Wednesday, September 28, 2016


   So since Thursday not a lot happened except for preparing to leave. I'm already all packed and ready to go. I cant wait until Wednesday when we get to leave even though it will be a super long flight. We leave september 28 and get there on the 30th. Its going to be rough but so awesome to finally be there.  We saw brother West for the last time yesterday. He was such a great teacher and I'm so thankful for him. He helped us so much spiritually and with Tagalog.  He taught us how to handle jeepneys (basically the filipino bus) and an elder in my district received a ton of cash from his mom in filipino money. When I say a ton I mean a ton. I don't know why she sent it but thats not the point. So Brother West was pretending to drive and we had to pass up money (money that brother West brought) and give it to him so when he wasn't looking we passed up the 20000 pesos (about 450 dollars) and his reaction was so funny. He was so surprised and it was priceless. Its hard to explain but he didn't expect someone to just have this wad of cash. It was awesome. Our last day with Brother Atoigue is today and I'm going to miss him so much too. He's from Guam and so he looks Filipino and he was our first investigator so we thought he was a true Filipino. He has been such a great teacher and so awesome. He's about as tall as a Filipino which means I will be so tall there for once in my life.  
   The MTC is really awesome but I'm ready to leave and be able to teach the people of the Philippines.  The Lord has really helped me here and I know He will help me in the Philippines where it will be even harder.  I love you all and miss you.  Thanks for all the packages and letters. I know you want to know, my district stayed undefeated until we left.

Elder Snyder

Brother Atoigue

Good Friends

We are ready

Super Jase

We are excited

Friend from H.S. 
Friends from H.S. 

Friend from H.S. 

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