Wednesday, November 16, 2016


  So last Monday we taught a new investigator named Carlos Calvo, who is a member referral. member referrals are awesome and help so much. I encourage everyone to help the missionaries as much as possible. It was a good lesson. Our number of progressing investigators is growing. I'm so thankful to the Lord for helping us.  
    I had to get some pants sewed and the member didn't want to have us pay but when we shook hands we gave her some money. It was funny. Like a sneaky deal and she was like ano ba iyan? It was funny. 
    Tuesday we taught Leonard. He told us of his cool experience with prayer about the Book of Mormon. He said he had been praying for a couple weeks but really only prayed the right way when he was with us. He said when he was at home he prayed like the Catholics do. This particular night he tried it the right way with true intent and he got chills and felt so happy and good. It was so cool to hear him tell us about it. He is really becoming converted and getting so ready for his baptism.  
    Wednesday we had such great weather that felt so nice. The sun was out, there was a slight breeze and it wasn't too hot.  We had a good full day of teaching progressing investigators and new people. There's so many people here. Our  area is huge. Then as we were returning there was this British guy that's living here that wanted to talk to us and we had talked before so we were like why not. He was cool. But as we got in he started trying to bible bash. I wanted to so bad but I didn't. It wouldn't have done any good. We listened and just tried to get to know him. As we left we found out that he was a famous boxer. His name is Paul Huggins. He's cool but doesn't believe all the right things.  He has the coolest accent though. 
    Thursday we had zone interviews, which went well.  President Koster is so awesome. Hes always so happy and helping and teaching us.  We taught some good people later that day. We are teaching a family named bato bato which translates to rock rock. haha its funny.  I'm loving my area and am loving the work more and more even though its hard work.  
    We had a huge tender mercy on Friday, we found a family of 8. Its a classic filipino family. the whole family is living in one little place. We've found families like this but their not always all interested. This was awesome because they were all interested. So awesome. The Lord blesses us greatly, if we are patient.  
    I had exchanges with elder forsberg on Saturday,he was with me in the MTC. It was cool to go out with him. Two white guys preaching the gospel in Tagalog. It was fun.  I taught the restoration that day better than I ever have in Tagalog. The gift of tongues is real.  Members are still taking pictures with me and stuff. Its kinda funny. Its still weird to have people recognizing me everywhere. Our investigator, Gomar passed his baptismal interview.  We had a lot of investigators at church which was awesome.  I will be the one baptizing Gomar. I'm so excited. Its awesome. I'm so happy he's decided to be baptized. He's so humble and changed. 
    I had exchanges with elder baldemore again. we taught some good lessons. this one lesson was so funny. we taught at a members house with an old tatay and nanay member. we turned to the tatay to ask him to share an experience and he just started reading randomly out of the Book of Mormon. I almost lost it. I kept a straight face though. It was so funny and then later in the lesson he just got up and went to the corner and peed. Filipino houses are small so the CR is just in the corner sometimes. It was so funny but I seemed to be the only one so I kept it in. Just another cultural thing I guess.     It was a good week. This morning we got the transfer assignments. I will be staying but I will get a new companion. I'm nervous to lead the area because its so big and I'm still kinda new but I'll be alright. The Lord knows I can do it. It will be a good experience. I love you all.  Keep working hard and trust in the Lord always. He knows whats best. He has a plan that's perfect. Being a missionary and always teaching the lessons reminds me of how important simple truths are. If you are having a hard time I encourage you to study the plan of salvation and think about how the plan is perfect and how much our Heavenly Father loves us. That's it. Until next week. 

Elder Snyder

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