Wednesday, July 26, 2017


This week was great and interesting.  We had another baptism, which was awesome.  It was truly a miracle.  

    So last Tuesday we had a member who had a family member pass away and we visited them to help them.   It was so humbling to see how they prepare the body, they were literally building the coffin right there. They were sad but we could see they had peace because they knew the Plan of Salvation. The plan of God is awesome and so perfect and offers peace in hard times. 

   On Wednesday we had a great day, we taught a lot.  After our first lesson to nanay Gloria (the one that was baptized) we did her BCR and she had 12 kids so that was a lot of work to get all the info haha.   We had a super spiritual lesson with an investigator that used to be a former investigator and is now investigating again which is awesome.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool.  So spiritual and they had great questions. I could see it really resonated with them and helped them. It was a great lesson. 

   Thursday we taught the nanay of a recent convert and a bunch of other family members, which were very interested and listened so well.  This is God's work and nothing will stop it from rolling forward.  We just keep seeing miracles and finding people.  Example, we have this family we are teaching that asked us if it was OK if they were baptized!   We were like "Of course" haha.  They’re awesome  and super progressing. It’s a miracle that we find these people.  

   Friday is when the week got unique.  So if you remember, we are traveling 1.5 hours on a van everyday to our area for certain reasons because we can't yet move to our area.  Our mission president had us stay in a hotel for two nights so we could work the whole day in our area.  The hotel room was simple and really small but it was so awesome to be able to work the whole day and not have to travel.  It’s harder on us but the work was way better so its worth it.  We stayed there FridaySaturday and went home Sunday afternoon.  

   On Saturday we had the baptism!!!!  This was a miracle.  She’s the mom of a recent convert and wanted to be baptized but for certain reasons she was waiting until December but then things worked out and she came to us and said " Elders, I'm ready.”   Since she was always listening and had heard all the lessons and living all the commandments we baptized her on July 22.  It was so cool,  after she was baptized she stood up smiling and dove into the water  and started swimming and she’s like 68 years old haha.   It was so funny.  Later that night we also had the first FHE in Mamburao and it was a success.  So many people and it was so fun.  FHE is so important and is really helpful to families.  

   On Sunday we had many investigators at church and the confirmation of nanay gloria.   We had a good day and visited many people and it was a success.   We also have recent converts that are going to the temple to do baptisms and I'm so excited for them, they’re going with the district.  

This week is transfers and I'm not transferring.  I'm excited and love this area. I hope you all have a good week.  

Elder Snyder

Our Hotel Room

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