Saturday, May 6, 2017


   This week we had a good week. the Lord is really blessing this area and have nowhere near enough time to say everything  he has done and how awesome missionary work is.  
   So last Tuesday we had district finding in our area because ours is the newest.  Our district found a lot of good people and we're just trying to get back to all of them now, it was good.  We had a record breaking week and found 37 new investigators.  It was incredible and such a miracle.  Miracles are happening everywhere here.  We also taught our awesome family, the Tribucio family.  They are so awesome and so receptive and progressing.  I love teaching them.  We taught another progressing investigatorshe's living the word of wisdom now which is awesome.  I can see her changing and its awesome,  then we taught another investigator and she is really starting to progress.  Big things are happening in this area.
    OWednesday the dad of the Tribucio family took us to his relatives to teach them toohow awesome.  He's still an investigator and he's referring and he even gave some input in the lesson which was awesome, and the family members that he referred have some potential which is great.  After the lesson they had no snacks for us and felt bad so one investigator climbed a huge palm tree and hacked down some buko and we feasted on buko it was so good.  He flew up the tree it was so cool.
     OThursday I had exchanges with elder lampayan.  We taught some of their good investigators and had an ok day.  I got recognized from TV by a bunch of their members and its weird because they all know my full name before I even meet them.  Then we taught an English class.  Some elders in our district teach an English class a couple times a week and it was so fun.  We had them do some role plays and it was hilarious.  
      OFriday we had district service.  We cleaned up this nanay's yard and helped her cut down some stuff.  It was great to serve and help her out and there were 8 elders there so we got it down fast.  We didn't have time to catch a van to our area after weekly planning so we worked in our kabahays area and got punted, we didnt teach.  No one was home or there was no male so we couldn't go in.   
      OSaturday we taught some referrals from our district president.  We showed up and boom there were 15 of them.   It was so cool.  We taught them all and they were so nice and said we could come back.  I have high hopes for themhopefully it works out.  They loved so much that I was an American.   We had them bring all their coffee out and set it in front of us and they said they would throw it away. Theyre awesome.   We show up and then they start gathering everyone, its incredible.   Also I'm experiencing what my best friend Noah Johnson has experienced his whole life, no leg room haha I am tall here and everything is made for Filipinos so sometimes I'm all crammed in and my legs are way to long. 
      OSunday we had an amazing day.  We had 17 investigators at church, our area is becoming great, its amazing.   I love seeing the people come to church, it just makes me so happy.   I felt the spirit so strong and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here and be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.  There are so many tender mercies all around.  I would encourage everyone to always look for the tender mercies in life and I promise you will see how loved you are.  You will see that the Lord has a plan for you and no matter what he will help you and you will overcome what ever trial is facing you.  
     On Monday we actually moved houses and our new house is way nicer and there's a shower head so that's nice. No more bucket showers, its gonna be great!   Its transfers tomorrow I'm staying in my area with my same companion. I'm excited.  I love you all and keep working hard and strengthening your faith in Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer and he loves us so much and he will deliver us and strengthen us. 

Elder Snyder 

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