Saturday, February 11, 2017


 Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing ok. This week was legendary, so amazing. The Lord always provides. first though, last Monday our challengers for basketball didn't come so we just played some ball with some members. It was really fun but very very hot.
   On Tuesday the legendary week started.  The finding miracles began.  We found 12 new investigators and 9 of them belong to one family, it was a huge tender mercy.  The week before we had struggled to find and now we had already found 12 by Tuesday,  it was an answer to our prayers.  but that wasn't the end of the finding miracles. The Lord provided.  i'll get there later. 
   On Wednesday I had exchanges with another missionary which is pretty new and American.  People were nervous to talk to us but opened up after we spoke Tagalog.  haha one tatay yelled at us though. we were nice to him and he just yelled at us. I have no idea what happened.  I saw the biggest rat ever, I thought it was a cat. I wasn't in my area but in my area my companion found 7 new investigators, it was insane. We now had 19 new people to teach. The Lord will provide.
    On Thursday I was waiting on a corner for my companion to switch back from exchanges and some Jehovahs witnesses started attacking our religion and bible bashing. I just testified and smiled.  It was intense.  We also taught this tatay later in the day who is awesome. He smokes, drinks and drinks coffee but when we taught him the word of wisdom he said he'll stop immediately,  it was so cool. Before we even committed him he said he would live it, it was so cool.  We also returned and taught the family of 9. They're awesome and have really good questions.
   On Friday we had a great day, we taught 7 times in the afternoon, it was crazy.  We were so tired that day.  
   On Saturday we were going to an investigator's house and the Jehovah's witnesses were outside her house.  The Jehovah's witnesses are just everywhere this week. Our investigator was explaining to them that shes listening to the Mormons and right as she said Mormons we came into view. (she told us this later) it was cool.  We were polite and just said we'd come back later and we walked around the block and then came back when the witnesses had left.

   On Sunday we counted up the numbers and finished the legendary week with a grand total of 31 new investigators. The Lord answered our prayers in a big way and provided, it was amazing. It's cool too because our area is now going to become 4 missionaries instead of 2.  We found out that a kid of an investigator that we had given a blessing to had completely healed.  The day before she was super super sick and the next day she was perfectly fine. It was amazing and a great experience. The priesthood of God is real and is truly the power of God here on Earth.
    Monday we had zone training which was good and taught a good amount.  The Lord provided again and we found 2 more investigators, it was so humbling. There's no way we could do anything without him.  Never doubt the Lord. We may have weaknesses that cause us to doubt but if we put our trust in him then we can do all things. I've learned not to let personal weaknesses interfere with faith.  

salamat. mahal kita

I am transferring from taguig to the heart of quezon city.  It's going to be intense and good, I'm excited. I'll miss this area because its really taking off but I know the Lord needs me somewhere else now.  miss you all. Walang imposible kasama ang Panginoon.

Elder Snyder

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