Saturday, April 8, 2017


  First off I cant believe its April.  The time is going by so fast. It's crazy.   We had an OK week.  The work is different here and we really need the Lord to help us, but I know that he is always there and he has a perfect plan for everyone and we need to work according to his timetable and not ours.  
   So last Monday we worked in our kabahays area for p day, our area is so far away that we can't go there in the few hours we have to work on p day, it was good.  We taught a great lesson.  Some of the people speak Tagalog so fast here which can be hard but I'm doing good. 
   On Tuesday we traveled to this one part of our area and got punted at first but were finally able to teach some progressing investigators.  The only problem is that they need to get married they're trying to save and get all the paperwork, it can be hard here.  It was a good lesson, then we headed home.   lots of travel in this area.  
   On Wednesday we were talking to this nanay and she was literally asking us to teach but we couldn't because there was no male 18 years or older so she went and got someone and we taught and boom, they both were great. they have great questions and it was a great lesson. I'm learning so much here of how to teach and how to become a better missionary.  We also taught this other guy who has so many questions about the book of Mormon.  It's awesome but sometimes he gets into insignificant topics but its great he has lots of questions.  He is really comparing it to the bible school he has been to.   
   On Thursday we had to walk a lot.  We walked to these one people's house,it was a 30 minute walk and their house is basically on the beach and no one was there so we had to just turn right back around, it is so hot here. Later in the day we had a finding miracle and found two new investigators that seem pretty interested and we taught them.  They could be great investigators.  Everyone here thinks I'm going to speak English and then when its Tagalog it makes them so happy and is a great way to break the ice. 
   On Friday we were finding.  Finding is different here than in the city.  In the city there's doors and streets, here its just like walking from hut to hut and stuff.  We had talked to a few ladies outside their house earlier in the day but there was no male so we couldn't teach.  Then as we were walking by later the tatay was there.  The problem was that we had to go around this big flooded area to get back to them.  We said if they call us over we will go and then tatay saw and waved so we turned right around and went back.  We taught some progressing investigators.  It was spiritual as we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is so simple and if we live it then God will bless us and provide us with what we need.  If we accept and live the gospel then we can receive true happiness. 
   On Saturday we taught some good lessons and worked as usual.  The crazy thing was what we found.  We found a guy with a 16 ft python.  His name is Sam and there's a sign outside the cage that says don't throw things at Sam, its so crazy.  I of course touched him and we talked to the guy.  He was busy but told us we could come back.  The size of the snake was mind blowing.  
   Then on Sunday we had our three sacraments again.  One at the branch building and two special sacraments for the members that are so far away.  The sacrament is so great and a great time to reflect on the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It's such a spiritual experience. I encourage everyone to always try to make the sacrament a spiritual experience and think of what you can do or change to make that small amount of time each week a really meaningful experience.  
   Love you all and remember to always endure to the end.  I read John 16:33 this week.  It's one of my favorites.  Turn to Him when you're in need. He has already overcome and will help you.  

Elder Snyder

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