Friday, April 21, 2017


  This week was incredible for so many reasons. It was full of miracles.  It was also Holy Week, we had some challenges, but I feel the Lord really provided for us as missionaries. So last Tuesday we had zone training and it was on the other side of the island we're on so we didn't get back until night time but the couple missionaries close to us gave us cake and ice cream because it was an elder's birthday in our district. It was delicious. and of course every incredible week needs cake and ice cream but that was just the beginning. 
     Wednesday was pretty normal but one cool thing did happen.  We talked to this lady briefly as we were eating lunch and she said she had talked to the missionaries 19 years ago which was cool but she had to leave and we were still waiting for our food.  She was in a hurry so we couldn’t get her info, but later that day we found this new investigator and we’re teaching him and then that very same lady walked in.  It was crazy.  She was the wife of our new investigator.  She then started listening, and had great questions.   I don't know if it will go anywhere, I hope so, but it’s cool to see the Lord work in mysterious ways. There was a plan for her and it just took 19 years. It shows how perfect and awesome the Plan of God is.  We also had an interesting day of travel to and from our area, the vans we take are packed full.  There was like 20 people in the van (not including the driver) and they drive so crazy, it’s a different experience. 
    On Thursday some miracles happened.  I had exchanges with elder Jorgenson and we are in our area that loves Americans, it was fun.  Our first investigator was just leaving when we got there so we started to find new people to teach.  We went down a road I hadn’t been down before and then ended up walking down this small pathway and then I saw some people sitting inside and walked up and they basically let us right in . It was a huge family of 7.  It was so awesome, they were so happy and receptive.  I was so happy and blown away that it confirmed  the Lord really helps missionaries.   There’s  no way it was an accident that we found them,  we were able to get a return appointment for Saturday.   We saw so much crazy stuff because it was holy week here, many people do very intense things to remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  But I won’t get into that. 
    Then on Friday there were no vans going to our area because it was holy week, so we just worked in our kabahays area.   On Saturday  I saw that the Lord is really blessing our area (Mamburao).  We were able to return to the big family we found and they were waiting and they had 4 more family members there.  We taught 11 people total, it was so awesome.   They committed to come to church and are just so receptive.  Some of the 11 (the original 7) accepted a bap date which was amazing.  I'm so excited.  Also we returned to a guy I talked to on Thursday and he was waiting for us and he was so nice and said he felt it is true, and also accepted a bap date.  It was wonderful.  The Lord is blessing this area.    We went to an investigator that hasn’t been progressing for a while but she had just started reading the book of Mormon and is now slowly starting to progress.  The Lord can change lives and the Book of Mormon is one tool he uses.  Just like President Monson said, we need to focus on the Book of Mormon and our testimonies of the truthfulness of it.   
    Then Sunday happened. It was probably one of my best Sundays here in the mission. First off, it was Easter and so good to remember our Savior and all he did for us and the power of his love and grace.  He is incredible and the reason for all good in the world.  He is always there to help us and guide us and knows exactly what we are going through.  So the missionaries had to give talks and I was the concluding speaker and I busted out 20 minutes in straight Tagalog, so easy.  The Lord helped me. It was easier than giving my farewell talk which was also about 20 minutes. Cool experience. Then we went to our first of 2 special sacraments and we had 9 investigators there!!! It was unbelievable.  We have some investigators there that are really close to baptism. They’re just trying to get married, but they are so close, and they’re coming to sacrament which is awesome.  I'm so excited.  At the 2nd of our 2 special sacraments we had 12 investigators come.  To make it even better, it was the whole big family we found plus one more of their relatives. I felt the spirit so strong at both special sacraments.  Special sacraments are just so powerful,  such a good experience,  it’s hard to explain it.  So that was the best way to end the week and I am so happy.
    This morning we had an adventure, we hiked a mountain, it was so awesome.  We had to jump over this huge creek, wade through rice fields and flooded fields, walk over a bamboo bridge, eat buko and cut them open ourselves with a machete type thing and then drink super delicious juice.  We found a random guy on the mountain while we were hiking who then started hiking with us because his house was at the top. We found a b ball hoop at the top and played some ball on the top of a mountain. (ball is life here)   We kept hiking up higher and then the member that was leading us took us down the coolest path.  It was the coolest path because it wasn’t a path.  We just went straight down the mountain, it was so cool and fun.  We got real muddy.  We just went straight through the thick jungle like stuff, it was cool.  So that was our week. It’s hard to explain everything but it was incredible and I feel so blessed and I know the Lord will bless all of us as we continue being faithful.  Love you all

Elder Snyder

During our hike

Top of the mountain

This is awesome!

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