Wednesday, July 26, 2017


This week was great and interesting.  We had another baptism, which was awesome.  It was truly a miracle.  

    So last Tuesday we had a member who had a family member pass away and we visited them to help them.   It was so humbling to see how they prepare the body, they were literally building the coffin right there. They were sad but we could see they had peace because they knew the Plan of Salvation. The plan of God is awesome and so perfect and offers peace in hard times. 

   On Wednesday we had a great day, we taught a lot.  After our first lesson to nanay Gloria (the one that was baptized) we did her BCR and she had 12 kids so that was a lot of work to get all the info haha.   We had a super spiritual lesson with an investigator that used to be a former investigator and is now investigating again which is awesome.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool.  So spiritual and they had great questions. I could see it really resonated with them and helped them. It was a great lesson. 

   Thursday we taught the nanay of a recent convert and a bunch of other family members, which were very interested and listened so well.  This is God's work and nothing will stop it from rolling forward.  We just keep seeing miracles and finding people.  Example, we have this family we are teaching that asked us if it was OK if they were baptized!   We were like "Of course" haha.  They’re awesome  and super progressing. It’s a miracle that we find these people.  

   Friday is when the week got unique.  So if you remember, we are traveling 1.5 hours on a van everyday to our area for certain reasons because we can't yet move to our area.  Our mission president had us stay in a hotel for two nights so we could work the whole day in our area.  The hotel room was simple and really small but it was so awesome to be able to work the whole day and not have to travel.  It’s harder on us but the work was way better so its worth it.  We stayed there FridaySaturday and went home Sunday afternoon.  

   On Saturday we had the baptism!!!!  This was a miracle.  She’s the mom of a recent convert and wanted to be baptized but for certain reasons she was waiting until December but then things worked out and she came to us and said " Elders, I'm ready.”   Since she was always listening and had heard all the lessons and living all the commandments we baptized her on July 22.  It was so cool,  after she was baptized she stood up smiling and dove into the water  and started swimming and she’s like 68 years old haha.   It was so funny.  Later that night we also had the first FHE in Mamburao and it was a success.  So many people and it was so fun.  FHE is so important and is really helpful to families.  

   On Sunday we had many investigators at church and the confirmation of nanay gloria.   We had a good day and visited many people and it was a success.   We also have recent converts that are going to the temple to do baptisms and I'm so excited for them, they’re going with the district.  

This week is transfers and I'm not transferring.  I'm excited and love this area. I hope you all have a good week.  

Elder Snyder

Our Hotel Room

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 Last Tuesday we talked to these people and they fed us immediately and it was so good. That just shows how nice Filipinos are, they feed complete strangers, delicious food. 

    On Wednesday I read 1 Corinthians 13 and it had a powerful effect on me.  I encourage all to read it.   Ponder it and think how you can apply it in your life,  I promise that you will learn something and it will help you.  We showed up to a new eating place that we just found and there were a ton of people being loud as they ate.   When we stepped into to eat the whole place went quiet and they just started staring at us. haha They were so surprised to see an American.  It was so funny and a little awkward.   The Lord keeps  providing,  we found 11 new investigators that could lead to many potential families. Missionary work rocks!

    The father that got baptized on Saturday came back from fishing on Wednesday. It was a miracle.   They were out of money,  he had to go fishing and was going to come back on Friday to be here for the baptism.  My companion and I were a little stressed about that. We wanted to be able to teach them and visit them all before the baptism but he came back on Wednesday night and was there Thursday which was a huge miracle because the reason they came back was because they caught a lot of fish.  It was an answer to prayers, it was so cool.  Even though they were out less time they caught more fish.  That just shows that no matter what our weaknesses or faults are, the Lord can improve and qualify us and work miracles in our lives that will bless us and our families.  He also resisted his fellow fisherman when they were drinking coffee. He heated up water and put sugar in it.  What a guy, so proud of him. 

    On Friday we taught eternal marriage to some investigators and they loved it.  So happy to see the joy that came into the girls eyes.  The plan of salvation is awesome.  We got charged by a cow with huge horns, but we got away safely with no injures encountered.

    On Saturday was the baptism of the Madrid Family. They are so awesome.  I can really see the change in them and how they have repented, it’s so cool.  I love them so much.  I am so grateful that we were able to teach and baptize them.  So many small miracles happened that made this baptism possible.  Our mission president attended the baptism and it was awesome.   If you remember the Tribucio family from May.(They got baptized in the ocean)  The father of that family baptized the father of the Madrid family because they are friends, so cool.  I baptized the mom and my companion baptized their daughter. Such a cool experience.  I can't explain the happiness of seeing someone enter the waters of baptism (and those waters are awesome in the ocean) and start their covenant pathway to our Heavenly Father.  The waves were huge again.  When they receded they were at my knees but would then come back at my shoulders.  Great day!

   On Sunday we had tons of people come to church which was awesome. Many new investigators.  Our mission president was still there and he confirmed the dad, my companion the mom and me the daughter. Confirming is also such a cool experience, so spiritual to be able to participate and have my hand on my mission president's shoulder with my hand on someones head as we confirmed.  We had the first rest hymn in our special sacrament. That is huge because the church is just starting there, we don't need rest hymns usually but we did this Sunday.  I can really see the work progressing here, so awesome! 

   I hope you all read the Book of Mormon and look for missionary opportunties and remember that God loves you and cares for you. Don’t get discouraged, remember who you are.  You are a child of God and Jesus Christ atoned for your sins.  Act in faith and He will bless you. Have a great week. 

