Saturday, September 10, 2016


    Hello everyone! The MTC is awesome.  We are now the veteran Tagalog speakers here at the MTC.  The other guys left yesterday and the newbies came yesterday.  I can see the shock in their eyes of what they're about to do.  We're professionals now I guess. The time has been going by way faster.  It feels like I just wrote home yesterday. Tagalog is still really hard and seems partially made up but I'm understanding so much now. Teaching in Tagalog isn't as hard, its still hard though.  
    Our investigator Jomar and Ronald are progressing nicely especially because we can say more and more in Tagalog.  The devotionals this week were phenomenal! The Sunday devotional was Chad Lewis who gave us great advice and shared awesome mission stories.  He made sure we knew not to waste a single minute of our mission.  Its all about hard work. Tuesday devotional was even better.  Elder Christofferson showed up and it was broadcast to the MTC's throughout the world.  He is called of God and is an apostle of God.  His testimony and witness is so strong and I know the church is true.  I'm so happy we have apostles and prophets today.  He spoke of repentance in missionary work.  It is so important for missionaries to teach it but also important for everyone to remember. We need to be constantly striving to be better and turning towards God. Elder Christofferson said that it is better to be trusted than to be loved.  Its great advice and requires some thought but I know it to be true.  He also said something grandpa has been saying to me for a while. He said "be the kind of missionary so the mission president can send you anywhere and know you can be trusted."  Really powerful.  I'm so happy to be serving a mission.  Also my district is awesome. We got our teacher to teach us all kinds of funny things. The whole experience here is awesome! Hard, but awesome.  I love everyone and miss you all.  

Elder Snyder

Tagalog brothers

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