to so bad but I didn't. It wouldn't have done any good. We listened and just tried to get to know him. As we left we found out that he was a famous boxer. His name is Paul Huggins. He's cool but doesn't believe all the right things.  He has the coolest accent though. 
    Thursday we had zone interviews, which went well.  President Koster is so awesome. Hes always so happy and helping and teaching us.  We taught some good people later that day. We are teaching a family named bato bato which translates to rock rock. haha its funny.  I'm loving my area and am loving the work more and more even though its hard work.  
    We had a huge tender mercy on Friday, we found a family of 8. Its a classic filipino family. the whole family is living in one little place. We've found families like this but their not always all interested. This was awesome because they were all interested. So awesome. The Lord blesses us greatly, if we are patient.  
    I had exchanges with elder forsberg on Saturday,he was with me in the MTC. It was cool to go out with him. Two white guys preaching the gospel in Tagalog. It was fun.  I taught the restoration that day better than I ever have in Tagalog. The gift of tongues is real.  Members are still taking pictures with me and stuff. Its kinda funny. Its still weird to have people recognizing me everywhere. Our investigator, Gomar passed his baptismal interview.  We had a lot of investigators at church which was awesome.  I will be the one baptizing Gomar. I'm so excited. Its awesome. I'm so happy he's decided to be baptized. He's so humble and changed. 
    I had exchanges with elder baldemore again. we taught some good lessons. this one lesson was so funny. we taught at a members house with an old tatay and nanay member. we turned to the tatay to ask him to share an experience and he just started reading randomly out of the Book of Mormon. I almost lost it. I kept a straight face though. It was so funny and then later in the lesson he just got up and went to the corner and peed. Filipino houses are small so the CR is just in the corner sometimes. It was so funny but I seemed to be the only one so I kept it in. Just another cultural thing I guess.     It was a good week. This morning we got the transfer assignments. I will be staying but I will get a new companion. I'm nervous to lead the area because its so big and I'm still kinda new but I'll be alright. The Lord knows I can do it. It will be a good experience. I love you all.  Keep working hard and trust in the Lord always. He knows whats best. He has a plan that's perfect. Being a missionary and always teaching the lessons reminds me of how important simple truths are. If you are having a hard time I encourage you to study the plan of salvation and think about how the plan is perfect and how much our Heavenly Father loves us. That's it. Until next week. 

