Friday, April 14, 2017


  Hello everyone. I hope you had a wonderful conference weekend. I really appreciate conference more on my mission. I just feel more focused and ready to listen.  It’s awesome the things that we can learn from our living prophets. They are truly called of God and if we heed their counsel then we can receive true happiness and return to live with our Heavenly Father. Also, every session is important. I would advise all to watch,  go back and watch any sessions that you missed or fell asleep in (haha President Uchtdorf called us out).  

   Anyways, this week was great. Many good things happened.  So last Tuesday I had to go to the doctor but I was fine.  My eye was just itchy but it’s all better now.  It took the whole day to drive to the other side of the island, so we were not able to work that day.
   Last Wednesday my companion and I felt the power of the Lord in directing his work. He helped us find many new investigators. It was so awesome. I also had a great experience on the van home from our area. (we take these vans that fly through the windy roads. It’s pretty fun) I was sitting there and my eyes were tired, my body was and I was just out of it.  I felt like I needed to talk to the person next to me. I glanced at him and then like a rookie dismissed it at first.  I felt bad about that and felt I needed to talk to him but I didn't know what to say.  It took me a few minutes but I just went ahead and said something.  I don't remember what I said but we got a good conversation started and then he asked if we could come to his house to teach.  It was so cool.  The power of the Spirit is real. I felt so good that I had talked to him and glad I didn't continue to let me own personal interests (being tired and stuff) get in the way. It was a wonderful learning moment.  
   Then on Thursday we found 3 investigators right by the ocean. The breeze was wonderful and the lesson was awesome.  The spirit was so strong.  I felt like I always had the words put into my mouth of what to say and one of the people we found seems really genuinely interested, the others a decent amount.  Then the Lord continued working miracles and like 2 minutes later we talked to this nanay and tatay on the street and they let us teach and it was an awesome lesson,  it was spiritual.  We felt we should give a baptismal date and they accepted it. It was fantastic.  The Lord really does provide.  Later that day we found another really good investigator that’s pretty curious and interested about the Restoration.  It was awesome.
   On Friday we had a great day.  We taught and the spirit was there and we found some new investigators and I can see myself learning so much from my companion and I can feel the Lord helping me grow.  Also  Friday morning there were these piglets that came into our yard and we chased them but those guys are fast and we couldn't catch them because we were trying to film and chase haha.  
   On Saturday we of course watched general conference at the meetinghouse (conference is the second week here).  It was so awesome.   I really liked Elder Bednar’s talk and Valeri V. Cordon's talk from the Saturday sessions.  There was a small earthquake which  felt cool.  
   Sunday we also watched conference.  I really liked Elder Cook's talk.  The Tagalog translators for conference are so fast but I understood a lot more than I thought I would.  Even the Filipino’s have trouble understanding sometimes because it’s so fast so they can keep up with the English.  General conference was awesome.  I love it and I can't believe I've already had my second one in the mission field.  Time is going by so fast. 

This morning we had a zone activity on the beach.  It was so fun.  We played games and volleyball and our mission president gave permission to the zone to go in the water up to our knees.  It felt so good and was so beautiful.  Mindoro is awesome and I love it here even if it’s out in the middle of nowhere away from more populated areas.   I hope you all have a good week and try to apply what the prophets taught us.  Love you all

Elder Snyder

Wilbur was too fast for us

Look, I'm still the tall one

Up to my knees

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