Saturday, December 17, 2016


    Last Monday we went to a members house where we teach an investigator and he was about 5 minutes away and so we played simon says with like 15 kids. It was so fun. We played it in Tagalog. The kids here are so funny and so nice.  
     Tuesday we had trainer trainee meeting. I'm almost not a trainee anymore.  That means one more hour of work.  I'm so excited because the time goes faster when we are working.  When we traveled home we took the train and its so packed, you don't even need to use muscles to stand up because its so packed. Its crazy. 
    Wednesday we found out that we had 3 investigators attend church but they attended the wrong ward. haha at least they came and now they know. we told them 11 but they must have misheard us and went at 1.  There's this tatay that has a homemade ukulele and he taught me a hymn on it.  I love him. He was wearing a shirt with a bad word on it but he doesn't even speak Tagalog that well, let alone English. He's from a different part of the Philippines and he speaks Bisaya but my companion is Bisaya so it works out to communicate and I just dive in with the Tagalog. haha its funny.  The tower of babel was definitely here in the Philippines.  
    Friday we found a new investigator who is a barangay official.  He was so nice and knows everyone so I bet he can give lots of referrals and he owns this giant lizard, like 3.5-4 feet long.  It's so big and cool and a little old. 
 On Saturday I felt the gift of tongues. In one lesson that was a referral from our bishop I felt like my teaching was way better and I understood almost everything.  It was amazing and I loved teaching with our bishop because he is so energetic and I love his teaching.  He just gets so into it. 
     Sunday we had stake conference and it was awesome.  Our mission president spoke and the temple president from Manila temple. He emphasized families and the importance of temples.  The temple is so amazing.  It was a great talk.  Families really are forever and it is only through the sacred ordinances within the temple. 
    Monday I got packages which was awesome.  It was so cool.  I was surprised how fast they got here.  We had a good FHE that night and played a really fun game called the chicken game and this one nanay was so funny. haha Filipino's are the best.   We have a really funny tatay that we teach, whenever he arrives his wife yells "hey you're friends are here" and then comes out with no shirt     "ohhhhh hey my friends" and then goes to Tagalog. It's so funny. 
   Tuesday was amazing, we had mission tour with elder Bowen. He's the area president here for the Philippines.   I felt the spirit so strong and a motivation like I've never felt to get out and work.   It changed my perspective and my mission, that's for sure.  I realized the importance of covenants and doing all we can do help the kingdom of God and that we are all children of God and he loves us so much.  One of the best quotes he had was when he was talking about the scripture where it says many are called but few are chosen and he said replace chosen with obedient and to me it made the scripture so powerful as a missionary because obedience is everything and I've already seen the blessings that come from it.   He remembered me from being on TV haha.    Earlier today we got to go to the temple. banal na baka. It was amazing.  My first time in the Manila temple. It's so pretty and I felt the spirit so strong and felt so peaceful.  I encourage everyone to get a temple recommend and go as much as possible.  It's so important to help those that have passed and it can help us in our lives.  It's amazing,  I can't even describe it.  I love you all so much and hope you're doing good. Thank you for all your support.  The time is going to go by fast. mahal ko kayo lahat. ingat kayo lahat  ( love you all, take care always)

Elder Snyder

Yes, that is my companion, not a local deacon

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