Thursday, February 16, 2017


    Hello all. I'm doing good. I got a new area and a new companion. This area was only recently opened so we've got some work to do but we have some great investigators. They are really progressing. I'm excited to see this area grow like I did my last area. I know the Lord has a purpose for me here and people to help. I'm excited to find them. Missionary work is hard sometimes, but rewarding. When I feel down I immediately chastise myself and remind myself that its not my work and the Savior needs us to keep pushing on and then I feel better and ready to knock on the next house, (haha) but here we don't knock. you just stand outside and yell "tao po". which literally translates to "people".  It's just what you do here. 
    I'm always thinking of the talk from President Uchtdorf and saying in my head "fourth floor, last door". It helps and I think of my purpose and it helps me feel happy and excited about missionary work.  
    My new apartment is alright, there's a ton of geckos and some cockroaches and the occasional mouse but its alright. They don't bite and cockroaches are so satisfying to kill. 
   On Thursday I felt like Tagalog was coming a lot more, it feels good as I'm understanding and can communicate but I'm going to keep working hard to become fluent.  We got this new investigator named Marie Fe and she has some real potential. 
    On Friday we talked to this guy that said he was from the church of Batman which was a funny joke. Hes actually catholic and he listens well and has decent interest so hopefully it goes somewhere.  I'm still trying to learn where everyone is and who everyone is but we have some good investigators.  I was a little sad because we had baptisms this Saturday in my last area but its O.K.  
    This jeep driver was driving and then just pulled over on the main road and peed real fast and then just got back in and kept driving. No one seemed to care. It was funny.               Saturday I felt this great happiness and excitement for missionary work. It was so cool and refreshing.  On Sunday I met the ward, which is awesome. They are really active in missionary work.  I have no clue why, but they asked us to teach the young men so we did and it was a great lesson and my Tagalog rocked, it was great. Tender mercy.   We taught marie fe again and she got an answer about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon which was awesome.  She's going to be baptized.  Earlier today we balled at the church which was way fun. Got some new haircuts. pogi na kami. also there was a fire. the smoke pillar was huge. the firetrucks were flying down these tiny streets and it was cool to see all the people work together to help the trucks. everyone was stopping traffic and clearing a path on the small street and pointing and telling the truck where to go because I bet its easy to get lost.  love you all and trust in the Lord. He loves you all.  Mahal kayo ng Diyos at meron siyang plano para sa atin lahat. 

Elder Snyder

My New Companion

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