Monday, May 15, 2017


  This week was amazing. I can't describe how awesome it was but I will try. I will focus on the baptisms.  

   So last Saturday we had our baptism party, 12 people were able to enter the waters of baptism in the ocean. It was incredible!!  We all met at where we go to church and then we had to use the senior couples van and some tricycles to get everyone to the beach to do the baptisms.   Once we got everyone there then we all had to change into our white cloths.  It was so cool to see the people being baptized all dressed in white. Everything was just working out and running smoothly.  They were all so excited and ready.  Our mission president also came to the baptisms straight from Manila.  He came because our area is looking to become a branch and so this was huge and he came to support.  It was awesome for the members and the people being baptized to see him.  We had an excellent program and then before we baptized we took a bunch of pictures.  It’s  one of the greatest pictures ever seeing everyone in white standing with the ocean at our backs.  When we said it was time to baptize, one of the brothers just started off walking into the ocean with rapid pace, he was so excited,  I  had to hurry and catch up.  He was just so ready to be baptized he left us all in the dust.  The water was so warm, it was the perfect temperature.  The water was shallow so we had to walk way out into the water until it got deep enough.  We even had to put other missionaries in white to witness because it was so far out.   It was so incredible baptizing in the ocean.  I just can't explain it good enough.  I was able to baptize 6 of them and then my companion baptized 6 of them.  It was like the waters of Mormon seeing them all walk out there and walk back.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity,  so incredible.  They were all so happy too, you could see it on their countenance!   Our mission president had permission to confirm the 6 males right there so they could receive the priesthood on Sunday.  It was my first time confirming and my first time blessing in Tagalog, it was so spiritual.   It was so cool to stand in the circle with my mission president and other great priesthood holders that attended. Such a cool experience.  I was able to confirm two people, my companion did two and our branch president did two.  Then they bore awesome testimonies and kept thanking us and the Lord and it was so cool. I love seeing the change in them.  The next day at sacrament meeting was a great experience too.  We confirmed the other six and I just felt the spirit shoot through me and it was amazing.  The spirit was so strong and everyone was so happy.  Then after sacrament we were able to ordain the men to the aaronic priesthood.  We ordained the dad first and then he was able to ordain his sons and his brother in law.  It was so cool.  This guy is named Pedritio Tribucio and he's the man.  He is the rock of the family and he has so much faith.  I whispered in his ear to help him ordain and then he gave awesome blessings to his family members.  It was funny because he blessed his son to find a wife haha.   The spirit was so strong and it was great for our other investigators at church to experience it.  This family is awesome and I love them so much.  I  am so grateful for them and the opportunity to teach and baptize them.  The Lord has a plan and this family was golden,  they were truly prepared by the Lord.  My explanation doesn’t do it justice but it was truly full of miracles. 

  On Monday(Sunday in Utah) I got to call home for Mother’s Day.  Shout out to my mom, I want to tell her how much I appreciate her and love her awesomeness. I love you mom!    So great to see my family, it was so refreshing and felt so good and made me realize how fast the time is going by. Feels like I just called.  I love them so much and am so grateful for my family. They are the best and that's the truth. (sorry to everyone else haha)  It was a legen-wait for it, hope you aren’t lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is-dary. LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!  There’s nothing like being able to see them and talk to them face to face after a few months. It’s just surreal and awesome.  I love them so much.  I love it here and all the blessings that the Lord has blessed me with. He truly is in charge. I love you all and hope you all do good. 

Elder Snyder

Mission President in this picture

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