Elder Snyder

Balut that I ate

My District

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


     On Tuesday we had a service project. It was nice. We got the whole district involved. It was really fun. This lady was moving about a quarter mile away and so we helped her carry everything from one little apartment to another on the third floor.  I've never had to move someone without a truck. It was harder but nice because we had everyone there. always feels great to serve.  I also had exchanges with elder Baldemore on Tuesday. I have a lot of exchanges because Elder Enari is district leader. Its okay. Kinda hard cause I like staying in my area. Its always so nice when I get to come back to my area.  I usually leave my area but this time Elder Baldemore came to my area for exchanges. I had to lead the area. Luckily we found everything in the maze of houses here. It was good. We taught some good lessons.  
    On Wednesday Elder Enari and I contacted a referral from headquarters. She wanted a book of mormon but said shes recovering from an injury right now so we will visit her again when shes all better. We got a referral from a sister in our ward and we visited them on Wednesday as well.  It was awesome because it was a family. We found a new family which is so awesome. The problem with a lot of Filipinos is getting a return appointment when they're available. They're not always reliable on the return appointment even if they really do have a desire to hear the gospel.  My umbrella broke already so I bought one for 100 piso. That's about 2 dollars here. most everything is so cheap but because of that we aren't living like kings. Still need to budget because they adjust our support accordingly.  
    On Thursday I had exchanges with elder Pagador.  The Philippines city is fun because its a maze and there's so many side streets that lead to compounds full of people.  We walked along a wall of a canal that was like 10 feet up. It wasn't us being dumb. It was the actual way/sidewalk that people used. It was made for people to walk along. So funny. The city organization is so random so it can be hard to know where you're going and very easy to get lost.  That night Elder George made doughnuts. He made them from scratch. They were so good! I ate so many. He's from the cook islands. His doughnuts are legendary. 
    On Friday we worked hard and taught some lessons and were able to give a blessing. Its always a very cool experience. The priesthood really is the power of God and we need to always be worthy to use it to bless others. Friday was also the day the TV episode came out. I was so nervous. There was a preview released on YouTube that a member showed me. It looked good. I still haven't even seen the final product but I hear about it from everyone. Its crazy.       So on Saturday people would recognize me and do double takes.  They would even stop to take pictures, haha that was a new experience. I guess it was good. It made me feel better because I didn't want to make a fool out of myself.  Everyone was calling me an artist. haha the Flipinos are so funny. I love them so much. I was also on exchanges with elder Espana. I went on a lot of exchanges this week because the filming messed up the schedule.  It was a good day. We found a family in elder Espana's area. They're so cool. It will be good. I'm excited for them even though they're not in my area.  One thing about the Filipinos is that they love their music. They just blast it all the time. They blast it in jeeps and in their houses and its so funny when they do videoke.  They turn it up all the way and don't care who hears them even when they're bad at singing haha. 
   On Sunday I saw my first glimpse of a cock fight. We just walked by one and I saw this guy throw his dead,bleeding rooster in the water off of the path. He was angry and the roosters blood was everywhere. Its intense.  Church was crazy because almost every member wanted to talk to me about the interview. So many people taking pictures of me. haha even bishops of other wards. I hope it really inspires our ward to help us out. They've been helping a lot even before that so now we will get a ton of referrals and work with them a lot.  We taught great lessons too. We taught Roberto who is progressing and reading the book of mormon. We're going to give him a baptismal date next visit. We also taught the Batobato family who is so awesome, so receptive and kind.  They accepted a baptismal date. I'm so grateful we found them. 
   Our area had to be built from almost nothing. we were patient and worked hard and I can see the Lord blessing us with people he has prepared and helping us. Our area is awesome.  We taught Jomar who was actually a former investigator,  he had been taught everything but didn't have a testimony. We began teaching him again on exchanges with elder Baldemor, we reviewed the restoration and I invited him to read and pray about the book of mormon and then on our visit yesterday he says he knows its all true and we were able to move his baptismal date from December to November. It will be in about 2 weeks. We can feel the power of his testimony and how the gospel changes lives. It made me so happy. I'm so happy for him and thankful.  
   Its weird how everyone knows me. But we're going to use it for finding. Its a great missionary tool. I'm glad I had the opportunity.  The Lord really knows what we need and what we can handle. In the interview my Tagalog wasn't amazing but after I've felt way more comfortable making mistakes in Tagalog and speaking to people. It really helped me progress as a missionary. I'm so thankful.  In the video we didn't really go to the poor parts but when we do see the super poor people I feel so humble. It really makes me appreciate everything I have and makes me want to help them and share the gospel so it can bless their lives.  Its awesome here. I'm  almost done with my first transfer.  I love you all. Keep working hard and remember that Jesus is the Christ and He is always there to strengthen us and help us.

