Wednesday, January 25, 2017


  Hello  everyone! So the definite highlight of this week was the baptism of Donna Costoya.  I've been teaching her since my first transfer here, it was so amazing to see her baptized. So we picked her up and all went on the jeepney together to the chapel which is still far away.  Even though the new chapel was dedicated we are still waiting for the occupancy permit to attend church there.  So we arrived at the chapel with Donna and her friends Nanay and tatay bulawit. when we got there, there was supposed to be a key to open the font but there was a miscommunication so it took a while to finally track down a key.  When we opened the font there was cockroach in it and the water wasn't very clean, so  we had to wait while it drained. While we were waiting we had our two other baptismal candidates get interviewed by our district leader. they will be baptized on January 28th.  We started filling it up and then all of a sudden the water stopped.  We finally figured out that someone had shut off the water to the chapel.  We eventually got it figured out and got the water turned back on,  but the water was a dirty brown  so we had to drain again and then start filling again, then the water was clean enough to baptize. We got it filled enough and so we started the baptismal program.  Donna wanted tatay bulawit to baptize her so they entered the font. Tatay is so funny, he had a cheat sheet on his arm but still struggled to say the  prayer.  He tried 4 times to baptize and each time didn't put her all the way under,  we were prepared and had my companion bring baptismal clothes so my companion baptized her. Even though it was a process  she did get baptized and her testimony after was so amazing.  It was awesome to see the change in her.  The other baptismal candidates, Roberto and Kristine are awesome, its so amazing to see the change that has happened in their lives and I'm glad I could be a part of it. 

  Funny story, this tatay we met tried to convince us that he was a warlock and the leader of all the warlocks in the Philippines, it was so funny. that tatay is crazy haha.  I dunked this week, but it was on a small hoop so it doesn't really count but it really impressed the kids haha. 

love you all. 

Elder Snyder

Notice the cheat sheet on his forearm

The court where the dunk took place

Kids like flashing their signs

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