Monday, May 22, 2017


  So last Tuesday I accidentally ripped my front pocket on my shirt.  It was just hanging there half ripped with my tag still on it,  it looked funny.  We taught this family and they were so great. They loved the plan of salvation so much. The mom said she was enlightened and she loves it. My companion and I taught so well.  It just flowed flawlessly  and  used scriptures by the spirit,  it all worked out great. They have real potential. 

    On Wednesday  we went to our recent converts that were just barely baptized and taught them and they had an immediate referral,  so we just walked to the referral and taught and he accepted a baptismal date,  so clutch.  This new family that was just baptized is excited and so awesome. I can see their testimonies growing.  We also taught another investigator that’s a preacher for another church, he knows the bible so well.  First he was hard headed but he's softening up but he still has a really hard time wrapping his head around the book of Mormon, but we're getting there, he's a tough investigator.  

   On Thursday we had district service again.  We went to this little elementary school and we helped them cultivate the ground to plant. It was hard work, also it was so so so so hot and we were out there shoveling and using a pickaxe and stuff.  I got so tired but it was great to help them.  They thought what they gave us to do would take 3 hours but we finished it in 1 which was pretty cool and we did it really well.  We taught some investigators the plan of salvation later in the day.  When we told them that the plan of salvation answers where we came from, why we are here and where we are going they got excited.  One sister said that she has always wondered about those questions.  It was so cool to see them understand and they asked such great questions. They are great investigators.   We taught another really progressing investigator, she’s ready to be baptized but she's the only one in her family that wants to be baptized but she realizes that she will be an example and said she'll do it.  She comes to church and reads the book of Mormon and even referred her friend who also has real potential to be baptized.  I'm excited for them. She said she loves the way she feels when she's at church, reading the book of Mormon and when we are teaching, which is cool.  The spirit is really working on her.    This member read our palms and it was pretty cool, but I will see if it comes true, ha ha. 

  On Friday we weren't able to catch a van to our area so we worked in our kabays area.  We taught some good investigators in their area.  

  On Saturday we taught another referral of our recent converts, his relatives.  They are awesome too. They also accepted a baptismal date which is awesome, they were so receptive.  Then we taught another family that was a referral of our district president and some have closed hearts but some have really open hearts but they are all so nice.  They just need some time.  Then we taught at sister Enriquez's house who is  really progressing along.  She invited some friends and we taught a bunch of new people and they have potential,  it was great.  Oh and we also have this chicken that lays eggs right outside our house and now there’ s 3 of them.  It will be cool when they hatch. It started with one egg and like every other day she lays another one.  

   On Sunday we had a great day.  Sister Enriquez and her friend came to church, and the relative of the recent convert and some other investigators.  The coolest part was that one of the recent converts blessed the sacrament with me and another passed.  It was so great to see them using their priesthood. They’re awesome.   
  This morning we went on a cool hike.  It was to a waterfall but its dry season so there wasn’t much water but it was still a good hike,  but also very hot.  It was a good week.
   I hope you all had a good week. I realized this week how much I love the Plan of Salvation and how amazing our Heavenly Father is. He really does have a perfect plan and He is there to help us every step of the way.  Ask and ye shall receive. Just invite Him into your life and the help will come. I love the Plan of Happiness and all the blessings and miracles of this area. I know that miracles can happen in all of our lives as we follow the commandments and draw closer to Jesus Christ and remember that He atoned for us and has a perfect knowledge of how to help us and He perfectly understands everything we feel and go through. Love you all so much. Have a good week. 

Elder Snyder

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