Elder Snyder

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


   So last p day we were getting haircuts and president called us.  Elder Enari answered and was talking to him. Thats when President told us that we were going to be on TV and he had prayed and choose us. I didn't really believe Elder Enari. I didn't believe him until he mentioned it in a prayer before we went out to work that night. Then I knew it was for real and I was so confused. All we knew was that we were going to be on tv and to report to the mission home the next day. 
   So Tuesday I was out of my comfort zone. We were at public affairs and they were briefing us and teaching us a little about media and stuff. It was me, Elder Enari and two sisters.  We were all foreigner companionships. After they briefed us we met the crew and got to eat a good lunch. We're in the city now. There was a restaurant and I ordered a pulled pork grilled cheese. It was so good!  Then we went back to the MTC. I just can't seem to get out of there completly haha. They had us simulate sending email and doing laundry and stuff. They wanted to see what missionary life was like for the foreigners learning Tagalog. So we would simulate everything. Eveything was so staged. We thought they were going to follow us proselyting on wednesday but they threw us a curveball and changed it to Tuesday night. That was stressful.We were able to make an appointment with a recent convert and they were ok with the cameras being there.  So we went back to our area.  We did a quick language study for the cameras. Its so hard to focus with the lights in your face and the camera zooming in on you. Its also so weird.The last thing I expected on my mission.  After that we went out to the appointment and as we walked there we tried talking to people on the streets but they are so distracted by the lights and cameras that they don't talk much.  So we got to the appointment and taught about the temple and it was actually a pretty good lesson. Presidnet was with us and his Tagalog is awesome and hes so good at speaking. It was cool to spend the whole day with President. He is so awesome. 
   On Wednesday we reported to the mission home again in the morning. Lots of traveling this week.  We got breakfast there. It was so good.That made two days in a row with breakfast at the mission home.  We then went to the area office again. So today I was so nervous because the night before they said I was the focus and I would be the only one interviewed. A bit scary, actually a lot.  I was nervous and stressed but wanted to do my best. I tried my best.  So after we waited for the host to show up (apparently hes pretty famous here. people stop him to take pictures with him) we went and started the interview. They even put a mic on me and everything, so professional.  It was supposed to be casual so we walked around and showed him a dorm and simulated a language class at the MTC. They always want me to say something cause I have the mic. Theres just always cameras everywhere and its hard and made me nervous,  then the sit down interview. I was told to be casual and be myself and so I did my best in Tagalog even though it was so hard. My mind was all over the place at the beginning. Everyone was watching. They had a bunch of cameras and president koster was there along with public affairs and the president of the MTC.  It was insane and they're all watching and say be yourself. Pretty hard haha.  They interviewed about missionary life and my life before and generalities. I did my best.  The guy was pretty cool.  We then went to the same restaurant for lunch and I got another good sandwich. We ate good which was nice.  Then I got to meet the whole area presidency! they are all so cool and it was a great experience to meet them.  It was a stressful day when my companion and I got home so we enjoyed some oreos together haha.
    Thursday was the last day of filming They arrived at 9 am. they filmed all day. they had us pretend to get up and get ready and cook and wash dishes. Everything was so staged. Kinda funny and weird to do. They filmed us doing a personal study. I made sure to study the restoration in PMG so hopefully its on camera.  Like always theres cameras in my face.  they then filmed us tracting. It was alright because it was in the day and there was no crazy bright lights from the cameras.  they put a mic on me and only me. That made me nervous. So i had to lead the speaking and everything. It was hard but I tried my best. Elder Enari has been awesome and helped a ton.  They had me buy a street food I hadn't had yet so I just went for it. Luckily it tasted good. I had this drink that I don't know the name of and quail eggs. It was good. Everything is ok to eat. There was nothing bad in them.  Then they wanted to simulate what my life was before the misson. Everything I did and will do is approved by the president. So we got a couple more white missionaries and we played some 21. I won which was a relief haha. It was way fun. They also gave us iphones and pretended to use them and they had me login into my facebook and scroll through. (president approved it) i haven't checked facebook for like 8 months and I had messages but I didn't check them.  They even had me do a fake call to mom. Pretty funny. The craziest thing is that I got to drive. President approved it so it was ok. I had my American license so it was still legal. We went out and I drove. Such a cool opportunity, not many missionaries do that here. the roads are crazy but we went on some easier ones. It was so cool but still weird cause lots of people just do what they want.  It was a good experience even if it was hard. I'm grateful for it. 
  Friday was back to normal. We met an American but he wasnt interested and we taught some good lessons.  I feel more confident after being with the cameras. I feel better talking to people which is a blessing.  There was this kid on Saturday that had really bad burns on his legs. He had saved his siblings from a gas fire. We gave him a blessing. It was such a cool experience. Reminds me to always be worthy to exericise my priesthood.  I'm glad we can help people.  Sunday was good except we taught a really hard lesson where this guy was bashing on Joseph Smith. Really tested my patience but we did ok. Important to always listen to the spirit to see what people need.  So all in all it was a really weird and interesting week with awesome opportunities and stories. Another great week of missionary work even if it was hard because I don't love the spotlight. Always press forward and trust in the Lord. He has a plan for all of us.

Elder Snyder

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


   You'll never believe what I'm doing right now. Later on Monday night President Koster called Elder Enari and I and said we were going to be on a news program that wants to do a documentary on foreigners learning Tagalog. They are going to follow us around and see what its like doing missionary work.  Its really crazy and its hard to speak Tagalog with all the cameras. We're going to be sikat (famous). Its really crazy and seems super random.  Its cool though. We got to go to the mission home again and see President and his wife. They're so cool and helping us out. Right now we're doing a tour of the MTC here in Manila and what happens at an MTC. They wanted us to simulate an email but President being the cool guy he is said that we could actually email you guys. Theres literally a camera right next to me right now filming my face as I email. Its weird, but we got to eat good food and I hope it will lead to referrals. I got to see some people from the Provo MTC that came 3 weeks after me. Its so weird. I'm going to be on T.V. here in the Philippines. I think it will be put on youtube too. 
   They're going to interview us and follow us to appointments which makes things hard because we have to make sure its ok and we don't want to overwhelm our investigators so maybe we will just visit less actives. Its all happening so fast and we haven't had much time to plan for anything because we found out last night and we didn't have all the info last night but we're doing it and I'm doing my best to speak Tagalog. I'm trying to blow their minds with my 3 weeks of Tagalog.  Tagalog is very hard to speak but I can do it with the Lord's help. I've already seen Him helping me today. I've said a few sentences with ease and understood some but I'm nowhere close to fluent but it will come with hard work and diligence. So like I said you will be able to see this and see me. It should be good and you can laugh at my Tagalog. I've been here 3 weeks and Elder Enari has been here 9 months and the other sisters they are interviewing have been here 15 months. I got to go now.  I'm happy to be here teaching and helping people come unto Christ.

