Monday, May 22, 2017


  So last Tuesday I accidentally ripped my front pocket on my shirt.  It was just hanging there half ripped with my tag still on it,  it looked funny.  We taught this family and they were so great. They loved the plan of salvation so much. The mom said she was enlightened and she loves it. My companion and I taught so well.  It just flowed flawlessly  and  used scriptures by the spirit,  it all worked out great. They have real potential. 

    On Wednesday  we went to our recent converts that were just barely baptized and taught them and they had an immediate referral,  so we just walked to the referral and taught and he accepted a baptismal date,  so clutch.  This new family that was just baptized is excited and so awesome. I can see their testimonies growing.  We also taught another investigator that’s a preacher for another church, he knows the bible so well.  First he was hard headed but he's softening up but he still has a really hard time wrapping his head around the book of Mormon, but we're getting there, he's a tough investigator.  

   On Thursday we had district service again.  We went to this little elementary school and we helped them cultivate the ground to plant. It was hard work, also it was so so so so hot and we were out there shoveling and using a pickaxe and stuff.  I got so tired but it was great to help them.  They thought what they gave us to do would take 3 hours but we finished it in 1 which was pretty cool and we did it really well.  We taught some investigators the plan of salvation later in the day.  When we told them that the plan of salvation answers where we came from, why we are here and where we are going they got excited.  One sister said that she has always wondered about those questions.  It was so cool to see them understand and they asked such great questions. They are great investigators.   We taught another really progressing investigator, she’s ready to be baptized but she's the only one in her family that wants to be baptized but she realizes that she will be an example and said she'll do it.  She comes to church and reads the book of Mormon and even referred her friend who also has real potential to be baptized.  I'm excited for them. She said she loves the way she feels when she's at church, reading the book of Mormon and when we are teaching, which is cool.  The spirit is really working on her.    This member read our palms and it was pretty cool, but I will see if it comes true, ha ha. 

  On Friday we weren't able to catch a van to our area so we worked in our kabays area.  We taught some good investigators in their area.  

  On Saturday we taught another referral of our recent converts, his relatives.  They are awesome too. They also accepted a baptismal date which is awesome, they were so receptive.  Then we taught another family that was a referral of our district president and some have closed hearts but some have really open hearts but they are all so nice.  They just need some time.  Then we taught at sister Enriquez's house who is  really progressing along.  She invited some friends and we taught a bunch of new people and they have potential,  it was great.  Oh and we also have this chicken that lays eggs right outside our house and now there’ s 3 of them.  It will be cool when they hatch. It started with one egg and like every other day she lays another one.  

   On Sunday we had a great day.  Sister Enriquez and her friend came to church, and the relative of the recent convert and some other investigators.  The coolest part was that one of the recent converts blessed the sacrament with me and another passed.  It was so great to see them using their priesthood. They’re awesome.   
  This morning we went on a cool hike.  It was to a waterfall but its dry season so there wasn’t much water but it was still a good hike,  but also very hot.  It was a good week.
   I hope you all had a good week. I realized this week how much I love the Plan of Salvation and how amazing our Heavenly Father is. He really does have a perfect plan and He is there to help us every step of the way.  Ask and ye shall receive. Just invite Him into your life and the help will come. I love the Plan of Happiness and all the blessings and miracles of this area. I know that miracles can happen in all of our lives as we follow the commandments and draw closer to Jesus Christ and remember that He atoned for us and has a perfect knowledge of how to help us and He perfectly understands everything we feel and go through. Love you all so much. Have a good week. 

Elder Snyder

Monday, May 15, 2017


  This week was amazing. I can't describe how awesome it was but I will try. I will focus on the baptisms.  

