Saturday, March 18, 2017


  This last week went so fast and it was a great week.  On Tuesday we had zone training which was great. I learned a lot.  One cool thing that happened is we were teaching this tatay and his wife never listened and then we showed up to teach and she had all these questions about the book of Mormon because she saw it sitting there one day and read it and became interested and now shes even more progressing than her husband.  It was so awesome.  
   On Wednesday we had zone conference.  We got to go to the mission home and have workshops and interviews.  It's been a while since my last interview with my mission president and it was awesome.  
   On Thursday we had to travel about an hour to a another chapel to check this thing called a CLS booklet.  There's a booklet that the church gives the filipino missionaries to learn english and because I'm native English speaking they asked me to check it.  It was long and hard but the missionary I checked was so good in English.   We also taught Hanz and Marie Fe who will both  be baptized next week!! 
    On Friday we taught a good amount and visitied Hanz and Marie Fe again. We have really great members here that work with us so we can teach Marie Fe because its not puwede for elders to teach a babae alone.  I can really see the Lord blessing this area. its so cool.
   Saturday we taught so many times and I was so tired but it was a good tired.  We taught 7 times which is a lot in one day.  We had two investigators accept baptismal dates and taught a bunch.  We taught the guy that reads a ton of anti Mormon stuff and with every lesson he gets better and better.  It's so cool.  It seemed like he was a lost cause but I can see him slowly coming around.  He even tried to show us anti mormon stuff after the lesson but we were able to leave.   We found this great couple today.  The nanay came down holding her bible and seemed ready to defend her religion with everything she had. she was like that because she thought Mormon's didn't believe in Jesus Christ but once she found out the true name of our church and that our message is centered on him, she opened right up and is willing to listen. It was awesome.  
   On Sunday hanz and marie fe both passed their interview and will be baptized.  I'm pumped for them.  We had this awesome tatay that's 73 bike to church.  He's so cool.   we had a good week and the Lord is helping us. Remember to always read the Book of Mormon. I've received guidance and strength from reading it. Its amazing.  The book of Mormon is so powerful and never forget it. love you all


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