Tuesday, January 17, 2017


    On Monday I bought a pizza burger from this street burger place. it seemed like a good idea and it was. It was delicious even though it was simple. It was so cheap too.  We also taught a new investigator.  We taught him with his extended family who are members. The members are active but its hard to teach with them because they ask these really deep doctrinal questions in the middle of the lesson and it interrupts the spirit and distracts and confuses our investigator. we are visiting him later tonight again. but the member does cook us delicious food and there's always a lot of rice.
   On Tuesday it felt like a hard day, but I looked back and realized how blessed we are each day, even with just small tender mercies, it rained so hard on Tuesday walking through the alleys was hard. there were mini lakes and rivers and waterfalls falling from the rooftops. there was just water everywhere and somehow my socks still stayed dry which was pretty cool. Its the small things that count. We taught another tatay who is really interested.  I have really felt the gift of tongues as I've started understanding more and more and being able to teach. There was this one lesson where I understood every single word and it was amazing. I saw a frog as big as a plate. 
  I got grandma and grandpa Horne's  letter and a package from grandma and grandpa Snyder, It was great to get those. a lot more happened but I don't have a lot of time so i'll be brief.
   On Wednesday the church was dedicated but we're still waiting for the occupancy permit to be able to attend church there.
   Thursday we taught a lot and it was great. there was this tractor on a lake on a barge and was digging up trash. he would stick the claw thing into the water and tip to like a 30 degree angle but wouldn't tip. he was brave. it was funny and he paddled using the claw thing.
   On Thursday we taught this investigator and as we showed up he was reading the Book of Mormon and he told us the night before when he prayed he was scared an angel would appear like what happened to Joseph Smith.  I also saw a man walking his goat like a dog and the fish market sells still alive fish that are just flopping around on the table.
   Friday was my birthday so I bought some McDonald's and it was delicious.  We have this tatay that's hard to understand because he has no teeth haha.  We had a very spiritual lesson at Hernandez, he has some problems and we pulled a verse out of the Book of Mormon to help him. it was great. It's so cool to see people understand and come to love the Book of Mormon. It's just hard to get them to come to church but our new church is almost ready, i'm so excited.
   On Saturday we contacted a referral and she has real potential.  she was amazed when we could find all the answers in her very own bible.  We taught at a members house to a family of 11 and then they invited some friends to listen so there were 18 of us in a house as big as my bedroom back home. It was crazy. it was a great lesson though.
    On Sunday there was a fiesta for the birthday of sto. nino. i still don't understand why there was a party or who sto nino is but the people partied. there was dancing, fire breathing and the usual stuff. we have a baptism on Saturday which I'm so excited about. I've been working with this investigator for all three transfers and she will finally will be baptized. I'm so excited and she is so ready to be baptized.  Missionary work is awesome and fun and hard and rewarding. love you all.  

Elder Snyder

My District

Birthday Lunch 

Birthday Twice

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