Elder Snyder
Here is a picture of Balut, Yes that is a duck fetus

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


     Its already Christmas here, its so funny. The people start putting up Christmas trees and playing Christmas songs on the radio. they love it here. Back in America people get annoyed if the songs are played before thanksgiving but here they start in September which is so funny.  
    We've been teaching a less active family and they know what they need to do but they're just not doing it. We're doing our best to motivate them and help them realize that the gospel blesses families. I've seen it here. The members that are poor are so much happier than others that have more, and there are some really poor members. They live in huts on the edge of the city. its dirty and full of bugs and stuff and the city is just straight concrete. they are so densely packed. its crazy. There was this one lady we taught whose whole house was smaller than my room at home, very humbling. The majority of people here are so poor and living so humbly. I'm thankful that I can buy some things but it really is different and not the same.  I had exchanges with elder Peihopa on Tuesday and we worked hard and I learned a lot but I really love working in my own area.  
    On Wednesday all of our first four appointments worked out and we taught great lessons. We first taught Rochelle. She's thirteen and lives with members while her mom lives in the province and is a member and wants her to be baptized. She's progressing towards baptism and is on track which makes me excited.  We then taught Jedd Laderas, who is so smart and remembers basically everything we teach. Its just important he gains that witness from the spirit even if he knows all the doctrine. He needs a testimony of the restoration.  We then taught leanoard, who is so cool. He is progessing so fast and I can see his testimony growing which is exciting. Our next appointment was with Roberto, he is a tailor. he works all day and can barely feed his kids. he has to take out a loan to feed them and then work to pay it off. I really want to help him but I'm only 18 and don't have the experience but I do have the gospel so I'm praying to know what he needs. 
     Our day had a rotten turn to things,  the san tiana family said to not teach them anymore. it was sad.  It got better because there were these kids in the street that passed me a basketball so I dribbled and passed with them a bit. I put them through the spin cycle and taught them how to do no look passes. It was so fun to bring out my skills with  the kids here, its nice to practice my Tagalog with them.  
    Thursday was trainer trainee meeting and I got to see my batch from the MTC again which was fun. We stayed after and did service and then there was a taco bell because we're in downtown Quezon for the meeting. It was a nice taste of the border which  was so good, tender mercy.  We then gave sister silvoza a blessing later that night. it was a cool experience.     
    Friday we taught jojo. We were finally able to get him. he feels so alone and needs this gospel so bad. We're gonna help him. He is really open with us and I think he is starting to see the importance of the gospel and how it can help him.  
    Saturday was so cool.  We taught Rochelle again with a member. It's so nice having members present and I invite everyone to try to work with the missionaries. It helps so much and provides another powerful testimony. Please everyone, be member missionaries.             We went to the Fernandez family and taught the tatay. His family is members but he isnt and he is gonna get baptized. I already know it. he was really receptive. Then later we found two people. One was an old tatay and he wants to hear more and another is a guy living alone. we walked past him and then like 10 steps later my companion and I both had this feeling that we should go back and so we did and he let us in and we taught him.  It was a cool experience. He's a prime candidate and the Lord guided us to him. So cool.  
   The crowning moment this week was I ate balut on Sunday. It was like a rite of passage to becoming a Filipino. It's weird but doesn't taste too bad. It made the members house we were at so happy, blew their mind. They thought, a white kid eating balut? ano ba iyan? we had a good amount of investigators at church and I can see the area changing before my eyes. Its so cool. I'm excited and getting more used to things. My advice is to always be diligent and do our best to come to know Jesus Christ. He can and will help us with everything and I've seen it happen to me and the people here. I love you all.

