Tuesday, January 17, 2017


    How is everyone? I'm doing great. Missionary work is awesome and everyday I feel I'm progressing.  I'm becoming more Filipino each day. I'm getting better and better at doing the Filipino squat, it hurts a little but I'll get there.  My goal is to be able to squat like a native Filipino by the end of my mission.         
   On Tuesday during lunch my companion caught a pigeon and so we ate that for lunch. haha just kidding but it was pretty crazy that he was able to catch it.  He basically just walked up to it and picked it up in the apartment. The lesson that stood out on Tuesday was to an investigator named Roberto who will be baptized this month. He did slip up with the word of wisdom and he drank alcohol. It made us sad and he felt bad. He was peer pressured by his friends. His friends don't like him listening to us.  Roberto has a strong fellow shipper and really wants to be baptized, he just has some friends influencing him. We shared a good message and it really helped him. I'll explain more of what happened to him later. 
   On Wednesday we had some good tender mercies. We were looking for this lady and this random kid riding a bike asked us where we were going so we told him and he said "I know her" and took us right to the house. It was a huge tender mercy.  Also later that day we were walking and i felt i needed to stop at a house and it was awesome because we found this tatay and he is ready for the gospel, he used to be apart of iglesia ni cristo here (look it up. they cause problems) but he left them and he knows iglesia ni cristo and catholic aren't right and wants to know the truth, he even prays right.  He is so receptive and its so awesome teaching him, such a tender mercy. There were more that day but those were the biggest ones. 
   On Thursday we visited the American again and his Filipino daughter to talk about getting a blessing for her baby.  This American is less active but he has a strong testimony. its hard to explain. When he prayed it was probably 20 seconds but he was crying after and it was powerful.  It feels so weird talking to him in English, the Tagalog keeps coming out.  We also taught these investigators named Ella and Princess, they are part member. their mom is a member and so is their cousin. they are so excited to be baptized and are so smart and understand.  We also taught Roberto again. We prepared a special lesson for him using the Book of Mormon and it was awesome, the spirit was so strong and it strengthened him. His faith has grown so much and he is awesome.  
   On Thursday we helped push a jeepney out of a busy intersection because its engine died. haha that was pretty fun. we got it going pretty fast. we were basically running as we pushed.   I'm getting so good at opening cans with just a knife.  I don't need a can opener. 
   On Friday we taught this tataty, he's iglesia (which means he is a member of iglesia ni cristo) he is always telling us to get married and stuff. then we taught tatay reynaldo again. the tatay that we randomly stopped at that is awesome and ready for the gospel.  His wife made us coffee which we kindly rejected and now they're really interested in why we didn't take the coffee, which was a perfect way to set up the next appointment. 
    On Saturday we taught Ian. We went in with a plan and again changed it according to the spirit. it was such an awesome lesson.  He is starting to believe its true so we shared Alma 32, it was great. he is busy so its hard to get return appointments but we will stick with him.  at an appointment later that night there was like 5 million mosquito's, there was this constant buzzing noise. It was a little scary,  we survived though. I got stung by a bee while teaching, it really hurt. I swear bee stings are worse here. My hand swelled a little but I'm fine now. I had to dig the stinger out with nail clippers and then we kept teaching. We got to ride a boat to a lesson which was cool. 
   On Sunday we were fasting for the chapel to open close to us, it's done but needs to be dedicated and our prayers were answered. The dedication service is on Wednesday. I'm so excited, its really going to help our area. its going to be awesome.  Also this crazy guy started talking to us about how we don't need religion and then a member showed up so elder Almasin went to the member and i was "sacrificed" and had to endure the crazy guy. haha he was weird. that night we taught Roberto again. he is so happy now and we noticed a huge change. he was so excited and as soon as we sat down he said OK lets start and he just began praying. my companion and i just looked at each other and smiled and then bowed our heads,  it was a great lesson. He is so ready to be baptized, its so cool to see the change in his life despite persecution.   We have an investigator named Kristine who has read the whole Book of Mormon in English and Tagalog. so cool.  love you all  and ingat kayo   

  Elder Snyder

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