Thursday, March 23, 2017


   Lots of stuff happened this week but I'll just start from the beginning and work my way through the week.  On Monday we had a tender mercy.  We found a guy whose son is actually a missionary in South Korea right now.  we asked the guy if he knew what his son was teaching about and he said "no" and that he wants to know. It was so cool. The Lord is truly guiding this work. 
     On Tuesday we taught tatay roy again. He is so smart.  We asked him about prophets and he started listing off book of Mormon prophets, it surprised us because usually people say Moses or Abraham or something like that but he just started saying Alma, Helaman, Mormon, etc. it was so cool.  He is such a funny guy.  I love teaching him and helping him understand the restoration.  Also it was so hot on Tuesday. one of my hottest days here. 
    On Wednesday we were able to find a part member family which will be great.  We can help reactivate the member and teach the husband.
   On Thursday we went to tatay roy's house and he was just standing on his roof and then he just climbed down. He's crazy . He's 74 and he's climbing around.  We were teaching about the priesthood and he had read the whole pamphlet and he read about the melchezidek priesthood and he knew who melchezidek was in the bible.  He gets smarter and smarter every time we visit and blows our minds with how smart he is.  Also when we visited Marie Fe ( the one who was baptized) she was so so so excited for baptism.  It was awesome. when I see investigators happiness and excitement it makes missionary work worth it.
   On Saturday we had a baptism!!! It was awesome.  My companion is the one who baptized Marie Fe.  It was such a good program and so spiritual.   We filled up the font in the morning.  It took forever.  It took like 4 hours.  We left and came back and it still wasn't done.   We were teaching and my companion and I both didn't really know what to say to help this one investigator and I said a quick silent prayer and just said the first thing that came into my mind after that and it worked out and we were able to help them. The power of prayer is real and Heavenly Father really does answer all of our prayers. It was a cool experience. 
    Sunday Marie Fe got confirmed and she is already a part of the choir, so cool.  Our ward mission leader made us dinuguan(dish made from blood) and I tried it for the first time.  It wasn't too bad. haha  
   Monday we did service, we helped Mormon helping hands to unload boxes of school supplies for kids here.  It was so hard and tiring and I've never sweat more but it felt good and satisfying.  Later that night we got a call from the zone leaders and I'm getting transferred to Mindoro!!!  It's the island/wilderness part of my mission. I'm so excited.  It will be awesome.  My new area is one of the farthest away in the mission. straight bukid.(country,farm)  It's going to be awesome.  On the way home last night there was a fight in the streets.   This guy had a machete and was going at someone and this lady had a log and was defending her friend and the guy with the machete was being held back by his friend and there was a crowd gathered.  We were able to wait it out and got home safely. This week has been awesome and I'm so grateful. I encourage everyone to go to the temple as much as possible and to always make your prayers mighty.  Love you all. ​
Elder Snyder

Blood Dinner

Service Project

I guess we do dress alike

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