Wednesday, November 23, 2016


   Another week done and the first week of the new transfer. It was hard at first getting a new companion. My old companion and I got along so well and we worked so well together. But its ok because my new companion is cool and we'll do some good missionary work.  It was very hard to lead the area at first, Its so big. I'm still trying to get good at all the aspects of missionary work and trying to apply everything to planning to make a productive plan to help the people. It was hard but we made it through and had some good days. Planning is better now that my companion has met some more people so we can use two minds to make a good plan and use his experience. The first day I was leading I accidently made us get off the jeep early so we had to walk a long way. Rookie mistake haha I wont make it again. I was feeling stressed but I had good scripture study and prayer and started feeling better. The Lord is there to comfort and it wont be easy. ON Friday my throat was hurting  in the morning but I thought it would pass. But later in the day I completly lost my voice and couldnt even talk. haha elder Almasin had to give the whole lesson because I couldnt even speak english, let alone Tagalog. I had a cool experience that night too. We were about to go home but then I thought we should visit the Hernandez family. They're a family we found last week. It was like 8:30ish and so I was like nah we will just go another time but then I was chastised in my mind because I thought, " its not my work, Its His work." so we walked to them and had an amazing lesson about the Book of Mormon. It wasnt like anything miraculous happened but I felt so much more satisified. It taught me that I need to give my all to the work and listen to the Spirit always.  
     On Saturday Rochelle passed her baptismal interview. When we got the church she was so excited to show me where the baptismal font was. It was awesome to see the desire in her to be baptized.  I love this ward so much.  Also mom coming in clutch giving me cough drops right before I left. They were a lifesaver. We had spaghetti at a members house. Its so delicious here. the spaghetti here is sweeter and so good. I almost like it more than spaghetti at home. 
    Sunday was the best day this week by far. We had a baptism! Our first baptism. I was so thankful and so happy. His name is Jomar. It was an awesome experience for me to baptize him. I felt the spirit so strong and refreshed. Jomar has such a strong testimony and he thanked me and it made me feel so good. Sometimes its hard to work and work and just keep working and hear nothing but it was so nice to have him say thank you and helped me realize we are really making a difference. Tagalog is hard. I'm trying my best and feel like I'm doing better and then it kicks me in the butt again. Its an up an down process. One of the hardest things I've ever done. The filipino accent is so funny too.  Obedience is real.  The blessings that come from obedience are so awesome.  This morning we had to fix a lightswitch. We took it apart and turns out it wasnt working because there was a swarm of ants blocking the switch.  We fixed it though.  I'm ready for a good week. I encourage everyone to read Alma 32. Love and miss you. 

Elder Snyder
First Baptism

New companion, Elder Almasin

Look, I'm the tallest

So thats why it doesn't work

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