Monday, October 10, 2016


   Holy cow its been crazy. Being in the field is so much different and way harder. It feels like everyday is so long but we are definitely working hard. Its just my companion and I in our area. Its so big and we have a ton of work to do.  We're working with members, less actives and finding and teaching investigators. We are basically rebuilding it from nothing. Its really hard but we're organized and have a good vision for the area and through faith we can do it! 
   So the Manila MTC wasn't much compared to actually going out. The Philippines roads are crazy. The roads seem like theres no rules but everything still runs smoothly. We ride jeepneys (like a medium size bus with lots of people on them, even on top) and trikes but mostly jeepneys because trikes are more expensive.  The food is weird and takes some getting used to but I think i'm slowly getting there. I still have to eat baloot though. I'm scared to eat it.(Fifteen or Sixteen-day fertilized chicken egg) Its creepy.  I had some intestine problems the first little bit but its starting to get better now. Not as bad. I was so tired and had a headache and have been trying to drink tons of water. I think I'm still adjusting to missionary life. Its hard here because its just us and its hot and I'm not used to it. Its a good area though. We're going to do great things! Our ward is awesome and I'm doing my best to remember all their names but theres so many.  We've taught a lot and are working hard to activate people and find. Its hard work.  I'm definitely not in America anymore. Its crazy. The people are poor here. In the city theres some really poor people and some better off people but its still humbling and I've only been here less than a week. Our apartment is nice though. Its in a nice safe part which is nice but we have to go without some luxuries.  Theres also cold showers and no A/C but we use fans. Its better than nothing. I'm serving in Taguig and my companion is elder Enari. We're both foreigners which is unusual. Hes from Australia. He's been out 9 months. His Tagalog is really good. He helps me out. Tagalog is ridiculous here. I understand some but its so different and spoken so fast and I do my best to follow along and teach. Its testing me mentally to stay focused all day and trying constantly to figure out what people are saying. Its rough but I'll get through.
     We've had cool experiences of finding. Yesterday we were walking and I just stopped and talked to this tatay and then after neither my companion or I could understand a word he said we looked to his daughter standing there and she talked to us and then pointed us to some guys standing across the street and we taught them and hopefully they'll be there when we get back. We also found another family that was interested and then he had us teach his brother right after who lived next door. It was cool.  Its a hard adjustment but its ok. Its where the Lord needs me. Conference was cool and I really enjoyed it. The members are always feeding us. Its crazy. Its not just the members though. We walk into a home and they offer us drinks and food, without fail.  When we're proselyting we're basically never hungry. Its rude to refuse so we have to judge the situtation and eat the food.  Everything is really cheap here compared to America.  Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Snyder

My second MTC experience

The Newbies / Greenies

This is the tunnel from the MTC to the Temple

Mr. Spider in the tunnel to the Temple

Manila Temple

My first missionary think / study station

My Trainer, Elder Enari

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