Friday, June 30, 2017


  Last Tuesday we only had a few hours to work and it was so productive.  The Lord truly blessed us and we had a great day and found some really good investigators.  No matter what restrictions or things happen to us I can see the hand of the Lord and really blessing missionary work. 
  On Wednesday we did some service.  We cut down a tree for some investigators in our kabahays area.  It was simple but really helped them.   We found this investigator that was found by missionaries a while back,  she is so smart.  She is in Helaman 8 already and understands so well.  She is preparing to get baptized into Iglesia ni Cristo (antoher religion here) but has now found us and so we are really going to work with her.  
  Thursday we had some great lessons.  We taught our recent converts and they are still amazing and their faith is awesome.  I love them so much.   We taught that lady that was found by missionaries awhile ago.   So in the iglesia ni cristo they believe that Jesus Christ is just a great prophet and as I testified of the divinity of Christ I felt the spirit rushing through me.  It was amazing.  Jesus is the Christ, He is the Son of God,  He is our Savior and because of him, He LIVES.  We can return to live with Him and I am so thankful for those truths.   Funny thing from today,   I met Russell from the movie "Up".  I'll send a picture. 
    Friday the senior couple worked with us.  We have this crazy smart investigator that understands so much but also just won’t read the Book of Mormon.  Every single question could be answered so easy.  Most of the questions could be answered in the introduction.  It just showed that for the Book of Mormon to help us, we actually need to read it and study it, ponder it and then it can help us be spiritually edified and learn new things.  God WILL answer our questions through the scriptures.  They are the textbook of life and they were written by God through His prophets.  Make sure not to take for granted the Book of Mormon.  
   Saturday I had exchanges with Elder Forsberg.  We were together in the MTC,  I love that guy.  We are really close.  It was so cool to see how far we have come.  Our Tagalog was bad, but now we slayed it and had a great day.  It was so fun.  We were able to give a blessing which is always an amazing experience.  I am so grateful for the priesthood.    We taught the Vicky lady again and she is coming along, little by little. 
   On Sunday we were able to ordain a recent convert to the priesthood and we found an apartment so hopefully we will actually be able to move to our area soon. 
  One thing I really learned this week was that the Lord has His own timing.  We can't expect everything to be done according to our will. We need to trust Him, that’s part of faith.  We believe that He can do it and then we have to believe that He will do it when its best for us. That’s the part that tests our faith. I am coming to realize that you can't control others agency but as you do your best the Lord will bless you.  I love you all and hope you have a good week. 

Elder Snyder

Russell from "UP"


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