Wednesday, October 26, 2016


   You'll never believe what I'm doing right now. Later on Monday night President Koster called Elder Enari and I and said we were going to be on a news program that wants to do a documentary on foreigners learning Tagalog. They are going to follow us around and see what its like doing missionary work.  Its really crazy and its hard to speak Tagalog with all the cameras. We're going to be sikat (famous). Its really crazy and seems super random.  Its cool though. We got to go to the mission home again and see President and his wife. They're so cool and helping us out. Right now we're doing a tour of the MTC here in Manila and what happens at an MTC. They wanted us to simulate an email but President being the cool guy he is said that we could actually email you guys. Theres literally a camera right next to me right now filming my face as I email. Its weird, but we got to eat good food and I hope it will lead to referrals. I got to see some people from the Provo MTC that came 3 weeks after me. Its so weird. I'm going to be on T.V. here in the Philippines. I think it will be put on youtube too. 
   They're going to interview us and follow us to appointments which makes things hard because we have to make sure its ok and we don't want to overwhelm our investigators so maybe we will just visit less actives. Its all happening so fast and we haven't had much time to plan for anything because we found out last night and we didn't have all the info last night but we're doing it and I'm doing my best to speak Tagalog. I'm trying to blow their minds with my 3 weeks of Tagalog.  Tagalog is very hard to speak but I can do it with the Lord's help. I've already seen Him helping me today. I've said a few sentences with ease and understood some but I'm nowhere close to fluent but it will come with hard work and diligence. So like I said you will be able to see this and see me. It should be good and you can laugh at my Tagalog. I've been here 3 weeks and Elder Enari has been here 9 months and the other sisters they are interviewing have been here 15 months. I got to go now.  I'm happy to be here teaching and helping people come unto Christ.

Elder Snyder
Here is a picture of Balut, Yes that is a duck fetus

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