Friday, July 7, 2017


      Last Tuesday I had exchanges with Elder Smith.  We both were in the MTC together so it was cool.  We worked hard and got some good work done.  We had a cool experience,  we were on the way home and on the bus there was this Italian guy on his way to go scuba diving.  We started talking and he was so interested and we gave him the only thing we had in English (he was good in english) which was a small “I'm a Mormon” pass along card.  It was so cool that he could find missionaries here and then be able to get connected with them in Italy. There’s a plan for everyone. 

  On Wednesday we worked hard and worked with some investigators that are difficult, but we will stick with them and trust in the spirit to be the real teacher and soften their hearts. 

  On Thursday we found some great new investigators and felt guided by the spirit as we randomly went somewhere and found some really potential investigators.  We also saw our branch president which was cool.  He' s a good guy and hard working.  We caught a van pretty fast but it was better because one of the counselors in the mission presidency was the driver and he gave us a free ride, what a guy. 

  On Friday we had zone conference and it was awesome, I learned so much.  President and Sister Koster are awesome and are just right for this mission.  They also gave us all flu shots.  It was the best shot ever, I didn't even feel it. Sister Koster made homemade brownies and cookies and it was amazing, seeing  we are on an island and never get that, so good!!  Later that night I was working in our kabahays area with Elder Forsberg and we taught this family.  They are so faithful but have so many problems and then they look to us.  They have two 19 year olds that have only finished high school.  It’s crazy to think we're here but the lesson was great and I felt the spirit,  they seemed to be helped so it was a great expererience. 

  Saturday was a great day.   We taught a lot of people and they are doing amazing.  I won't go into details but its so cool to be here even though its very difficult.   Our investigator fed us hot cakes so that was a plus haha.  I learned a good lesson about prayer.   We had a lot to do and not enough time to do it so we really needed the Lord's help.  I prayed to catch a van quickly and a van came quick but it was full so at first I was discouraged because we needed that van, but then like 1 minute later a super nice bus comes around the corner and we get on that. It shows that if we trust in the Lord then something better is coming around the corner.  Just because things don't work out the first time doesn't mean that we are abandoned.  The Lord always has a plan and something better in store.  It was a great lesson I learned and wanted to share.  

  Sunday we had a good day and got some people to church.  The area is so ready to harvest.  Just need to be patient and continue in faith.

love you all and hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Snyder

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