Wednesday, June 14, 2017


   This week was a great week. We had another baptism and it was such a great experience. 
   Last Tuesday we were teaching these 7th day Adventists and it was such a good lesson. I really felt the Spirit guiding what I should say and the lesson was so spiritual.

   On Wednesday it rained so hard and we had to walk to these members that live right by the ocean, it’s like a 30 minute walk down this dirt road and it was raining so that added to the excitement.  We had to go to them to make sure we could do the baptism there and they don't have phones so we had to walk there but tender mercy, they were there and we worked it all out. We taught our recent converts and then they asked for a priesthood blessing because they had some sick kids. I was so happy they asked and it was awesome to be able to exercise the priesthood and bless them. It’s so cool blessing in Tagalog.  I never feel more guided than when my hands are on someone’s head and I'm blessing in Tagalog,  so amazing what the spirit can do.
   On Thursday we had district finding and it was awesome.  Our district found many many new people that are prepared to receive the gospel.  It just shows that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us individually and we should never give up, never.  Just keep going and He  WILL take care of you. It also rained super hard that day and I had lent my umbrella to another elder which was a mistake because I got soaked.  I had to put all my important stuff in my companions bag.  I was drenched and people thought it was so funny to see a soaking American with no umbrella.  
   On Friday the senior couple worked with us to go back to the referral that we found that was super far away.  I'm so thankful for their help, senior couples are so necessary.  They don't really speak Tagalog but their testimonies were so powerful and I am sure our investigator felt it. They really brought the spirit.  Also the investigator is so interested and so smart.  They know the bible inside and out but they don't like to bible bash.  They have such open hearts and listened so well, I can't wait to go back.   Then we visited another investigator with the senior couple and it was another great lesson.  It was the  7th day Adventist again and they committed to word of wisdom.  Their hearts are also so open and they are really progressing and slowly gaining a testimony. That’s one thing I've learned from investigators, a testimony doesn't come instantly,  it comes a little by little and only as we are seeking after it. If we just sit around then nothing will happen, but as we actively do what we want then our testimony will be strengthened.  One thing I've learned from less actives is if we expect God to solve all of our problems or expect to keep a strong testimony and we aren't doing anything then nothing will happen.  We need to continually do what we are supposed to and our testimony wont just stay strong, but will get even stronger.  Do not give up hope or lose faith because something bad happens. Trust God always. 
   Last Saturday we had our baptism!!!  It was so awesome.  The lady baptized has been an investigator for a few months and really acted in faith to be baptized.  She was the only one in her family.  She is amazing and I have loved seeing her testimony grow.  One thing that really helped her gain a testimony was reading the Book of Mormon and I can testify, that is so true. Reading the Book of Mormon daily will help us maintain and strengthen our testimonies.  A miracle happened at her baptism, it was raining hard and as we were driving down the dirt road to the ocean the rain got even stronger.  It was raining throughout the program and then right as we walked in the water it stopped.  The waves were so huge, we had to jump when they came in so we didn’t get knocked down. It was a miracle and showed that God answers prayers and cares for us each individually, it was so amazing.  I just couldn't believe it.  
    On Sunday she was confirmed.  My companion baptized her and I confirmed.   I realized after I confirmed her that a lot of emphasis is placed on who baptizes but confirming is just as cool. I felt so guided by the spirit and the Tagalog just flowed, It was indescribable. I felt so happy and felt the spirit. I was so thankful to be able to participate in that ordinance.  It was a great experience on Saturday and Sunday.  
   On Monday we visited this family that was found in district finding.  They had prayed to be able to change and help their kids come close to God and then the missionaries showed up.  As they told us the story I felt the spirit and my joy cannot be described.  They are so humble and awesome. They even came to church and as they left they said "see you next week" (but of course they said it in Tagalog).  They are awesome and I am so thankful they were found by our district mates and now we have the opportunity to teach them.   We were also able to bless other investigators that were sick.  It was another amazing experience and I'm so glad that they had the faith to ask.  Earlier today we had a BBQ as a district because its transfers. I’m staying and my companion is leaving.  I'm excited but will also miss my companion.  We had lots of success together and a great time, it’s the Lord's will. It will be great.  Looking forward to another great transfer. love you guys and keep reading the Book of Mormon and looking for tender mercies everyday

Elder Snyder

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