Tuesday, November 1, 2016


   So last p day we were getting haircuts and president called us.  Elder Enari answered and was talking to him. Thats when President told us that we were going to be on TV and he had prayed and choose us. I didn't really believe Elder Enari. I didn't believe him until he mentioned it in a prayer before we went out to work that night. Then I knew it was for real and I was so confused. All we knew was that we were going to be on tv and to report to the mission home the next day. 
   So Tuesday I was out of my comfort zone. We were at public affairs and they were briefing us and teaching us a little about media and stuff. It was me, Elder Enari and two sisters.  We were all foreigner companionships. After they briefed us we met the crew and got to eat a good lunch. We're in the city now. There was a restaurant and I ordered a pulled pork grilled cheese. It was so good!  Then we went back to the MTC. I just can't seem to get out of there completly haha. They had us simulate sending email and doing laundry and stuff. They wanted to see what missionary life was like for the foreigners learning Tagalog. So we would simulate everything. Eveything was so staged. We thought they were going to follow us proselyting on wednesday but they threw us a curveball and changed it to Tuesday night. That was stressful.We were able to make an appointment with a recent convert and they were ok with the cameras being there.  So we went back to our area.  We did a quick language study for the cameras. Its so hard to focus with the lights in your face and the camera zooming in on you. Its also so weird.The last thing I expected on my mission.  After that we went out to the appointment and as we walked there we tried talking to people on the streets but they are so distracted by the lights and cameras that they don't talk much.  So we got to the appointment and taught about the temple and it was actually a pretty good lesson. Presidnet was with us and his Tagalog is awesome and hes so good at speaking. It was cool to spend the whole day with President. He is so awesome. 
   On Wednesday we reported to the mission home again in the morning. Lots of traveling this week.  We got breakfast there. It was so good.That made two days in a row with breakfast at the mission home.  We then went to the area office again. So today I was so nervous because the night before they said I was the focus and I would be the only one interviewed. A bit scary, actually a lot.  I was nervous and stressed but wanted to do my best. I tried my best.  So after we waited for the host to show up (apparently hes pretty famous here. people stop him to take pictures with him) we went and started the interview. They even put a mic on me and everything, so professional.  It was supposed to be casual so we walked around and showed him a dorm and simulated a language class at the MTC. They always want me to say something cause I have the mic. Theres just always cameras everywhere and its hard and made me nervous,  then the sit down interview. I was told to be casual and be myself and so I did my best in Tagalog even though it was so hard. My mind was all over the place at the beginning. Everyone was watching. They had a bunch of cameras and president koster was there along with public affairs and the president of the MTC.  It was insane and they're all watching and say be yourself. Pretty hard haha.  They interviewed about missionary life and my life before and generalities. I did my best.  The guy was pretty cool.  We then went to the same restaurant for lunch and I got another good sandwich. We ate good which was nice.  Then I got to meet the whole area presidency! they are all so cool and it was a great experience to meet them.  It was a stressful day when my companion and I got home so we enjoyed some oreos together haha.
    Thursday was the last day of filming They arrived at 9 am. they filmed all day. they had us pretend to get up and get ready and cook and wash dishes. Everything was so staged. Kinda funny and weird to do. They filmed us doing a personal study. I made sure to study the restoration in PMG so hopefully its on camera.  Like always theres cameras in my face.  they then filmed us tracting. It was alright because it was in the day and there was no crazy bright lights from the cameras.  they put a mic on me and only me. That made me nervous. So i had to lead the speaking and everything. It was hard but I tried my best. Elder Enari has been awesome and helped a ton.  They had me buy a street food I hadn't had yet so I just went for it. Luckily it tasted good. I had this drink that I don't know the name of and quail eggs. It was good. Everything is ok to eat. There was nothing bad in them.  Then they wanted to simulate what my life was before the misson. Everything I did and will do is approved by the president. So we got a couple more white missionaries and we played some 21. I won which was a relief haha. It was way fun. They also gave us iphones and pretended to use them and they had me login into my facebook and scroll through. (president approved it) i haven't checked facebook for like 8 months and I had messages but I didn't check them.  They even had me do a fake call to mom. Pretty funny. The craziest thing is that I got to drive. President approved it so it was ok. I had my American license so it was still legal. We went out and I drove. Such a cool opportunity, not many missionaries do that here. the roads are crazy but we went on some easier ones. It was so cool but still weird cause lots of people just do what they want.  It was a good experience even if it was hard. I'm grateful for it. 
  Friday was back to normal. We met an American but he wasnt interested and we taught some good lessons.  I feel more confident after being with the cameras. I feel better talking to people which is a blessing.  There was this kid on Saturday that had really bad burns on his legs. He had saved his siblings from a gas fire. We gave him a blessing. It was such a cool experience. Reminds me to always be worthy to exericise my priesthood.  I'm glad we can help people.  Sunday was good except we taught a really hard lesson where this guy was bashing on Joseph Smith. Really tested my patience but we did ok. Important to always listen to the spirit to see what people need.  So all in all it was a really weird and interesting week with awesome opportunities and stories. Another great week of missionary work even if it was hard because I don't love the spotlight. Always press forward and trust in the Lord. He has a plan for all of us.

Elder Snyder

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