Elder Snyder

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Hello everyone. 
    This week was another good week with lots of hard work and craziness. We are still trying to find more investigators like always but are grateful for the ones we have to teach. We are teaching 3 people right now and they're progressing pretty good. Here in the Philippines they have to live the word of wisdom and go to church for four consecutive weeks to be baptized. That makes all baptisms at least one month out. The dates for our investigators are all in November. I'm excited and want to keep finding but I think teaching is more fun. 
   Even though Tagalog is hard I feel better now when teaching. I realize making mistakes is part of the process and so I just go for it and hope the Spirit will do the translating for them. Teaching is crazy because there's just chickens and cockroaches and dogs and all sorts of animals to distract.  Not every lesson has all of those but usually at least one type of  distraction. Even the traffic when we're in a house that's close to the road. Its either so loud here or quiet. lots of people say they're "busy" which is frustrating. I went on exchanges on Thursday and it was cool.  There's a lot of awesome members here. We're trying to work with them and then missionary work will take off. 
   Last Monday we had an FHE appointment with an investigator but ten minutes before we arrived there was a brownout and apparently our investigator had left to go somewhere that had electricity.  It stunk but we still had a good FHE and shared about the light of Christ seeing that there was no electricity.  Filipinos are so funny. They do the  funniest things.  They're happy.  some people have very little but are still happy. its humbling. On Sunday because of the storm, church was cancelled because we have to travel far because the chapel close is being renovated. We taught an investigator in the morning and then helped take the sacrament to a lot of members. It was so cool and I liked being able to serve the members. I don't have a lot of time but the church is true and Heavenly Father is aware of our individual problems and situations. We just need to pray to Him in Faith. Love you all.   
   A few pictures at the airport on our way to Manila , Philippines. 

Elder Snyder

Disney is everywhere

Enjoyed some Mickey D's in Hong Kong

Picture of all of us going to Manila

Gotta have my hammock

View from our apartment

Monday, October 10, 2016


   Holy cow its been crazy. Being in the field is so much different and way harder. It feels like everyday is so long but we are definitely working hard. Its just my companion and I in our area. Its so big and we have a ton of work to do.  We're working with members, less actives and finding and teaching investigators. We are basically rebuilding it from nothing. Its really hard but we're organized and have a good vision for the area and through faith we can do it! 
   So the Manila MTC wasn't much compared to actually going out. The Philippines roads are crazy. The roads seem like theres no rules but everything still runs smoothly. We ride jeepneys (like a medium size bus with lots of people on them, even on top) and trikes but mostly jeepneys because trikes are more expensive.  The food is weird and takes some getting used to but I think i'm slowly getting there. I still have to eat baloot though. I'm scared to eat it.(Fifteen or Sixteen-day fertilized chicken egg) Its creepy.  I had some intestine problems the first little bit but its starting to get better now. Not as bad. I was so tired and had a headache and have been trying to drink tons of water. I think I'm still adjusting to missionary life. Its hard here because its just us and its hot and I'm not used to it. Its a good area though. We're going to do great things! Our ward is awesome and I'm doing my best to remember all their names but theres so many.  We've taught a lot and are working hard to activate people and find. Its hard work.  I'm definitely not in America anymore. Its crazy. The people are poor here. In the city theres some really poor people and some better off people but its still humbling and I've only been here less than a week. Our apartment is nice though. Its in a nice safe part which is nice but we have to go without some luxuries.  Theres also cold showers and no A/C but we use fans. Its better than nothing. I'm serving in Taguig and my companion is elder Enari. We're both foreigners which is unusual. Hes from Australia. He's been out 9 months. His Tagalog is really good. He helps me out. Tagalog is ridiculous here. I understand some but its so different and spoken so fast and I do my best to follow along and teach. Its testing me mentally to stay focused all day and trying constantly to figure out what people are saying. Its rough but I'll get through.
     We've had cool experiences of finding. Yesterday we were walking and I just stopped and talked to this tatay and then after neither my companion or I could understand a word he said we looked to his daughter standing there and she talked to us and then pointed us to some guys standing across the street and we taught them and hopefully they'll be there when we get back. We also found another family that was interested and then he had us teach his brother right after who lived next door. It was cool.  Its a hard adjustment but its ok. Its where the Lord needs me. Conference was cool and I really enjoyed it. The members are always feeding us. Its crazy. Its not just the members though. We walk into a home and they offer us drinks and food, without fail.  When we're proselyting we're basically never hungry. Its rude to refuse so we have to judge the situtation and eat the food.  Everything is really cheap here compared to America.  Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Snyder

My second MTC experience

The Newbies / Greenies

This is the tunnel from the MTC to the Temple

Mr. Spider in the tunnel to the Temple

Manila Temple

My first missionary think / study station

My Trainer, Elder Enari