Wednesday, December 7, 2016


   Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I had another good week. We are working hard everyday so I will just give a general recap of the week. We have new families and new investigators and are really working with the ward. The ward here is awesome and I love the members.  Sometimes the work is hard but it is rewarding. 
    Tuesday, we were at the ward mission leaders house and some singers came to the door.  Around Christmas time the other churches here go to peoples houses and sing for donations. The ward mission leaders family thinks its so annoying and because we were there they wanted me to poke my head out and talk to them. I stood up and said hi and started talking and they were surprised to see an American Mormon white boy, haha so they left. It was actually really funny.  We lost water to our apartment. so we didn't have any water to cook, shower, go to the bathroom. we had to shower at the zone leaders apartment.
     Wednesday, we were able to sort out the water thing and get it back on in the afternoon.  I didn't realize how much we depended on it until we didn't have it.  I had Filipino ramen noodles.  It was alright, not amazing but alright.  When we planned for Thursday on Wednesday I thought it was going to be rough but we had a member give us a surprise referral to a household of 8!  Earlier we had found 2 new investigators. it was such a good day. they're all so interested.  
    We were walking down the street with this member and his family is a little richer here so this guy came up to him with a dead dog in a bag and pulled it out and was trying to convince him that he hit it and killed it and should pay him.  It was weird and he was just holding the dead puppy. 
     Friday we had a good day teaching. We taught an investigator in a members tahanan.   This old tatay has this old guitar and he taught me a hymn on it,  its homemade and small,  it was funny. 
     Saturday we had MTC exchanges.  So I got to go with two foreign missionaries. The Lord truly blessed me. My Tagalog somehow got way better and I started understanding. It was the gift of tongues. I was so amazed.  We found and taught this family and i had to teach most of it because one of the missionaries was serving his mission and was going to speak ilongo and the other one was just new so his Tagalog was simple. It was a great experience.
      Sunday, we had two freebies. We got  on a jeep for church and a guy asked us where the LDS church was and then just came with us to church. It was cool and a member brought a referral and so we taught her at the church after church was over.  We also went on splits and I went with this rm that got back a couple weeks ago. He taught me a lot. It was really cool. This morning we got to serve our bishop. He's fixing his house. Filipinos are just like monkeys when it comes to construction. They just climb right up the wall and its crazy. We helped make concrete the Filipino way. It was way cool and we helped our bishop fix his house and then he gave us a referral.  when we were making the concrete there was this very small rock that floated in water so anyone that's seen monty python, can now know that ducks may float but that man was right when he said very small rocks. in the philippines very small rocks float haha
   I'm doing good. Its hard but I'm working hard and doing my best and it feels good even if I'm tired. Love you all and miss you

Elder Snyder

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