Thursday, December 1, 2016


   On monday my flip flop broke so I taped it up. It does the job and is still alive. I'll use it as long as possible. haha it looks so pangit but it gets the job done.  I only need them for the apartment and showers so its ok.  
    The members are going to make me fat here. I get full and then they say kanin pa elder, and they heap some more on. It's hard because they can get offended here so you have to eat but also its tricky sometimes when to call it quits. 
    We are teaching an awesome family of 8. They are so interested and I'm so thankful that the Lord provided them. They are perfect. They all wanted their own book of mormon which was awesome. Hopefully they will keep progessing. I have faith that kaya nila.
     On wednesday leonard passed his baptism interview. He is so ready and has a strong testimony.  Also happy Thanksgiving. I didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving. Its ok. I'll go buy some sisig (pig head) to celebrate. Sizzling sisig is so good.  Friday was the 100th day I have been on my mission, time goes fast when you're busy.  I love the members here, they are so awesome. Filipinos are so funny and makulit. (playful)  
    We were also able to give a blessing which was amazing, so spiritual. This tatay fell down and got surgery and has limited motion in his hand and its hard for him. He's been in a sling for months and hadnt recieved a blessing so we gave him one. It was cool.  Glad we can be here to serve. 
    Saturday was the hightlight. dalawa pang binyag!! We had two investigators get baptized and one member.  The member was the relative of one of the investigator and asked me to baptize.  They all asked me to baptize. It was such an amazing experience again, I'm so thankful. Its so nice seeing people get dressed in white and see the happiness in their eyes. I'm trying to always see people with an eternal potential and it can help with teaching.  The member that was baptized gave the cutest testimony after. I understood all of it which was awesome.  Sunday they were confirmed which was super spiritual. It was amazing. Also we were surprised with the assingment to talk.  We were asked to talk on missionary work. I was a little nervous but then as I put my trust in the Lord I wasn't anymore. It was awesome.   We then were told  to teach the gospel principles class which was another surprise, haha.  We did a lot of talking the first two hours of church.  The spirit helped us teach a pretty good lesson on faith. It was cool. I'm getting better at planning and learning the area even better. We're doing good and working hard. I love you all so much.  I would recommend 3 nephi 11. The book of mormon is truly about Jesus Christ and he is our savior. Sometimes we can take that for granted but its important to always have that in our minds. Until next week. 

Elder Snyder

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