Friday, August 26, 2016


Companion Elder Clark

    I arrived at the MTC and it still felt surreal.  Especially when I walked in the classroom with a ton of Tagalog books and had to start talking in Tagalog.  Actually less talking and more looking around confused.  The first few days were so hard because of the language and teaching. We had to teach an "investigator" in Tagalog on Friday.  Two days! It was really really bad but my companion and I got through it.  The second lesson was also bad but then Sunday happened. Sunday is a gift.  I never fully apprectiated Sunday until I got here.  Those first few days had stressed and overwhelmed and doubting myself, but Sunday fixed all that.  I was able to be spiritually refreshed and mentally refreshed.  The Lord gave us Sundays for a reason and I now realize it.  I am so thankful for Sunday and that day of rest.  Also, my district got to watch "Meet the Mormons" so that was nice. On Monday we had to teach again and it went so much better because we realized we needed to teach with the spirit and not just run through some Tagalog.  Then yesterday we committed him to baptism and he is coming to church this Sunday.  He is "catholic"  I use quotation marks because we saw him at the temple today haha so we definetly know he is a member. But Banal ng baka (holy cow in Tagalog) that guy can act.  He should win an Oscar or something.  I'm getting more and more adjusted and the days are starting to go smoother and feel easier.  Its definetly not easy but they're easier than those first few days.  I'm happy to be serving and know its the right thing to do.  Funny story.  An elder in my district named Elder Allen was teaching and forgot the bible and book of mormon in Tagalog so he ran out of the room with the "investigator" and ran into the class frantically looking for it. He just left. Didn't even tell Jomar, the investigator, why  he was leaving and his companion just followed him haha. My district is awesome and so supportive.  My companion's name is Elder Clark and he's a cool guy. We're still getting used to each other though.  One thing I've learned here is that koloob ng mga wika (gift of tongues) can be real. I may not feel like my Tagalog is good but the spirit helps testify and make my words make sense.  Teaching by the spirit is so important and the Lord is always there to help us.  I bought a chimichanga from the vending machine because I love chimichangas but the one I bought wasn't good at all.  Probably a good thing so I don't keep buying them.  It feels longer than a week but the time here is starting to go a little faster which is good.  Missions are definelty a cool experience but also very hard.  Thats all I have time for. Thanks to everyone and I hope you have a great week.

Elder Snyder


Meeting up with Friends from H.S.

My District

Selfie with Elder Clark

Yum, Yum... NOT

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