Friday, July 14, 2017


  So last Tuesday was the 4th of July, so happy 4th of July everyone. I love it here so much but it also makes me appreciate how amazing America is.  I am thankful to be an American. 

  On Wednesday we were called by our mission president to find where a member lived.  We went looking and got directions and ended up in a village of the natives that don't speak Tagalog.  So we knocked a village of Mangyans looking for the member and were confused why we were sent there. (the answer comes later in the email) We also had an investigator hide from us.  She almost did it but we saw her, she still sent her friend to tell us she wasn't there. haha  She can't hide for long.   It was sad that she hid but we will try again. 

   On Thursday we reviewed the baptismal interview for the Madrid family. They are awesome and I can really see the change in them. The gospel changes lives but what I learned from them is the change isn't always easy but it will happen. If we wish to change and become better and come closer to Christ then we need to put forth our own effort. We need to prove to the Lord that we are willing to do anything and He will bless us. Ether 12:6. Faith will be tried but it will result in blessings.  We had a miracle happen on Thursday.  In May we had that wonderful huge family get baptized and their nanay (the grandma) wanted to but wasn't ready (long story), but she came to us on Thursday and said more or less "elders, I'm ready" and we were pumped and so happy. She has a baptism date of July 22.  Something happened in her life and it changed her heart and taught me that the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

   On Friday we went to find that member that I mentioned we went looking for on Wednesday.  When we asked directions they sent us to the bridge that was called amnay but there is actually a place called amnay but when we asked, the village was closer so that's where they sent us.   Friday we went to the right place and it was so far in the middle of nowhere and we were the first missionaries that they had ever seen. It was pretty cool and the coolest part was we found the member and she was surprised to see us because it's so far, but she was happy.  We left her with a Book of Mormon which she was so happy to get. That is a long story told short but it was cool.  We also bought shark at the palengke  and it was delicious.  When we bought it the skin was still on it and we had to skin it a little.  It was so good though.

   On Saturday I went on exchanges and those elders had bikes.  It was with elder Forsberg again. The bikes are brand new, it was so fun.  We were so successful and found so many people and we also had fun riding on the dirt roads and stuff.  It was really tiring and my butt really hurt but it was a great day.  This one guy rolled his own drugs and started smoking it right in the lesson which was weird haha.  We taught the baranggay captain which was cool.   We had leftover shark we hadn't cooked yet so we fried it up and it was so good, incredibly good.  Who woulda known.  
   on Sunday we had a branch conference and a bunch of members met in one place and  it was cool to see the faithfulness of the members coming from all over.  Another miracle, we found someone and she came to church that wants to be baptized which was awesome.  The Lord is helping this work progress, nothing can hold it back.   

   Earlier today we went on a really cool hike and harvested fresh buko and it was delicious. Fresh from the coconut tree.  On the way back we walked the straight and narrow path and had to hold on to the bamboo rod.  Cool real life Lehi's vision of the tree of life. It was a good week full of miracles and adventures. 

Elder Snyder

Enough Said

Good Times Riding 

So Delicious

 Bamboo Rod

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