Friday, September 30, 2016


   We get this time to email right now and the next email I send will be from the field so I'm sure I will have cooler stuff to say.  I'm glad I made it to China too. It was such a long flight. 14 hours!! It was ok though. I was able to watch Jungle Book (we got permission to watch Disney movies) and play some games on the screen and the best part was that I was able to give away a book of mormon to a guy named Pier (no idea how to spell it. Its pronounced pee-air) from Denmark.  He was so cool and it wasnt my smoothest but he accepted which was cool. I hope he actually reads it so he can see the change it will have on his life. 
    We got to the Philippines ok and got through immigration and got our stuff. After we exchanged some money and got our ride to the MTC.  The roads are crazy here! people do whatever the heck they want to. It seems like theres no rules.  This one guy was eating a sandwich while weaving while riding a bike which was cool of him but dangerous. The traffic is crazy.  But we eventually got to the MTC and had dinner and they talked to us for a little bit. We're only here a short time but it will be cool. We get to go out proselyting tomorrow which will be scary but exciting. I hope I can keep up with the Tagalog. We get to go to bed a little early tonight because they know we have jet lag.  I'll email again soon from the field and with pictures.

Elder Snyder

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