Thursday, March 2, 2017


    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well.  So last week was rough but also very good.  Last Tuesday I got sick with a fever of about 38.5 degrees Celsius (101.3 F) it was really hard. I felt horrible but I pushed through and I'm glad I did.  The joy of missionary work is there even when my body was getting wrecked. I had exchanges with the district leader on Tuesday,  He's a great missionary.         
    Then on Wednesday I was still sick and had horrible stomach pains, it was so hard that my sickness made so I couldn't speak but we still went out and I noticed the Lord strengthening me both days. He helped me have the strength to keep going and to be able to teach. It was great.  We taught these nanay's. haha they are so funny.  Its like these 5 nanay's that are just always chilling outside. that's all they do. We taught with our ward mission leader, hahahaha. The nanay's are so funny. They say the funniest things.  So hard not to laugh when I'm there.  We also have an investigator named marie fe who is really progressing and is awesome. I'm excited for her. 
     On Thursday we made real progress with a long time investigator and he is very close to being baptized. It was a very spiritual lesson we had with him and we were able to help him with some of his problems. I'm realizing now more than ever that the Gospel really does have the answers to every problem.  Sometimes we separate ourselves from the Lord when times get rough but really that's the completly wrong thing to do.  We need to draw closer to him and strive even harder to follow his commandments and that is how he will help us and lift us up again.  We also taught this ex-mormon.  He is totally against the church now and he was teaching us the correct method to pray. It was funny. My companion was confused what was going on.  
     Friday we taught this new investigator. man is he funny.  He is so talkative and so nice and he had a stroke once so we have to explain everything like 3 times but its alright because once he understands he remembers pretty well.  other than that we just taught some good lessons. 
     Saturday we had MTC exchanges.  Wow it showed me how far I have come with the language.  Tagalog is really coming along and I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Father for helping me.  I'm not perfect but its so so so much better.  My companion I got for the exchange was cool.  We taught a great investigator and he actually read the pamphlet we gave him.  What was even better is he read it twice to make sure he understood and he rememebered everything.  I have high hopes for him reading the Book of Mormon.  Also this random old guy gave me a hug. It was awesome.  It shows how nice the filipinos are.  The best part of Saturday was that we had a live broadcast from elder Bednar just for the Philippines. It was a question and answer and I learned a lot. It was so cool and like always their witness of the Savior is awesome, so spiritual. The church is true and we are truly being led by prophets and apostles. 
   On Sunday we had a crazy lesson. My companion said it was the hardest of his mission. This guy believes that this guy is Jesus Christ here on earth and that he will live for 1000 years and the second coming was him.  Its crazy.  I can't even go into all the other stuff he said.  The hardest part is that he reads straight anti Mormon stuff and was telling us we were of the devil and attacking Joseph Smith and the church. It was hard so we just testified and got out.  It was rough.  That's about it that happened last week. Still happy and still working  hard. mahal ko kayong lahat.  We also found a huge spider in our apartment and I found a monkey at a random house that we went to. Its more fun in the Philippines

Elder Snyder

Monkey in the cage

Spider on the lid

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