Friday, December 30, 2016


   So the best part of the week was being able to skype my family. That was so amazing and refreshing to see them. It was nice to see their face talking in real time and not just pictures. Pictures are great but skype is even better. so glad I found a computer shop with a camera. 

   Anyways here in the Philippines many people go door to door for Christmas to get money.  There's even whole bands of 20 people with trumpets, drums, etc and its so loud but so funny.  Some members gave me unripe mango to eat, that was so sour.  I didn't even like it, but i'm excited for when mango season arrives for the sweet delicious mangos.  
   On Tuesday we had Christmas conference. It was so cool to gather as missionaries and have a fun relaxing day.  There was delicious food and a full pig that was carved. It was cool. I think the piece I got was from the rear of the pig, it tasted so good. I also got to see my last companion which was cool.  I also saw a random American with his girlfriend who was so out of place, he was a member too.  He was so out of place because he just got to the Philippines and it was blowing his mind because we saw him as we were traveling home and it was the heart of the city which is so crazy.  We taught this man named Aldwin. He is such a good person and has so many basic questions. It makes me realize how much people need the gospel. he has so many basic questions that kids learn in primary that we can sometimes take for granted. It was so cool to be able to answer and testify of their truthfulness.  
   On Wednesday we had a similar experience as we taught this tatay. He loved the plan of salvation, it made so much sense to  him and he just ate it up. it was so cool to see understanding come into his eyes. Also as we were going to another investigator there was a riot in the alleyway so we turned around and got out as fast as possible and then found another way through the maze of alleys and eventually found the investigator. I was happy we were able to find the way. Chumba chumba lang. 
    On Thursday we had a pretty normal day teaching and finding.  The Lord really helps us and the filipinos are so nice and let you in, not all of them do, but enough,  its awesome. theyre are so catholic so we have that to work around but the Spirit helps. 
    On Friday this member family got in an accident. They're one of my favorite families. They are really poor and have 9 kids.  We were teaching at a house close to them and heard the news and went to help with the people we were teaching because the people we were teaching were their friends too. It was so sad to see them in a crash and so stressed out. we did all we could and then they left with the bike (motorbike) to the police station. then we went with some of their kids to the Chrismtas party and we had lots of investigators come to the ward christmas party which was awesome.  the kids loved it because there was tons of food and we sent tons of food home with them. 
   On Saturday we visited mimiz family again to see how they were. They were so happy to come home to tons of food because they had none. I really understood the Christmas spirit, and the Lord used us as instruments to help them. He put us in the right place at the right time because they got off from the crash without having to pay extra fines or anything. They said it was because we showed up and helped and the police were impressed.  So cool to be a servant and help because it wasn't us. It was the Lord using the missionaries. like I said I really understood the christmas spirit. I saw a  random guy carrying a bowl with a hogs head in it, it was funny.  
    Christmas day was awesome.  I picked up a package from the zone leaders in the morning and they had pancakes and bacon and so we ate one really fast.  Church was so great and we were able to bless the sacrament.  We visited members and investigators during the day.  The members want the missionaries to visit and they gave us so much food. I was so full and we just had to keep walking to the next house.   A typhoon was coming and was going to maybe partially hit us, so some other elders came to our apartment to stay the night because if it rained hard their apartment might flood.  So we had a happy jolly Christmas and I opened some packages.  It was so cool.   The food at members was all some variation of macoroni salad.  Every single place was macoroni salad but all a little different. 
   On monday morning we had to stay inside because of the storm and then we got the clear and we had a great day.  We worked hard. It was a good week. I miss and love you all. 
Thanks for the support. The Lord is guiding us and he has a plan for all of us even if we don't see it.  We need to do our part to follow that plan by following the gospel of Jesus Christ. Kaya ninyo. Mahal ko kayo

Elder Snyder
Let the feast begin

Christmas Pig

Eating lots of Rice

Christmas Time

Break from walking

Great to see & talk with family

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