Thursday, June 1, 2017


  So last Tuesday we had a funny thing happen. We were in the middle of district meeting and its really hot here so we have the doors and stuff open to cool off a little and this member that’s Korean just walks up to the door pulls some boxing gloves out of his bag and starts boxing and punching imaginary people for like 30 minutes and then he just got up and left.  It was so funny, he didn't say anything, just did his thing and left.   Later that night we taught some good investigators.The main problem is they’re not married. It’s just so hard to get married on the island because you have to travel to all different parts of the island to get documents and then do all this stuff, but we'll help them.
   On Wednesday I had exchanges with elder Esurim, he’s so funny. We had a good day.  The day started with us going to a Seventh Day Adventist.  He wanted to talk about the Sabbath day.  Right after the prayer he opened up his bible and started sharing with us, we didn't bible bash but testified and explained.   It was alright haha and kinda interesting.  He was going all out.  We went back to the apartment for lunch after that lesson and when we left again we accidentally locked the keys in the house.  The apartment is like 15 feet wide.  It’s like a rectangle shape so it’s longer than it is wide.  We went to one side of the house where the window was unlocked and opened it and got a huge stick,  like 10 feet long and were reaching through the window,  but all the windows have bars on them so we can only reach our arm in.   The keys were on the other side of the apartment on the edge of the desk. haha I moved fans and tables and stuff out of the way with the stick and then moved a chair close to the desk and was barely able to reach the keys and knock them onto the chair and then still using the giant stick pulled the chair with the keys closer and then reached in and grabbed them.  Mission accomplished!   It was funny.
   On Thursday we taught the family member of one of our recent converts.  Our recent convert is awesome.  He was testifying and helping and it really made an impact. his relatives are awesome and hopefully can be baptized in June.  Then we taught another pretty good investigator but marriage is the problem for them also.  Then we taught a super progressing investigator named sister Enriquez,  she's awesome.  She regularly reads the book of Mormon and has a testimony and is so ready to be baptized.  She will be baptized in June.  She comes to church and loves it. She’s been an investigator for about 4 months here and is finally ready and has gained a true testimony.
    On Friday we did service at a high school here. It’s nothing like high schools in America,  just a few buildings, very simple.  We helped them paint the outside.  It was good but I got paint all over my clothes but later that night I scrubbed (of course there's no washing machine so hand wash) and was able to get it out, my hands were raw but it was worth it.  When we were painting we didn't have any poles so we used long bamboo poles.
    I studied Jesus Christ and His Atonement in detail this day.  I love learning about it so much. The amount of love He has for us is incredible and its so amazing that He atoned for us so we can become clean again and return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I know that as we all come unto Him then we will fine peace in this life. John 16:33.  
    On Saturday we were looking for this guy that we had talked to that said he knew elders before.  Since missionaries are so new in the area we really wanted to find this guy but the address didn't really exist but we knew the general location.  We were walking down a street and boom he just happens to walk out of his house right as we walk by and says, "hey elders" and we were like "hey" and were able to teach him.   It was so awesome, such a tender mercy. I know the Lord is in charge of this work and He helps all of us. It was so cool to see His guiding hand in this work even if it’s just little things.  We then taught the tribucio and magsino families. They are the family of 12 that was baptized.  I love teaching them.  They are so awesome and always so happy.  They will be a strength to this area when it becomes a branch.  They also had kids that were able to go to district youth conference and it was such a good experience for them. They learned so much and made many great friends that are members.   We taught sister Enriquez again, she is so ready,haha . We taught here the 10 commandments and she was surprised to find out some of them and that they were actually a part of the 10 commandments.  She also made us a ton of food which was delicious.  
    On Sunday we had many investigators at church.  The people being baptized in June came and had a good experience.  We had recent converts help with sacrament which was cool, and the attendance in our area (where a branch isn't established yet) is getting close to some other branches.  The work is really moving forward and being guided by the Lord.  It was a great week. We had tender mercies and felt the Spirit. Having the spirit is so important, sometimes we become desensitized to His presence. I invite all to evaluate their lives and see if they are enjoying the presence of the Holy Ghost daily.  If yes, great. If no, then don't worry just pray and ponder what you can improve and you will see a difference in your life.  Sometimes we think that bad things are happening and then we get so caught up with our own lives that we forget God and the gospel.  If we put God first then all other things will become easier. He WILL strengthen us so our burdens seem light. Mosiah 24: 14-16.  I invite all to read this scripture and see how it can apply in their lives. I love you all and I  know God loves you.  Keep it up

Elder Snyder

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