Elder Snyder

Friday, July 14, 2017


  So last Tuesday was the 4th of July, so happy 4th of July everyone. I love it here so much but it also makes me appreciate how amazing America is.  I am thankful to be an American. 

  On Wednesday we were called by our mission president to find where a member lived.  We went looking and got directions and ended up in a village of the natives that don't speak Tagalog.  So we knocked a village of Mangyans looking for the member and were confused why we were sent there. (the answer comes later in the email) We also had an investigator hide from us.  She almost did it but we saw her, she still sent her friend to tell us she wasn't there. haha  She can't hide for long.   It was sad that she hid but we will try again. 

   On Thursday we reviewed the baptismal interview for the Madrid family. They are awesome and I can really see the change in them. The gospel changes lives but what I learned from them is the change isn't always easy but it will happen. If we wish to change and become better and come closer to Christ then we need to put forth our own effort. We need to prove to the Lord that we are willing to do anything and He will bless us. Ether 12:6. Faith will be tried but it will result in blessings.  We had a miracle happen on Thursday.  In May we had that wonderful huge family get baptized and their nanay (the grandma) wanted to but wasn't ready (long story), but she came to us on Thursday and said more or less "elders, I'm ready" and we were pumped and so happy. She has a baptism date of July 22.  Something happened in her life and it changed her heart and taught me that the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

   On Friday we went to find that member that I mentioned we went looking for on Wednesday.  When we asked directions they sent us to the bridge that was called amnay but there is actually a place called amnay but when we asked, the village was closer so that's where they sent us.   Friday we went to the right place and it was so far in the middle of nowhere and we were the first missionaries that they had ever seen. It was pretty cool and the coolest part was we found the member and she was surprised to see us because it's so far, but she was happy.  We left her with a Book of Mormon which she was so happy to get. That is a long story told short but it was cool.  We also bought shark at the palengke  and it was delicious.  When we bought it the skin was still on it and we had to skin it a little.  It was so good though.

   On Saturday I went on exchanges and those elders had bikes.  It was with elder Forsberg again. The bikes are brand new, it was so fun.  We were so successful and found so many people and we also had fun riding on the dirt roads and stuff.  It was really tiring and my butt really hurt but it was a great day.  This one guy rolled his own drugs and started smoking it right in the lesson which was weird haha.  We taught the baranggay captain which was cool.   We had leftover shark we hadn't cooked yet so we fried it up and it was so good, incredibly good.  Who woulda known.  
   on Sunday we had a branch conference and a bunch of members met in one place and  it was cool to see the faithfulness of the members coming from all over.  Another miracle, we found someone and she came to church that wants to be baptized which was awesome.  The Lord is helping this work progress, nothing can hold it back.   

   Earlier today we went on a really cool hike and harvested fresh buko and it was delicious. Fresh from the coconut tree.  On the way back we walked the straight and narrow path and had to hold on to the bamboo rod.  Cool real life Lehi's vision of the tree of life. It was a good week full of miracles and adventures. 

Elder Snyder

Enough Said

Good Times Riding 

So Delicious

 Bamboo Rod

Friday, July 7, 2017


      Last Tuesday I had exchanges with Elder Smith.  We both were in the MTC together so it was cool.  We worked hard and got some good work done.  We had a cool experience,  we were on the way home and on the bus there was this Italian guy on his way to go scuba diving.  We started talking and he was so interested and we gave him the only thing we had in English (he was good in english) which was a small “I'm a Mormon” pass along card.  It was so cool that he could find missionaries here and then be able to get connected with them in Italy. There’s a plan for everyone. 

  On Wednesday we worked hard and worked with some investigators that are difficult, but we will stick with them and trust in the spirit to be the real teacher and soften their hearts. 

  On Thursday we found some great new investigators and felt guided by the spirit as we randomly went somewhere and found some really potential investigators.  We also saw our branch president which was cool.  He' s a good guy and hard working.  We caught a van pretty fast but it was better because one of the counselors in the mission presidency was the driver and he gave us a free ride, what a guy. 

  On Friday we had zone conference and it was awesome, I learned so much.  President and Sister Koster are awesome and are just right for this mission.  They also gave us all flu shots.  It was the best shot ever, I didn't even feel it. Sister Koster made homemade brownies and cookies and it was amazing, seeing  we are on an island and never get that, so good!!  Later that night I was working in our kabahays area with Elder Forsberg and we taught this family.  They are so faithful but have so many problems and then they look to us.  They have two 19 year olds that have only finished high school.  It’s crazy to think we're here but the lesson was great and I felt the spirit,  they seemed to be helped so it was a great expererience. 

  Saturday was a great day.   We taught a lot of people and they are doing amazing.  I won't go into details but its so cool to be here even though its very difficult.   Our investigator fed us hot cakes so that was a plus haha.  I learned a good lesson about prayer.   We had a lot to do and not enough time to do it so we really needed the Lord's help.  I prayed to catch a van quickly and a van came quick but it was full so at first I was discouraged because we needed that van, but then like 1 minute later a super nice bus comes around the corner and we get on that. It shows that if we trust in the Lord then something better is coming around the corner.  Just because things don't work out the first time doesn't mean that we are abandoned.  The Lord always has a plan and something better in store.  It was a great lesson I learned and wanted to share.  

  Sunday we had a good day and got some people to church.  The area is so ready to harvest.  Just need to be patient and continue in faith.

love you all and hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Snyder