   So last Saturday we had our baptism party, 12 people were able to enter the waters of baptism in the ocean. It was incredible!!  We all met at where we go to church and then we had to use the senior couples van and some tricycles to get everyone to the beach to do the baptisms.   Once we got everyone there then we all had to change into our white cloths.  It was so cool to see the people being baptized all dressed in white. Everything was just working out and running smoothly.  They were all so excited and ready.  Our mission president also came to the baptisms straight from Manila.  He came because our area is looking to become a branch and so this was huge and he came to support.  It was awesome for the members and the people being baptized to see him.  We had an excellent program and then before we baptized we took a bunch of pictures.  It’s  one of the greatest pictures ever seeing everyone in white standing with the ocean at our backs.  When we said it was time to baptize, one of the brothers just started off walking into the ocean with rapid pace, he was so excited,  I  had to hurry and catch up.  He was just so ready to be baptized he left us all in the dust.  The water was so warm, it was the perfect temperature.  The water was shallow so we had to walk way out into the water until it got deep enough.  We even had to put other missionaries in white to witness because it was so far out.   It was so incredible baptizing in the ocean.  I just can't explain it good enough.  I was able to baptize 6 of them and then my companion baptized 6 of them.  It was like the waters of Mormon seeing them all walk out there and walk back.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity,  so incredible.  They were all so happy too, you could see it on their countenance!   Our mission president had permission to confirm the 6 males right there so they could receive the priesthood on Sunday.  It was my first time confirming and my first time blessing in Tagalog, it was so spiritual.   It was so cool to stand in the circle with my mission president and other great priesthood holders that attended. Such a cool experience.  I was able to confirm two people, my companion did two and our branch president did two.  Then they bore awesome testimonies and kept thanking us and the Lord and it was so cool. I love seeing the change in them.  The next day at sacrament meeting was a great experience too.  We confirmed the other six and I just felt the spirit shoot through me and it was amazing.  The spirit was so strong and everyone was so happy.  Then after sacrament we were able to ordain the men to the aaronic priesthood.  We ordained the dad first and then he was able to ordain his sons and his brother in law.  It was so cool.  This guy is named Pedritio Tribucio and he's the man.  He is the rock of the family and he has so much faith.  I whispered in his ear to help him ordain and then he gave awesome blessings to his family members.  It was funny because he blessed his son to find a wife haha.   The spirit was so strong and it was great for our other investigators at church to experience it.  This family is awesome and I love them so much.  I  am so grateful for them and the opportunity to teach and baptize them.  The Lord has a plan and this family was golden,  they were truly prepared by the Lord.  My explanation doesn’t do it justice but it was truly full of miracles. 

  On Monday(Sunday in Utah) I got to call home for Mother’s Day.  Shout out to my mom, I want to tell her how much I appreciate her and love her awesomeness. I love you mom!    So great to see my family, it was so refreshing and felt so good and made me realize how fast the time is going by. Feels like I just called.  I love them so much and am so grateful for my family. They are the best and that's the truth. (sorry to everyone else haha)  It was a legen-wait for it, hope you aren’t lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is-dary. LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!  There’s nothing like being able to see them and talk to them face to face after a few months. It’s just surreal and awesome.  I love them so much.  I love it here and all the blessings that the Lord has blessed me with. He truly is in charge. I love you all and hope you all do good. 

Elder Snyder

Mission President in this picture

Saturday, May 13, 2017


    My email this week will be mostly focusing on the upcoming baptisms we have on May 13th.  It’s one family and 12 of them are getting baptized, they are so amazing and are so excited. I am so thankful for them. They are interviewed and ready to go, and I am so excited for them. The Lord is really blessing this area and the way we found them was truly a miracle. Miracles are always happening. 

   So last Wednesday we taught this huge family (actually it’s two families but they’re all related). They are the Tribucio and Magsino families. They understood what we taught so well and are pumped for their baptism. Then on Thursday we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with them and filled out the baptism and confirmation records.  It was awesome because it took so long.  My companion took a group and reviewed baptism questions and I would do the BCR's.   It took so long but it was a great experience since  there were so many.  It actually took a few hours and then we were able to go and see some of the new missionaries coming to Mindoro.  Oh yeah it was transfer week and I'm staying here with my companion but there were new missionaries coming.  They got picked up by the couple missionaries from the port and then we met up for a few minutes and then we taught these new great investigators.  They listened with open hearts and even asked us when they could be baptized.  It was so awesome, so many blessings.

   Then on Friday we had district service which was awesome.  We did some hard core weeding in these yards.  It was overrun big time with weeds. Our service helped them out a ton.  Friday morning this lady rolled up on her bicycle and was selling frogs, so of course we bought some and we fried them up for lunch and it actually tasted really good. The beginning of my mission it would have been hard to eat but man it was so good and I just dove right in.
   On Saturday the Tribucio and Magsino families were interviewed and all 12 of them passed.  This last Sunday was the best Sunday on my mission and the best fast and testimony meeting of my life.  Some members of the Tribucio and Magsino families that will be baptized bore their testimonies, it was incredible. Words can’t describe it.   They have truly received a witness of the truthfulness of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was amazing to hear their testimonies and how they've changed and how much happier they are now.  It strengthened my testimony and made me so happy.  I can't even explain it but I am so excited for them and so thankful we have had the opportunity to teach them and help them come closer to Christ.  So they will be baptized in the ocean on May 13th, 2017 and become some of the first members in this area and help us progress to becoming a branch. I love this area. 

