Sunday, June 25, 2017


   Good week. The week of transfers. I stayed in my area and got a new companion. He is awesome, his name is Elder Mesobre. We get along and I already know that I will learn a lot from him. So last Wednesday was my last day with Elder Nolasco. We had a good last day, we taught a lot and it was very productive.  We were visiting the Tribucio family who are fishermen, so they buy food for 10 days and then go out to sea.  Brother Tribucio's friends all brought coffee but he bought powdered milk and was proud of it.  He's the man.  He has a strong testimony and is not afraid to live the gospel no matter what others are doing.  He does what he does for the right reasons.  It makes me want to improve and be better.  We also taught this really humble family.  I felt the spirit so strong with them,  they are so sincere and open hearted. Their house has pigs, ducks, dogs, cats, etc roaming through it but they are happy.  The husband is a carpenter and is awesome.    The van ride home was intense.  The vans sometimes race because you pick up passengers anywhere.  You just walk to the street and flag them down.  So the vans race sometimes so they can be in front which means they would be the one to get the passenger.  The race was so cool. The van behind us had no people so he really needed to get in front of us but our driver was so good he wouldn’t let it happen.   We are just flying down the island in an awesome race, lots of fun.

   On Thursday my companion left and my new companion arrived.  Since certain  logistics of transfers on the island, not much else happened.  He is so cool and we are ready to work hard. 

   On Friday we had a tender mercy and I'm not going to explain these peoples back story but we were able to teach these people.  They are awesome and have real potential.  I felt the spirit so strong teaching with elder Mesobre.  I’m looking forward in working with my new companion.    We taught another investigator that is so humble,  he is doing his best and is awesome.  He is so close to giving up cigarettes.  His new goal is only 2 a day.  He is really improving on the amount he has a day, I’m proud of him.    On the van ride home this guy needed to puke and was just leaning over with his head out the window.  That was quite the site, haha it was interesting., poor guy. 

   On Saturday we visited this family that lives so far away that we got a tricycle going there but then we're way out there and had to walk back.  It was so hot, but the Lord always provides.  This guy saw us a long way off and somehow knew we were Mormons and came and picked us up., it was great.  We were so grateful for that guy.    We taught the humble family again.   My Tagalog rocked!  I could really feel the spirit testifying through me, such a great feeling.   This tatay was proud of us for being missionaries, so he gave us free fruit, freebies is nice.

  On Sunday we had district conference.  I am so proud of  the members from our area, they had to travel 4 hours by jeep, (which is rough) and  had to wake up at 3.  We even had investigators come too. It was amazing.  It was great for the members of our area to see a huge chapel and lots of members, because where we meet in Mamburao, is in the function room of a hotel because we're not a branch yet but we're getting close.  It was a great day

  Earlier we went on a really cool hike.  I love the Philippines and the great scenery.  There’s just people living way out in the middle of nowhere farming their rice fields, hahaha   Our kabahays have an investigator and they couldn't find him. As we were hiking way out in the middle of nowhere we found him farming his field haha it was so funny.   It was a good week and ready to work this week.  I love being a missionary in this great time.  Keep reading scriptures every day and doing what you need to.  love you all

Elder Snyder

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