Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Hello everyone. 
    This week was another good week with lots of hard work and craziness. We are still trying to find more investigators like always but are grateful for the ones we have to teach. We are teaching 3 people right now and they're progressing pretty good. Here in the Philippines they have to live the word of wisdom and go to church for four consecutive weeks to be baptized. That makes all baptisms at least one month out. The dates for our investigators are all in November. I'm excited and want to keep finding but I think teaching is more fun. 
   Even though Tagalog is hard I feel better now when teaching. I realize making mistakes is part of the process and so I just go for it and hope the Spirit will do the translating for them. Teaching is crazy because there's just chickens and cockroaches and dogs and all sorts of animals to distract.  Not every lesson has all of those but usually at least one type of  distraction. Even the traffic when we're in a house that's close to the road. Its either so loud here or quiet. lots of people say they're "busy" which is frustrating. I went on exchanges on Thursday and it was cool.  There's a lot of awesome members here. We're trying to work with them and then missionary work will take off. 
   Last Monday we had an FHE appointment with an investigator but ten minutes before we arrived there was a brownout and apparently our investigator had left to go somewhere that had electricity.  It stunk but we still had a good FHE and shared about the light of Christ seeing that there was no electricity.  Filipinos are so funny. They do the  funniest things.  They're happy.  some people have very little but are still happy. its humbling. On Sunday because of the storm, church was cancelled because we have to travel far because the chapel close is being renovated. We taught an investigator in the morning and then helped take the sacrament to a lot of members. It was so cool and I liked being able to serve the members. I don't have a lot of time but the church is true and Heavenly Father is aware of our individual problems and situations. We just need to pray to Him in Faith. Love you all.   
   A few pictures at the airport on our way to Manila , Philippines. 

Elder Snyder

Disney is everywhere

Enjoyed some Mickey D's in Hong Kong

Picture of all of us going to Manila

Gotta have my hammock

View from our apartment

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