Sunday, March 12, 2017


   This week wasn't very unique. We worked hard and talked to a lot of people and sweat a lot. Its getting really hot here and is only going to get hotter. 
   On Tuesday we were punted so hard. No one was home but at night we were in an alleyway and the person we were going to see was drinking so we were going to return another time and before we turned to walk out of the alley I saw one more door at the end and thought maybe we should try it but was tired and pushed the thought aside and then I thought again that door was where we should go.  I told my companion that we needed to stop and I felt like we should try it.  We were both tired and had been rejected all day but we went to the door and said "tao po" which basically means "people" and is how you knock in the Philippines.  This 18 year old kid came out and we taught him and he is so nice and receptive.  It was a great find.  I'm so happy that the Lord helped us find him. Truly a miracle.   Another miracle happened as we left the alley way after teaching we found a less active that had been sealed in the temple.  We were excited because we want to help them come back.  It also helped me realize that no one is ever forgotten. The Lord knows who we are and where we are and has a plan for us. He will not abandon us. 
    On Wednesday I had exchanges with another American elder haha.  Everyone thought we were brothers. It was fun being with another American.  
   On Thursday we taught some key investigators and it was good. We're hoping for 2 baptisms this month.  I'm excited.  My companion also felt really sick so we went home a little early but we still had a good day.  
   On Friday we taught this one lesson and man I got so tongue tied with Tagalog.  I was laughing at myself after we left.  I just couldn't say the word to save my life even though I had said it a million times. I wanted to say "magpakumbaba" and "mapagkumbaba".  they mean different things and so you can see where i would get tongue tied. one means to humble like the verb and the other is humble as in the adjective haha  it was great.  we have some really good investigators and also some crazy ones. like truly crazy.  They're funny.  We don't really go to the crazy ones that much.  We had a great FHE at a members house. 
    On Saturday the Lord provided another miracle and helped us find a guy that had been taught by the missionaries a while ago and is still super receptive, it was awesome.  We also found a Jewish family and man it was hard to teach.  It made me realize that I've been taking for granted that basically everyone believes in Jesus Christ.  It was a different lesson and helped me learn some things. 
    On Sunday we picked up this tatay,  who is the funniest tatay.  He all of a sudden started progressing.  He even went to all 3 hours of church.  He's so smart and cool and loves to talk.  Sometimes its hard to teach because he talks so much.   Our ward mission leader showed us the new first vision video which was pretty cool. It was a good week.  Every time I write these emails I realize how merciful the Lord is.  Take care. mahal ko kayong lahat. 

Elder Snyder

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