Friday, September 16, 2016


     So this week was an amazing week!  We had the opportunity to hear from THREE apostles!  When it rains it pours I guess.  We had Elder Christoffersen two Tuesdays ago and then Elder Ballard on  Sunday and then Elder Cook this last Tuesday. Its so cool when everyone stands up when they enter and the Spirit enters with them. So cool.  They all spoke on missionary work and being better and what we can do as missionaries. After they speak I always feel the Spirit so strong and feel ready to go baptize all of the Philippines.  This is a marvelous work that brings happiness to others. Elder Cook talked about loving everyone and I've noticed that when I serve and love others it makes everything better and Elder Cook's testimony of the Savior was amazing. His word choice and the power with which he delivered it, was fantastic.  Elder Ballard talked about having a good attitude and being happy on our mission and the importance of working hard. He also reminded us of the authority and power we have to declare the gospel as representatives of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful that they could speak to us and uplift us. 
      Tagalog is coming along a lot better.  Its starting to not seem as made up anymore. When I first got here it seemed like there were no rules but now I'm understanding it so much better and teaching is way better.  I leave to the Philippines in less than 2 weeks and I know I'm trying my hardest with the language and preparing but I already know its going to be a humbling experience. Not just with the language but for life.  So when I first got to the MTC I kept mixing up Spanish with Tagalog but I talked to this lady that spoke Spanish this week and I kept mixing up Tagalog for Spanish so that's a good sign hopefully.  My district has also been playing the other districts in kickball and so far we are undefeated. My district is awesome and I couldn't have asked for better Elders to be around me.  I've been able to see a ton of friends here which is always fun.  The time is going by so fast and I love this work even if its hard sometimes, but its meant to challenge us and make us better. Always remember the Lord is there to help you.  Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Such a great and powerful phrase. Sa pamamagitan ng pagbabayad-sala ni Jesucristo magiging mas mabuti. I love you all and miss you. (Mahal ko sila!)

Ingat po,

Elder Snyder

I found a place to hang this hammock

Look, I'm in a cocoon

Lord of the Rings cartoon, "You shall not pass"

I like my drawing

Good Friend

Quick Selfie

Kickball Competition in Progress

The Boys from H.S.

Everyone has to do it

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