Sunday, February 26, 2017


  On Tuesday we had some good lessons and found some good investigators that have potential.  We taught an interesting lesson.  We were walking and and there was an abandoned jeepney on the side of a not very busy road and all of a sudden an investigator got out and so we asked to visit with him and he said sure and then got back into the jeep, so we followed him in and taught inside the jeep. It was kinda funny. 
   On Wednesday morning we taught a guy that was half buddhist and half catholic. It was interesting and he said some interesting things. Later that day we went on splits. I went with our ward mission leader. He's awesome, he's always working with us and really helps the work progress. There was this one investigator we showed up to, he came to the door and told us he doesn't want us to come back and he's content with where he's at and stuff like that. I testified and did my best to not let him shut the door on missionaries but he really didn't want to listen. sometimes it happens, it was sad.  We taught this great lesson to a new but very progressing investigator, her name is Marie Fe. She will be baptized. I'm sure of it.  It was so cool to see how much she liked the Plan of Salvation and how much sense it made to her.  
     Thursday we taught some pretty hardheaded investigators. Its difficult but we just try to rely on the Spirit.  We were walking down a street then this random lady came up to us and said "are you latter day saints", first off it surprised us because she called us LDS, usually people just call us Mormons here and then it was surprising what she needed help with.  She said I knew if I asked you that you would help and what she needed help with was picking mangos from a huge tree.  She provided us with a huge stick and so I being the tallest around had the job of knocking them off and catching them in a basket at the end of the stick. It was fun and a cool experience.  This lady has been an investigator for 2 years but doesn't live in our area and the missionaries are currently teaching her.  
   Friday was six months in the mission, it is going fast.  We found a really good investigator, as we talked to a random person he said he knew some Mormons so we went to the address and there was a girl and her dad wants to be baptized and join the church. The Lord will provide.  So we are now teaching them. 
    On Saturday it rained so hard, every single part of me was wet because I was devoting my umbrella to the protection of my bag which had my scriptures.  There were floods everywhere , we had to just walk through them.  It was at least 4 inches deep everywhere.  My feet were freezing.  During this one lesson this guy said he died when he was 7 and then came back alive when he was 14.  He shared the experience randomly in the middle of the lesson.  Later he said he wanted to move to outer space and he'll use a spaceship. This guy was dead serious, he seriously wants to move to outer space and then in his prayer he said thanks that we could talk about Noah.  We had mentioned Noah's name earlier to give him an example of a prophet and then he just said "iyan lang" which basically means "that's all" and we all still had our eyes closed and then I looked up and he's just chilling and staring at me.  Man it was funny.  He's such a funny guy.  We also got rejected pretty hard, got yelled at and a door slammed in our face. 
    On Sunday we went on splits again. This time I was with another member and we taught this less active and it was deep.  I felt the spirit and did my best to help him.  It's crazy how I'm only 19 but the Lord trusts us to help his children and somehow we have success. He is with us and helping us always.  mahal ko kayong lahat at patuloy na manampalataya kay jesucristo.  

Elder Snyder

The Floods Came

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