I also would like to bear my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and he was called of God. He received the priesthood which is truly the power and authority to act in God's name. I can testify of the power of the priesthood. I also know that the Book of Mormon is true and is one of the greatest things that God has ever given us. I know that it can change lives, because I have seen it change the lives of others and even my own life. I know that God loves us and that is why he gave us the Book of Mormon and why we have living prophets. I challenge anyone who feels they are drifting away to study the Book of Mormon with real intent and you WILL feel God's love but you must turn to Him in faith.  I know that Jesus is the Christ and He was chosen to become our Savior and only through Him can we return to our Heavenly Father. I know that He loves us along with our Heavenly Father and they have a plan for us and that plan is perfect and as we do our part and follow the commandments then we can find true happiness in this crazy world.  I love you all so much and wish you the best. 

Elder Snyder


Great Meal

Saturday, May 6, 2017


   This week we had a good week. the Lord is really blessing this area and have nowhere near enough time to say everything  he has done and how awesome missionary work is.  
   So last Tuesday we had district finding in our area because ours is the newest.  Our district found a lot of good people and we're just trying to get back to all of them now, it was good.  We had a record breaking week and found 37 new investigators.  It was incredible and such a miracle.  Miracles are happening everywhere here.  We also taught our awesome family, the Tribucio family.  They are so awesome and so receptive and progressing.  I love teaching them.  We taught another progressing investigatorshe's living the word of wisdom now which is awesome.  I can see her changing and its awesome,  then we taught another investigator and she is really starting to progress.  Big things are happening in this area.
    OWednesday the dad of the Tribucio family took us to his relatives to teach them toohow awesome.  He's still an investigator and he's referring and he even gave some input in the lesson which was awesome, and the family members that he referred have some potential which is great.  After the lesson they had no snacks for us and felt bad so one investigator climbed a huge palm tree and hacked down some buko and we feasted on buko it was so good.  He flew up the tree it was so cool.
     OThursday I had exchanges with elder lampayan.  We taught some of their good investigators and had an ok day.  I got recognized from TV by a bunch of their members and its weird because they all know my full name before I even meet them.  Then we taught an English class.  Some elders in our district teach an English class a couple times a week and it was so fun.  We had them do some role plays and it was hilarious.  
      OFriday we had district service.  We cleaned up this nanay's yard and helped her cut down some stuff.  It was great to serve and help her out and there were 8 elders there so we got it down fast.  We didn't have time to catch a van to our area after weekly planning so we worked in our kabahays area and got punted, we didnt teach.  No one was home or there was no male so we couldn't go in.   
      OSaturday we taught some referrals from our district president.  We showed up and boom there were 15 of them.   It was so cool.  We taught them all and they were so nice and said we could come back.  I have high hopes for themhopefully it works out.  They loved so much that I was an American.   We had them bring all their coffee out and set it in front of us and they said they would throw it away. Theyre awesome.   We show up and then they start gathering everyone, its incredible.   Also I'm experiencing what my best friend Noah Johnson has experienced his whole life, no leg room haha I am tall here and everything is made for Filipinos so sometimes I'm all crammed in and my legs are way to long. 
      OSunday we had an amazing day.  We had 17 investigators at church, our area is becoming great, its amazing.   I love seeing the people come to church, it just makes me so happy.   I felt the spirit so strong and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here and be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.  There are so many tender mercies all around.  I would encourage everyone to always look for the tender mercies in life and I promise you will see how loved you are.  You will see that the Lord has a plan for you and no matter what he will help you and you will overcome what ever trial is facing you.  
     On Monday we actually moved houses and our new house is way nicer and there's a shower head so that's nice. No more bucket showers, its gonna be great!   Its transfers tomorrow I'm staying in my area with my same companion. I'm excited.  I love you all and keep working hard and strengthening your faith in Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer and he loves us so much and he will deliver us and strengthen us. 

Elder Snyder 

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