Tuesday, October 25, 2016


     Its already Christmas here, its so funny. The people start putting up Christmas trees and playing Christmas songs on the radio. they love it here. Back in America people get annoyed if the songs are played before thanksgiving but here they start in September which is so funny.  
    We've been teaching a less active family and they know what they need to do but they're just not doing it. We're doing our best to motivate them and help them realize that the gospel blesses families. I've seen it here. The members that are poor are so much happier than others that have more, and there are some really poor members. They live in huts on the edge of the city. its dirty and full of bugs and stuff and the city is just straight concrete. they are so densely packed. its crazy. There was this one lady we taught whose whole house was smaller than my room at home, very humbling. The majority of people here are so poor and living so humbly. I'm thankful that I can buy some things but it really is different and not the same.  I had exchanges with elder Peihopa on Tuesday and we worked hard and I learned a lot but I really love working in my own area.  
    On Wednesday all of our first four appointments worked out and we taught great lessons. We first taught Rochelle. She's thirteen and lives with members while her mom lives in the province and is a member and wants her to be baptized. She's progressing towards baptism and is on track which makes me excited.  We then taught Jedd Laderas, who is so smart and remembers basically everything we teach. Its just important he gains that witness from the spirit even if he knows all the doctrine. He needs a testimony of the restoration.  We then taught leanoard, who is so cool. He is progessing so fast and I can see his testimony growing which is exciting. Our next appointment was with Roberto, he is a tailor. he works all day and can barely feed his kids. he has to take out a loan to feed them and then work to pay it off. I really want to help him but I'm only 18 and don't have the experience but I do have the gospel so I'm praying to know what he needs. 
     Our day had a rotten turn to things,  the san tiana family said to not teach them anymore. it was sad.  It got better because there were these kids in the street that passed me a basketball so I dribbled and passed with them a bit. I put them through the spin cycle and taught them how to do no look passes. It was so fun to bring out my skills with  the kids here, its nice to practice my Tagalog with them.  
    Thursday was trainer trainee meeting and I got to see my batch from the MTC again which was fun. We stayed after and did service and then there was a taco bell because we're in downtown Quezon for the meeting. It was a nice taste of the border which  was so good, tender mercy.  We then gave sister silvoza a blessing later that night. it was a cool experience.     
    Friday we taught jojo. We were finally able to get him. he feels so alone and needs this gospel so bad. We're gonna help him. He is really open with us and I think he is starting to see the importance of the gospel and how it can help him.  
    Saturday was so cool.  We taught Rochelle again with a member. It's so nice having members present and I invite everyone to try to work with the missionaries. It helps so much and provides another powerful testimony. Please everyone, be member missionaries.             We went to the Fernandez family and taught the tatay. His family is members but he isnt and he is gonna get baptized. I already know it. he was really receptive. Then later we found two people. One was an old tatay and he wants to hear more and another is a guy living alone. we walked past him and then like 10 steps later my companion and I both had this feeling that we should go back and so we did and he let us in and we taught him.  It was a cool experience. He's a prime candidate and the Lord guided us to him. So cool.  
   The crowning moment this week was I ate balut on Sunday. It was like a rite of passage to becoming a Filipino. It's weird but doesn't taste too bad. It made the members house we were at so happy, blew their mind. They thought, a white kid eating balut? ano ba iyan? we had a good amount of investigators at church and I can see the area changing before my eyes. Its so cool. I'm excited and getting more used to things. My advice is to always be diligent and do our best to come to know Jesus Christ. He can and will help us with everything and I've seen it happen to me and the people here. I love you all.

Elder Snyder

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